There is a castle located in the state of Vermont, which has captured the attention of tourists. This castle, Wilson Castle, is located in the city of Proctor and while it may not of royal heritage, it is amazingly beautiful and full of character.

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Wilson Castle was constructed by Doctor John Johnson and his wife, who was English and whom he met while studying medicine in England. The construction of the castle began in 1867, taking over 7 years to complete and over 1.3 million dollars to fund. The Johnson family only lived in the castle for a short period due to the death of Mrs. Johnson and Doctor Johnson’s inability to keep up maintenance and payments. After Doctor Johnson left the estate, the castle was sold to four different families until 1939. The last owner of the castle was Herbert Lee Wilson, an AM radio specialist who wanted a vacation home for his family that included a radio station. Wilson transformed one of the old barns into a radio station, which was fully functional until recent years. When Wilson retired in 1962, he decided to share the beauty of the castle with others and began giving guided tours. Upon his death in 1981, the entire estate passed to his family. Wilson Castle remains in the Wilson family and over five generations of Wilsons have stayed or lived at the castle over the years.

Landscape and Architecture

Wilson Castle stands on 115 acres of land. Its design was by at least two English architects employed by Doctor Johnson and its architecture contains a mixture of Dutch New Renaissance, Romanesque Revival, and Scottish baronial styles. There is a total of 32 rooms and 13 fireplaces within the castle itself, and the artwork and furniture found here consists of eccentric pieces that Wilson picked up during his travels to Europe, Asia, and the Far East. A greenhouse was added to the property by the Wilsons to add more life to the castle. The family is also a big fan of birds and there are a number of open birdcages on the property. Stained-glass windows are strategically placed within the rooms of the castle to add color and natural light to the interior. The gorgeous green mountains surrounding the castle also leave many people in awe of its beauty. The outdoor veranda is spacious and decorated with the finest paved surface. Archways were a common structure built into castles, and Wilson Castle has at least 19 of these, built to resemble those in a theater. The elegance of the arches adds a touch of royalty to the castle. Throwing a coin and making a wish in the fountain on the property is a tradition that many visitors indulge in.

Tours and Events

Two different tours are offered to visitors to Wilson Castle, the daily tour and the haunted tour. The daily tour consists of a guided tour with a minimum of 10 people. The tour guides are often related to or friends of the Wilson family. The haunted tours are only offered in the month of October to celebrate Halloween. If you choose to do a haunted tour, it is like the guided tour, only conducted in complete darkness to add to the thrill. The haunted tours are not for those of a weak heart. It has been noted by the Wilson family and staff that paranormal activity occurs in and around the castle. Many “ghost hunters” have traveled to Wilson Castle to observe this paranormal activity.

Wilson Castle is known not only for its spooky ghosts, but also for its ability to host parties, proms, reunions, and weddings. Using the backdrop of the gorgeous castle for a wedding reception makes the bride and groom’s special day even better. A bride can ride up to her ceremony area in a Cinderella-style horse-drawn carriage. The exceptional staff at Wilson Castle carter to their guests’ every need and make everyone feel like royalty for the day.

2970 W Proctor Rd, Proctor, VT 05765, USA, website, Phone: 802-773-3284

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