Cider Hills Gardens and Gallery, the creation of Gary and Sarah Milek, is located in Vermont's historic Windsor. The site provides a special combination of fine art and garden full of flowers. Sarah Milek is an herbalist and expert gardener, and manages the display gardens and the greenhouses at Cider Hills. Gary Milek, a world-renowned artist and a gardener, is often inspired by the gardens to create timeless portraits of the flowers and other paintings that are featured in the Cider Hills art gallery. These paintings are typically available for visitor to purchase, in addition to notecards and prints available online.

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Gary and Sarah Milek created their lifestyle around fine art and plants in 1974, inspired by the surrounding wildflowers, as well as woodland plants, and the natural beauty they offered. The couple designed and built their house, the art gallery, the greenhouses, and the gardens on the grounds of a former apple orchard, which led to the name Cider Hills. Their vision together delights visitors' senses and fosters a greater love of nature and gardens.

Sarah, who is an accomplished horticulturist and herbalist, users her background in dance and art when designing gardens to create lyrical displays of flowers throughout the grounds of Cider Hills. Sarah constantly gathers information on perennials and herbs, and is always ready to share her knowledge and passion of gardening with guests. She is also available for demonstrations and lectures when time permits.

Cider Hill Gardens uses eco-friendly gardening practices as specializes in Hostas, Daylilies, Peonies, Primrose offerings, and Woodland offerings. Constantly changing potted herbs and perennials, raised be frames, and plant products are all available to purchase on-site at Cider Hill. During special events, specials on plants and guided garden tours are offered to guests. Tours are also available to garden clubs and other groups with advance notice.

Sarah welcomes guests to visit and explore her several display gardens at Cider Hills Gardens and Gallery, providing visitors with inspiration for their own gardens. Visitors can also purchase plants to take home with them for their home gardens. Guests can enjoy a walk through whimsically themed gardens to see a broad variety of herbs, ground covers, and hardy perennials. There are also extensive and exclusive collections of Hostas, Daylilies, Peonies, and Primrose and Woodland offerings. The plants featured at Cider Hill Gardens are carefully chosen for their vibrant colors and healthy, field-grown roots.

Guests are encouraged to take some time and visit the site's art gallery while walking through the colorful display gardens. The gallery is a separate, well-lit, spacious budilding that houses the award-winning prints and paintings created by Gary Milek. The surrounding scenery and gardens serve as the inspiration for these timeless landscapes and floral still-lifes that capture the natural beauty of the countryside of Vermont. Original paintings in goldleaf, egg tempera, and watercolor; open and limited edition prints, notecards, and limited edition giclée prints are all available for purchase at the Cider Hill Gallery. Notecards, unframe prints, and framed prints are offered through the site's online gallery.

1747 Hunt Road, Windsor, Vermont, Phone: 802-674-6825

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