Located in Triangle, Virginia, the National Museum of the Marine Corps aims to preserve, exhibit and honor the brave men and women who served in the United States Marine Corps through world-class exhibitions, events, and educational experiences. Visitors can expect a family-friendly museum that is beautiful and entertaining both inside and out.


The National Museum of the Marine Corps was founded in the fall of 2006 and has becomes one of the most popular tourist attractions in Virginia. There are approximately half a million visitors annually. The museum currently has great plans for expansion and has recently completed the installation of two new galleries – the combat art gallery and the war on terror gallery.

Permanent Exhibits:

Legacy Walk: This area is considered the ultimate pathway through the museum as it connects all the era galleries together and allows visitors to visit each one in order. This is especially helpful to those visitors who only have time for a short visit since it allows them to achieve a quick introduction to each gallery before going in. Dramatizations will bring the story of the Marines to life starting in colonial times all the way up through the War on Terror.

Making Marines: This gallery allows visitors to follow the experiences of a young Marine recruit as he or she goes through the rigorous training process of becoming a United States Marine. But first, visitors will receive a motivational talk from a drill instructor, try on their heavy pack, and practice aiming an assault rifle.

American Revolution: In this gallery, visitors will learn about the founding of the Marine Corps during the century of the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Mexican-American War. The gallery will also explore the role of the Marine Corps against pirates and slave traders during that time.

Global Expeditionary Force: This gallery explores the role of the Marine Corps during the time that America was expanding its interests overseas into Latin American and to the Far East. In this gallery, visitors can also learn about the United States Marine Corps Band and their rise to fame in the late 1800’s.

World War I: This exhibition focuses on the role of the Marine Corps in World War I. They fought on the front lines to fend off the German advances during the war.

World War II: This exhibition covers the experiences of the Marine Corps in World War II. There was quite a rapid beginning to the war for the Marines with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the war continued for a very long time. Visitors will learn all about the role of the Marine Corps in this war and the repercussions thereafter.

Korean War: This war is known as the “forgotten war” but for those who served in the Marines, this is not true. The Marines began using helicopters during this war and began to utilize jet-powered aircraft for combat missions as well. Visitors will learn all about the role of the Marine Corps in this war and the repercussions thereafter.

Vietnam War: This exhibition focuses on the time that the Marine Corps fought in the Vietnam War, a time that was longer than any previous conflict for the Corps – 1965-1975. This exhibition brings to life some of the most horrible and most impactful moments of this war.


There are a wide variety of events hosted year-round at the Museum including family days, women empowerment days, military family and children days, and much more. Visit the Museum calendar page to learn more about all the various events available to the public.

Education and Programs:

There are plenty of educational opportunities and programs available at the museum or visitors of all ages and interests. There are resources for educators, students, families, scouts, and much more. Be sure to visit the education page of the website to learn more about the programs available.

Additional Information:

National Museum of the Marine Corps, 18900 Jefferson Davis Highway, Triangle, VA 22172, Phone: 877-653-1775

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