The Bagel Baker is a popular café that offers the best bagels in Virginia Beach and is renowned in particular for its bagels and cream cheese variations. Established in 2012 by George Stepanovich, the eatery's bagels are made daily from scratch, kettle boiled, stone baked, and free from preservatives, and all bagels are made using New York-style recipes.


The Bagel Baker operates daily, Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 3:00pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00am to 2:00pm.

The Bagel Baker Menu

· Bagels - Bagel with cream cheese, bagel with butter, bagel with butter and jelly, PB&J bagel, bagel with Nutella spread, bagel with hummus, and bagel with lox CC spread.

· Cream Cheese - Cream cheese, lox CC spread 8oz tub, cream cheese, plain 8oz tub, and cream cheese, flavored 8oz tubs available in flavors like herb, veggie, honey walnut, chocolate chip, olive, mixed berry.

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· Classic Breakfast Sandwiches - Egg, egg white, egg and fried bologna, egg and Taylor Ham, egg and ham, egg and Italian sausage, egg and bacon, egg and turkey bacon, and egg white and turkey bacon.

· Signature Breakfast Sandwiches - Astoria Greek, Upper West Side, BB on Broadway, Tribeca, Italian on Mulberry Street, Soho, Midtown, Long Island Lox, 5th Avenue, and St. Patrick.

· Soups & Salads - Soup of the day, George's Greek salad, Central Park chef salad, BB classic house salad, and NYC Caesar salad.

· Deli Salads - Cranberry walnut chicken salad, chicken salad, and egg salad.

· Deli Sandwiches - Build-your-own sandwich options served on a bagel of choice or deli rye bread. Options include corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, ham, turkey, or salad.

· Signature Lunch Sandwiches - Long Island Lox, Mediterranean, Veggie, New Yorker, Brooklyn Club, "Big" Little Italy, Staten Island BLT, Ellis Island BLAT, and more served on a bagel of choice or deli rye bread.

· Coffee & Beverage - Gourmet coffee, specialty gourmet coffee, and beverages like bottle soda, tea, water, juice, and milk.

Office Jumpstart

The Office Jumpstart is a menu option offered by The Bagel Baker that includes one dozen bagels of any flavor, and two plain and one flavor cream cheese. The menu option is available only from Monday to Friday and requires a reservation to be made via phone call to accommodate any combination of cream cheese and bagels of choice.


The Bagel Baker offers delivery from Monday to Friday for locations within 2-mile radius of the Bagel Baker for a minimum order of $25. Breakfast or lunch delivery orders are to be placed by calling the store.


As a part of its community service, The Bagel Baker will raise money for a cause or organization through its “Make Some Dough” assistance program. Interested groups can engage the assistance of the Bagel Baker in 3 easy steps: Fill out an online application, market the fundraiser event, and dine in/carry out. All orders credited to the fundraiser event will yield donations.

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The Bagel Baker, 1340 N. Great Neck Road, Suite 1248, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454, website, Phone: 757-965-3050

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