Whenever you book a vacation, there are a few big factors to consider: How are you going to travel? Which destinations do you plan on visiting? What kinds of activities are you hoping to enjoy upon arrival? All of these questions and factors are important, but one of the biggest questions to pose yourself is where are you going to stay? Accommodation comes in all forms, giving the modern traveler a wealth of options and opportunities.

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If you like to stretch out beneath the stars, a camping site or RV might be the right option for you. If you like to keep costs low, a motel or hostel could provide all you need. If you prefer luxury and amenities of all kinds, classy hotels and upscale resorts are available all around the world. And if you enjoy something a little unique, with personality and stories to tell, private rented accommodation can be found in all shapes and sizes all the way from London to Tokyo.

If you're a budget-conscious traveler, you'll probably be considering staying in a hostel for your next vacation. There are many unique advantages to hostels. For instance, they're often the cheapest form of accommodation, resulting in lower travel costs for you and more money saved. They also often feature lots of cool amenities and communal areas, allowing guests to interact and form new friendships. Many hostels, however, are quite simple, sparsely decorated and lacking in personality. If you're looking for a hostel with a difference, the Train Hostel in Brussels could be your perfect place to stay.

What is the Train Hostel?

The Train Hostel, as its name suggests, is actually a hostel formed inside old train carriages. Unlike regular hostels in simple buildings or converted warehouses, the Train Hostel offers something completely original and unlike any other form of accommodation, allowing guests to actually live and sleep inside nicely decorated, fully converted train cars.

The idea was born back in 2011, when the Train Hostel founders bought an old building in Brussels and wanted to create a new, exciting type of hostel that would surprise guests and give them something fun to remember and talk about with their friends. The building was located right by a train station and a new train-based museum was just opening up in the area, so the concept of a train-based hostel just seemed to come naturally.

It took several years of work and investment, as the owners sought permission from the Belgian train authorities to buy up some old wagons and convert them into living spaces. It was a big undertaking and an ambitious project, but it paid off in the end and was worth every single bit of effort, with the final result being one of the best hostels in Europe. The Train Hostel opened its doors in September of 2015 and has been a huge hit ever since, welcoming travelers from all around the world.

Every stay at the Train Hostel is special, with each car having actually been used for many years out on the tracks of Belgium, playing host to countless travelers, each with their own stories to tell and thoughts to share. You really feel like you're living in a part of history when you spend a night at the Train Hostel, and this unique concept, combined with friendly service and great amenities, has proven highly popular with many people.

Room Types at the Train Hostel

The Train Hostel offers five different room types, giving you a lot of freedom in choosing the way you want to stay. Read on to learn all about staying at the Train Hostel.

- Train Dorm

The Train Dorm is the simplest room option. For guests aged 18 and above only, these dormitories offer both female only and mixed gender accommodation. They come with private restrooms, showers, bunk beds, good quality linen, toiletries, free high speed internet access, and can sleep up to nine people. Guests in the Train Dorms will also be able to store their belongings safely in secure lockers and make use of personal night lights to read in the evenings.

- Train Room

The Train Rooms at the Train Hostel are private rooms that can sleep anywhere from two to nine guests. Each room is decorated in a train-like style, with railway pictures and train-themed furnishings. Rooms can feature double, twin, or bunk beds, hair dryers, private showers, toilets, WiFi, night lights, baby cots, and more.

- Train Cabin

You'll really feel like a stationmaster when staying in the Train Cabin at the Train Hostel in Brussels. This room measures up at four square meters in size and can sleep up to six people; it's a private train compartment in the classic sleeper style, with fold-out beds and a lot of charm. This room features communal showers and toilets. Due to the nature of the beds in the Train Cabin, you'll need to bring or rent a sleeping bag. Other features of this Train Hostel room include Wi-Fi access and private night lights.

- Train Suite

The Train Suite is one of the most luxurious and elegant room options at the Brussels Train Hostel. This room is located in a suspended railway carriage offering unique views of the local area. It's a fully authentic carriage that has been completely renovated and decorated with authentic furnishings and comfortable, cozy bed to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. There's nothing quite like floating in the air in a train cabin as you drift off to sleep, so it's no surprise that the Train Suite is often booked up in advance.

- Train Flat

As well as offering the various train carriage rooms, the Train Hostel also provides simple private Train Flat rooms in the neighboring building. There are three of these rooms, all offering nice views of the local area, just a few minutes away from the rest of the hostel. In keeping with the hostel's theme, all of the rooms are decorated with train-related items and images, as well as being equipped with kitchens, showers, Wi-Fi, and laundry facilities. website