Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, Bassett Hall is a beautifully restored frame house from the 18th-century. The house was home to John and Abby Rockefeller during the restoration phase of Colonial Williamsburg. The house is located on more than 585 acres of gardens and woodlands. Visitors can tour the house and explore the grounds while experiencing and learning about the vast history they contain.


Basset Hall was originally built by Philip Johnson, a royal member of the House of Burgesses, in the early 18th century. Construction on this enormous house took place between 1753 and 1766, but it truly a masterpiece of early 18th-century frame houses.

Many exciting guests have visited the house in its vast history, including a Union officer, George Armstrong Custer, who was a guest at Bassett Hall during the Civil War. The home was also owned by Martha Washington’s nephew for a short period of time in the early 1800’s.

The property was acquired as a part of Colonial Williamsburg in 1927 and the Rockefellers moved in in 1936. They restored, furnished, and lived comfortably in the house while helping to restore the surrounding Colonial Williamsburg area as well.

During this time, the Rockefellers found museums and educational programs for visitors of all ages to enjoy for a lifetime. Bassett Hall itself underwent a 2-year restoration before being opened to the public in 2002. Tours are now given year-round.

The garden is currently filled with more than 5,000 plants, trees, and shrubs which are representative of the house’s appearance in the 1940’s. There are hiking trails all over the property that were established by the Rockefellers and are still enjoyed by visitors today.

The Sights:

Bassett Hall is two-stories and features a formal dining room, a butler’s pantry, servant’s quarters, and 5 bedrooms. The house is a wonderful piece of history that represents the time-period both accurately and with a touch of entertainment. Visitors of all ages will enjoy the historic tour of the gorgeous home and its surrounding gardens and trails.

Programs and Events:

There are a variety of special tours, events, and educational programs hosted at Bassett Hall year-round. Because the museum is a part of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, there are also a large variety of teaching resources and educational forums available for those who are interested.

Additional Information:

Bassett Hall, 522 East Francis Street, Williamsburg, VA 23185, website, Phone: 855-756-9516

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