Reams of studies and surveys have shown that our working environment is one of the biggest factors in determining how effective and productive we are in our work, as well as how happy and comfortable we feel each day.

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Anyone who has ever had to work in cramped or uncomfortable conditions will know only too well how these kinds of surroundings can negatively impact their working day. Meanwhile, those who have enjoyed comfortable office spaces can easily see the benefits.

Whether you're an independent freelancer, part of a start-up, or a manager of a bigger business, having a great space to work in is of paramount importance, and Work.Life is offering world class working spaces in London and beyond.

Work.Life - Co-Working Spaces and Private Offices in London

Work.Life provides co-working spaces, private offices, and hot desking for independent creatives, freelancers, start-ups, and larger businesses too. This company was founded by friends David and Elliot, who shared a strong belief in the importance of a happy working environment.

Though their own professional experiences, David and Elliot understood the importance of giving workers a great space where they could really feel at ease each day, learning firsthand that dull and dowdy grey offices aren't the perfect setting for productivity and satisfaction.

They founded Work.Life to offer better workspaces for all and can currently boast of multiple locations spread all over London, as well as further locations in Reading and Manchester.

- Super Spaces - Rather than providing boring cubicles and cramped offices, Work.Life provides custom designed and elegantly furnished workspaces for you and your fellow professionals to enjoy. From shared spaces with multiple desks to private offices and meeting rooms, you'll find everything you need here. The spaces are superbly laid out for all kinds of activities from meetings to presentations, and there are also plenty of breakout areas too, plus regularly scheduled networking and skill-sharing events to help grow your business or your own individual skill-set.

- Amazing Amenities - So what makes Work.Life special aside from its nicely designed workspaces? Well, these spaces also come with a whole myriad of additional services, amenities, and facilities including a dedicated membership team who will get to know you and warmly welcome you each day, pet friendly spaces to let you bring your furry friend along for some fun, communal lounge and dining areas, weekly wellness days and yoga classes, fun beer and pizza nights for you and your colleagues, in-house coffee from a local roaster, massages on a monthly basis, and even discounts for local businesses.

- Lots of Locations - So far, Work.Life can already boast of a whole host of locations all over the British capital city. Each and every one of these locations is unique, but they all offer the same great standards of workspace quality, services, and amenities for all to enjoy. You can find these spaces in Bermondsey, Fitzrovia, Clerkenwell, Hammersmith, Soho, Camden, and London Fields. There's also a Work.Life space in Reading and one in Manchester, with plans for further expansion in the future.

Membership Packages with Work.Life

One of the best things about Work.Life is how the various membership packages have been designed with a wide range of workers in mind. Whether you're an independent freelancer just looking for a flexible and comfortable space on your own schedule, or a small team or larger business, you can find a Work.Life space and membership package to work for you. There are three different package options in total:

- Flex - The Flex option is based on an hourly rate and is designed as a hot desking plan for freelancers and creatives who need workspaces on-the-go. The price will vary at each location through a pay-as-you-go plan, and you'll also get access to meeting rooms and printing services at discounted rates, the possibility of hiring a locker, and other useful benefits.

- Local - The Local plan is the next step up. Designed for both freelancers and small teams or start-ups, this membership package is charged on a monthly rate and gives you unlimited hot desking and access to any WL space on a 7-day-a-week basis. You'll also get discounted meeting rooms and printing services, plus locker access, and the price will vary depending on the location you choose.

- Resident - The Resident package is the top tier of membership with Work.Life. Designed for start-ups and larger companies of all kinds, this package is charged on a monthly rate per desk and provides you with totally private offices in any Work.Life location of your choosing. You'll also get 24/7 access to the facilities, free access to meeting rooms, free printing, and a fully furnished space just for you.

No matter which of the packages you choose, you’ll be getting access to Work.Life’s custom designed workspaces and amazing wellness services, plus all the the other activities and services like yoga classes, weekly pizza nights and breakfast in the mornings.

To find out more and actually get a real feel for what Work.Life can do for you, consider booking a tour of your nearest WL location or simply contact the team on 020 3829 9521. website