Grand Isle, also known as South Hero Island, is the largest island in Lake Champlain, Vermont. Covered in pastoral farms , lush vineyards, miles of green rolling hills crossed by hiking and biking trails, Grand Isle is a heaven for outdoor adventures and those seeking a bit of tranquility only a short ferry ride from Plattsburg, half hour drive from Burlington or a day trip to Montreal.

For a bit of history, visit the Hyde Log Cabin, the oldest cabin in the country. The Grand Isle State Park is the most-popular campground in Vermont. Scroll to see the full list with photos or jump to the table of contents.

Hyde Log Cabin

Hyde Log Cabin

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The Hyde Log Cabin, located in Grand Isle, Vermont, is the oldest log cabin in the US. The historic cabin was built in 1783 by Jedediah Hyde, Jr. and his family. Hyde worked as a surveyor of the Grand Isle Area for Ira and Ethan Allen, the owners of large tracts of land in the region. Hyde family occupied the cabin for more than 150 years.

The 20 by 25 feet cabin was made of peeled cedar logs and had a gabled roof. It had one room only with a loft space above and a huge stone chimney. The cabin was moved in 1946 from its original location, about two miles from where it is now, north of the Grand Isle Elementary School, on a lot shared with a small blockhouse. The cabin is operated as a historic house museum by the Grand Isle Historic Society and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Hyde Log Cabin, Grand Isle, VT

Island Line Bike Ferry

Island Line Bike Ferry

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The Island Line Trail is the three-mile long packed gravel recreational trail with magnificent background of the Green Mountain and the Adirondacks.

It is one of the most scenic trips in the world and among the easiest biking and walking trails in Vermont.

The trail will take you literally to the middle of Lake Champlain, where you can hop on the Island Line Bike Ferry to continue the ride to South Hero Island. The specially equipped bike ferry, the Bill and Carole Hauke 2, carries passengers across the 200 foot "cut" or gap in the trail across the lake. The bike ferry links the Burlington Bike Path, the Colchester Causeway and the South Hero F&W Allen Point Access Area, making it into a wonderful 14-mile trail..

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