Many people like to enjoy art in the comfort of their own homes or private galleries, but one of the best things about art is its ability to create and catalyze discussion and reflection among people from all walks of life, and this is why public art can be so powerful. Sculptures, statues, and other incredible artworks displayed in public places can brighten up the days of thousands of people, but organizations need to exist to install, promote, and maintain these public pieces of art. In Reston, Virginia, Public Art Reston is responsible for these tasks.

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Public Art Reston - Non-Profit Dedicated to Public Art in Reston, VA

Committed to public art all around the Reston area, Public Art Reston works with artists and art-lovers around the city to maintain existing public artworks and encourage the creation of brand new pieces, all designed to make the city a more beautiful and enjoyable place to live and visit.

- Public Art in Reston - So far, Public Art Reston has helped to develop Reston's ever-growing collection of more than 75 permanent and temporary public art pieces. Examples include A Bird in the Hand by Patrick Dougherty, Connie's Quilt by the South Lakes high School STEAM Team, and the Mercury Fountain by Saint Clair Cemin. Public Art Reston maintains and promotes these amazing works, as well as helping to initiate the creation of new ones, with plenty of upcoming projects for the months and years ahead.

- Art Events in Reston - As well as looking after temporary and permanent public art pieces all around Reston, Public Art Reston also organizes a range of special events, exhibitions, and activities for all to enjoy throughout the year. These events, all themed around the concept of public art in some way, give local people and visitors to the Reston area a chance to learn more about art and really feel like a part of the city’s art scene.

Support Public Art Reston

Public Art Reston is making a big difference to the Reston area and giving the city some beautiful new artworks to admire and enjoy in their daily lives. If you appreciate the work being done by this non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, there are a few different ways in which you can show your support:

- Donations - All non-profits need donations to survive, and Public Art Reston is no exception. All money received through donations goes straight into the various works and projects of the organization, and all donations can make a small or large difference, with every single dollar being gratefully appreciated. You can donate with ease to Public Art Reston via a safe and secure online donation platform via the official Public Art Reston site, or you can choose to mail a check to 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20191. You can also make use of programs like Amazon Smile to make donations to Public Art Reston if you prefer.

- Attend Events - Another great way to show support for Public Art Reston is by turning up to special events throughout the year. ChalkFest is a great example. Held at the Reston Town Center and organized by Public Art Reston in conjunction with the center, this event allows all guests to create their own chalk drawings along Market Street. It's open to everyone, including professionals, amateurs, and kids of all ages, and it's guaranteed to be a very fun and memorable family event for all who attend, with special prizes in store for the best artists. This is just one example of an event being organized by Public Art Reston, and by buying your tickets and coming along for these events, you'll be showing your support in a big way.

- Volunteer - Perhaps you'd prefer to donate some of your own time, rather than money, or maybe you just want to take a more active role with this Reston non-profit. Either way, being a volunteer with Public Art Reston can be a truly rewarding and fulfilling experience. Volunteers can join up with various committees and work in fields of public art, development, finance, or communication, depending on their own experience, skills, and preferences. There are many different Public Art Reston volunteer opportunities throughout the year, and you can make an inquiry and learn more by emailing

- Spread The Word - Maybe you aren’t able to donate time or money right now, but still want to make a difference to Public Art Reston. If so, you can simply try telling your friends about the organization through word-of-mouth or raising awareness online through your own social media channels. As more people learn about this organization, its support will continue to grow and the Reston will start to see and enjoy even more amazing public art exhibitions, events, and installations. website