Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, the Governor’s Palace is a part of the famous Colonial Williamsburg and aims to share the enduring story of American history.

The Governor’s Palace is where the Governor of Colonial Virginia resided and visitors can explore the historic home while experiencing world-class entertainment and education.

History of Colonial Williamsburg:

The history of Colonial Williamsburg is vast, but its formative years were from 1699 – 1780 when the town of Williamsburg, Virginia was the cultural, educational, and political center of the American colonies. It was during this time in Williamsburg that some of the most fundamental aspects of today’s American culture and politics was established.

Colonial Williamsburg aims to tell the story of this important time in American history by immersing guests in the day-to-day life of colonists at that time. By providing a town where it feels as if visitors travel back in time, they will not only read about their history but experience it. Docents and volunteers dress in period clothing while performing daily tasks and giving guests fun and interesting facts about historic Williamsburg.

But how do the Colonial Williamsburg that guests know today become what it is? It all started in 1926, when Dr. Goodwin realized his dream of preserving and presenting the city’s historic buildings. Thanks to the help of John D. Rockefeller, the restoration of this 18th-century ghost town officially began! Through the years, Colonial Williamsburg underwent many restoration and development projects, but everything was clearly worth it since it is one of the top historic tourist destinations in the country.

The Governor’s Palace may be only a small part of the Colonial Williamsburg property, but its history is just as vast and prominent at the city itself. This palace was home to 7 Royal British Governors leading up to the Revolutionary War and two of the very first elected governors in American history.

The Palace:

As they enter the Governor’s Palace, visitors will be instantly transported to the years leading up to the Revolutionary War and will experience the way that the royal government lived in Virginia right before it collapsed. The palace itself was home to the first 2 elected governors as well as 7 Royal British governors before the Revolution. This palace was truly a “symbol of royal authority.”

Visitors can explore the grand rooms, filled with priceless furniture, antiques, and artwork. This grandeur will spark an instant understanding of the times – the deep tension growing between the haves and the have nots. The elegant and impressive palace is breathtaking and is sure to delight visitors of all ages.

The surrounding property is just as fascinating as the palace itself. There are formal gardens, brick pathways, sculptures, and many other elaborate decorations. Operating hours are fairly simple, the Governor’s Palace is open every day of the year from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Upcoming Events:

There are always exciting and entertaining events coming to Colonial Williamsburg and the Governor’s Palace. Events like period ballroom dances, feasts, and art exhibitions are hosted year-round. Be sure to check out the Colonial Williamsburg website for more information on upcoming events.

Educational Programs:

Because the mission of Colonial Williamsburg is to promote education of America’s early history, there are many educational programs and events hosted year-round. Members of the entire family are sure to find something to enjoy amongst the wide variety of events.

Some typical events include dancing, feasts, art exhibitions, butter churning, group tours, day camps, and tours giving my volunteers in period clothing. Be sure to check out the Colonial Williamsburg website for more information on educational programming and tours.

It is recommended that interested visitors subscribe to the Colonial Williamsburg newsletter to be keep informed on upcoming educational programs or events.

Additional Information:

Governor’s Palace, 101 Visitor Center Drive, Williamsburg, VA 23185, Phone: 888-965-7254, website, Map

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