Many people would argue that without art, life as we know it would lose a lot of value and meaning. Art is what separates us from animals; our capacity to create and express our own thoughts and emotions in so many different ways, as well as our ability to see, feel, hear, touch, and interpret the creations of others, are big parts of what make us human.

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People of all ages and from all walks of life can enjoy and experience art, and we all have our own views and ideas about what constitutes a work of art and which kinds of pieces truly move and inspire us. If you’re looking to feel inspired and amazed by the artistic efforts of others, as well as perhaps improving your own artistic skills, the Workhouse Arts Center is the place to be.

Workhouse Arts Center - Art Education and Exhibitions in Virginia

Located in Lorton, Virginia, the Workhouse Arts Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to both visual and performance art, along with art education. Home to multiple gallery spaces, studios, performance venues, and more, the Workhouse Arts Center is a real hub for arts and culture in Fairfax County.

- Tours of the Workhouse Arts Center - Visitors to the Workhouse Arts Center can choose to take part in a guided tour of the campus or simply grab one of the maps provided and head off on their own adventures. The guided tour is a great option for those who want to be led around by a professional guide, learning all about the campus along the way and hearing tales of its history, while the self-guided tours are a better option for those wishing to simply make their own way around and spend as much or as little time in each section of the center as they wish. All guided and self-guided tours of the Workhouse Arts Center are totally free, meaning that the many pieces and displays at this Virginia arts venue are fully accessible to everyone.

- Classes at the Workhouse Arts Center - Education is a big part of the program at the Workhouse Arts Center. In fact, this center was founded on the core belief that an understanding and appreciation of art is an essential part of being human and understanding the world as a whole. This is why the Workhouse Arts Center offers a huge range of classes throughout the year, mainly focused on art instruction. These classes will give you the tools and knowledge you need to better express yourself artistically, as well as better appreciating the works of others. Classes come in great variety, including specific classes for individual mediums like ceramics, glass, painting, photography, textiles, and more.

- Exhibitions and Events at the Workhouse Arts Center - The Workhouse Arts Center is one of the best locations for art of all kinds in Virginia. Whether you’re interested in classic watercolor paintings, vibrant new forms of expression, performance art, or something else altogether, you’ll find a huge array of amazing pieces and demonstrations throughout the 55-acre campus of the Workhouse Arts Center. As well as art being on display at all times, the center also organizes and hosts a huge range of special events and programs including kids art camps, 'Art of Movement' wellness sessions, 'Create + Sip' experiences, in which budding artists can enjoy a glass of wine while also expressing themselves creatively, all under the guidance of one of the center’s expert artists.

Visiting The Workhouse Arts Center

The Workhouse Arts Center is the perfect place for anyone with even the slightest interest in the arts and creative expression of all kinds. If you're interested in visiting the center's museum and galleries, participating in a tour, attending a class or special event, or stopping by for another reason altogether, here's all you need to know about the Workhouse Arts Center:

- Location - The Workhouse Arts Center is situated at 9518 Workhouse Way, Lorton, VA 22079.

- Getting There - Getting to the Workhouse Arts Center is relatively simple via car, with plenty of open-air parking spaces dotted around the campus. Most of the parking is free at the Workhouse Arts Center, but fees may be necessary on special occasions.

- Dates and Times - The Workhouse Arts Center is open all through the year on Wednesdays - Saturdays from 11am to 6pm and on Sundays from 12pm to 5pm. The center is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and certain holidays. website