There’s a long list of beautiful vacation destinations all around Europe, from the fjords of Scandinavia to the rich forests and lush landscapes of Germany, the cathedrals and castles of nations like the Czech Republic, the ancient ruins and artistic cities of Italy, and so much more.

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Of all the many European countries, France stands out as one of the most popular. Known for its world class wines and cuisine, beautiful beaches, rich history and heritage, incredible cities, and so much more, France is a perfect place for any kind of vacation or getaway, and can appeal to visitors of all ages.

The likes of Paris and Lyon stand out as a couple of the top cities to visit in France, with Nice also being an excellent example. Situated down on the country's southern coast in the French Riviera region, Nice is known for its almost non-stop sunny weather, gorgeous architecture, stunning coastline, and unique locations like the Promenade des Anglais.

If you’re heading to Nice and looking for one of the top hostels in the area, the Villa Saint Exupery is the place to be. Ranked as one of the best hostels in all of France, this luxury location offers top class comfort and facilities for a really great price, perfect for younger travelers and those on a budget.

Villa Saint Exupery - a Nice Hostel

Hostels are becoming more and more popular as a form of accommodation, especially in Europe, where they have a great reputation for cleanliness, comfort, convenience, and low prices. Many younger travelers and those wishing to save money on their vacations to spend elsewhere on food, souvenirs, and activities, are choosing to stay at hostels, and the Villa Saint Exupery is one of the best hostels in Nice.

- Voted Best Hostel in France - The Villa Saint Exupery has actually been officially voted as the best hostel in all of France on three separate occasions and consistently features in lists of the best hostels in the country. It's easily one of the best hostels in Nice, offering incredible comfort and class for highly affordable prices, and past guests have a lot of great things to say about their time here.

- Luxury and Comfort - When most people think of hostels, they tend to picture locations that are a little lacking in luxury and comfort, but the Villa Saint Exupery is very different. A high quality hostel with a lot of class, the Villa Saint Exupery is a beachfront Nice hostel that offers excellent amenities, gorgeous rooms, and top levels of comfort, just like you’d expect at a hotel, but with a much more affordable price tag.

- Amazing Amenities - Guests at the Villa Saint Exupery will be blown away by the sheer quantity and quality of the amenities. The hostel features its own gym and sauna, for example, which are fully available for guest use. There's also a large bar where live concerts are held, as well as TVs showing sports games and great drinks too. Breakfast is provided each morning, and there's also a large common area with tables, sofas, and a TV to watch movies. Additional facilities include a bike storage area, secure lockers, laundry machines, and more.

- Free Facilities - The Villa Saint Exupery also offers a lot of great items and services to its guests for no extra charge including free access to the aforementioned gym and sauna, as well as free Wi-Fi all through the building at all times. You can also choose to go along on free walking tours of the city, as well as speaking with the friendly staff for free maps, travel advice, and help getting around.

The Villa Saint Exupery is easily among the best hostels in Nice. It offers a level of comfort and quality you'd associate with a great resort or hotel, but for a much lower price, making it a perfect option for those traveling on a budget, wishing to meet other people, or just looking for a great place to stay without wanting to pay over the odds.

By booking online direct via the Villa Saint Exupery site, you can get the best prices at this Nice hostel, free from any booking fees, plus the best cancellation policy and flexible bookings too. So if you’re planning a trip to Nice as part of a tour of France or Europe, or simply a one-off vacation, this is one of the best places to stay in the French Riviera. website