Summer camps can be such an important part of a young person's development. Whether they're just five years old or getting ready for high school graduation, kids and teens can make friends, learn new skills, and grow in a lot of different ways by heading off on a summer camp, and Farm & Wilderness is one of America's leading summer camp providers.

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Farm & Wilderness - Top Summer Camps

Putting the spotlight on nature and simplicity, Farm & Wilderness offers some of the best summer camps around in Vermont. The company has been running camps for kids of all ages since back in 1939, boasting decades of experience and helping entire generations of people learn skills, forge friendships, and enjoy unforgettable summers.

- The Location - Farm & Wilderness features a campus spread out across more than 4,800 acres of stunning central Vermont land. Nothing but forests, lakes, and fields will surround the campers as they set off for unparalleled and unforgettable adventures with their new friends. Woodward Reservoir and Lake Ninevah are key parts of some of the camp programs, offering all kinds of opportunities for canoeing and swimming, while the wilderness and woods are just ideal for nature walks and wildlife discoveries.

- All Are Welcome - At Farm & Wilderness, the key focus is on offering a huge range of activities and experiences that can cater to absolutely every young person. Regardless of gender and background, everyone can feel welcome and valued at these camps, able to express themselves and indulge in the activities they enjoy. Examples of activities include everything from swimming and outdoor living to cooking, making music, and working on the farm.

The Camps of Farm & Wilderness

Farm & Wilderness offers a total of eight different summer camps:

- Barn Day Camp - The Barn Day Camp from Farm & Wilderness is aimed at children of any gender aimed from 4 to 10. Activities include dressing up, playing in the play areas, making splatter paint art, searching for pirate treasure, and meeting friendly farm animals too.

- Timberlake - The Timberlake camp is aimed at boys and non-binary individuals aimed between 9 and 14. The ideal adventure for pre-teens and young teens, Timberlake involves everything from building a bonfire to swimming around in the cool, refreshing waters of the campus, as well as forging a lot of new friendships each day.

- Indian Brook - The Indian Brook camp from Farm & Wilderness has a lot in common with the Timberlake experience, but is offered to girls and non-binary individuals aged from 9 to 14. The spirit of community is a big part of this camp, with activities like organizing a goat wedding and playing music.

- Red Spruce Grove - The Red Spruce Grove camp is aimed at girls and non-binary individuals between the ages of 11 and 14, and it features a more mature and outdoor survival-focused approach, with activities like archery and knife safety playing a key part in the day to day itinerary of the campers.

- Flying Cloud - The Flying Cloud camp from Farm & Wilderness is aimed towards boys and non-binary individuals from 11 to 14 years of age. This camp is made for those who dream of being explorers and survivalists, teaching them to make fires, carve their own tools, and even find their way around at night using nothing but the stars to guide them.

- Saltash Mountain - Saltash Mountain is one of several mixed gender summer camps offered at Farm & Wilderness. This Vermont summer camp is for kids of all genders aged between 11 and 14. It involves a lot of skits, musical performances, and wilderness adventures, with fun things to do planned each and every day.

- Questers - Another mixed gender camp from Farm & Wilderness, the Questers camp is aimed at all genders and ages between 15 and 17, so it's the perfect choice for older teens who are looking for more mature activities like survival, rock climbing, canoeing, backpacking, and more, with personal growth and development being key themes throughout.

- Tamarack Farm - The Questers camp was all about getting out into the wilderness, but the Tamarack Farm camp, aimed at all genders and ages 15 to 17, is fully focused on life at the farm. Campers will get involved with all kinds of farm activities, learning about the spirit of community and togetherness as they build rabbit hutches, learn about sustainable agriculture, and care for the farm's lands and animals. website