Keeping fit and looking yourself should be among everyone’s top priorities, but in a modern world where careers, hobbies, families, friends, and other obligations and commitments all have to be carefully managed and attended to, it can be challenging to really find time to focus on you. It is, however, vital to try and find this time. You might not be able to dedicate hours and hours each week to your own health and fitness needs, but just a little time can go a long way and have some big, positive effects, especially if you spend it in the right place, like one of the man Ten Health & Fitness Studios of London.

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Opened in 2012, Ten Health & Fitness has rapidly risen up the ranks of London's health and fitness scene to become a dominant player in the British capital. Boasting multiple locations all over the city, including in neighborhoods like Notting Hill, Fitzrovia, Mayfair, and Hatton Garden, Ten aims to offer much more than a simple fitness studio. By also offering a wealth of health and wellness services, including everything from simple body massage to clinical exercise sessions for those with chronic illnesses, Ten is taking health and fitness to the next level.

Best London Fitness Services at Ten Health & Fitness

Ten Health & Fitness studios are some of the best places to get fit in London. Offering a huge range of fitness classes and opportunities to suit people of all fitness and experience levels, these classes can help you lose weight, tone up, gain strength and more.

- Reformer Pilates Classes in London - Ten puts a lot of focus on Reformer Pilates, which has been proven to be one of the most effective physical fitness systems in the world. Suitable for people of all ages and experience levels, Pilates make use of various movements, poses, and exercises to provide an intense, effective full-body workout. A huge range of Pilates classes can be enjoyed at Ten studios, with special classes designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, as well as prenatal classes, workshops, and more.

- Yoga - As well as Pilates, yoga can also be enjoyed at Ten studios all around London. You can book both Vinyasa and restorative yoga classes at Ten fitness studios.

- Additional Activities - Barre, HiiT, TRX, and other physical classes and fitness sessions are also on the menu at the Ten Health & Fitness studios.

Best London Health Treatments at Ten Health & Fitness

Along with the array of activities and fitness sessions found at each Ten Health & Fitness studio, you can also enjoy a great range of health and wellness treatments and services, including the following options:

- Physiotherapy - Several of the Ten studios are fitted with physiotherapy clinics offers a range of powerful, life-changing treatments that can truly enhance your physical life in so many ways. Whether you're recovering from an injury or need some kind of specialized treatment to reduce tension, stiffness, aches, and more, Ten's trained, expert physiotherapists can provide the care you need.

- Body MOT - You get an MOT for your car, so why not for your own body? People often forget that there are plenty of similarities between machines and our own bodies. We're essentially made up of a little different organs and other components, and those individual components can start to suffer or malfunction over time. The 'Body MOT' service from Ten lets you enjoy a full check-up from a qualified expert and know exactly how your body is performing and if you have any issues to be aware of.

- Massage - Whether you’re looking to de-stress, rid yourself of some aches and pains, reduce your tension levels, or simply relax after a long day or intense workout, a massage is the perfect option. Ten offers all kinds of massage therapy include sports massages, prenatal, postnatal, recovery, and more.

- Clinical - Even those living with chronic illnesses and several health conditions can still enjoy the benefits of a fit-focused and health-oriented lifestyle. People suffering from diseases like cancer and heart disease, as well as other chronic health problems like menopause and diabetes, can benefit from Ten's personalized clinical exercise sessions.

Ten Health & Fitness Wellness Studios in London

Ten Health & Fitness has several different locations all around London. You can find these studios in the following areas:

- Hatton Garden

- Mayfair

- Fitzrovia

- Chiswick

- St James's

- Notting Hill

- Little Venice

- City

This means that no matter where you happen to be in London, you’re never too far away from some top quality health, fitness, and wellness services at one of the many Ten studios. Each studio has its own classes, opening hours, and specific features, so be sure to visit your local studio or call up to find out more about the options available. website