The Blue Mountains are a range of spectacular mountains found several thousand feet above Sydney, and is home to many people, attractions, rich culture, and a thriving community who welcome anyone with open arms. This mountain range gets its name from the actual region having a "blue light effect" in the sunlight. The region is home to millions of Eucalyptus trees that produce oils that cling to the water molecules in the air, producing the blue hue that covers the landscape. It is said that the Blue Mountains is the ideal place for a romantic getaway, or a place for singles to escape.

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The locals once considered these lands as impassible, unable to tame the steep cliffs and treacherous terrain. Although The white population of Australia are now the prominent people, the country recognizes several aborigine tribes and nations as the traditional owners of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. In 1789, the Blue Mountains were discovered by European settlers led by Captain Tench. They tried crossing the Blue Mountains to explore further, but were unable to tame the beast. It wasn't until 1813 that the first recorded European settlers had successfully crossed. They began to start building a life there for themselves. In 1814-15, roads were being built, the Governor was naming landmarks, and the first building was built in the Blue Mountains at this time. A man named Major Mitchell constructed both Mitchell's Pass and Lennox Bridge in 1833. The first railroad was built in the 1860's to bring supplies and people in and out of the booming communities in the Blue Mountains. Hotels began to sprout up in 1876, paving the way for future tourism and economic booms in the area. In 1958, the Skyway was built at the Scenic World Blue Mountains area. From 1996-2000, among many achievements, the first website was built, and the area was named the 14th World Heritage Area. Since then, the area has grown and continued to build new, exciting structures, attractions, and other things to attract locals and tourists.

Permanent Attractions

The Blue Mountains region is a vast landscape of hills, valleys, mountains, forests, and rivers that a tourist could explore for an entire month or two if they really wanted. The possibilities are endless, but the area does have plenty to do for everyone. Tours make up a large part of what the area is all about. The beautiful scenery is some of the best in the world.

Oz Trails- Visitors can explore the Oz Trails during the day, accompanied by only yourself or travel companions, after they take a bus ride up to the starting point. Spectacular views are seen throughout the trails and are considered some of the best in the world. At an end point in the trail, an elevated view of Sydney's skyline can be seen, and it's gorgeous.

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre- The City Art Gallery is there at the cultural center, which provides art and décor for the centre that relates to the history, environment, and culture of the Blue Mountains. At the centre, a permanent exhibit called the World Heritage exhibit inspires visitors to learn about the culture and history of the Blue Mountains.

Rock Sports, 4WD, Cycling, Abseilling- Find your adrenaline rush at the Blue Mountains. There are plenty of areas to safely crawl some rocks, climb cliffs, and cycle through the mountains trails.

Guided Bushwalks- Take a tour of the most beautiful parts of the Blue Mountains with an expert guide.

Eco-Tourism- Explore the Blue Mountains in a Land Rover with an expert guide at the wheel, taking you around the mountains, explaining the environmental features and history, and what impacts have been had on the land, how they preserve the lands, etc.

Enjoy a ton of places on the Blue Mountains like yearly festivals and events, arts, galleries, antiques, and crafts, music and entertainment, demonstrations and shows from experts, day spa, beauty and hair places, kid-friendly activities, fishing, horse riding, Yulefest, clubs, party services, visiting the gardens, or going to the cinema to catch a new flick. There is a lot to do at the Blue Mountains, you’ll never have a dull moment.

Special Events

Explorer Bus- Hop on the bus to see more of the landscape, and hop off at any time when you want to explore something more!

Ghost Tours- Visit the haunted places of the Blue Mountains, if you dare!

Glow Worm Tours- Visit the Glow Worm Caves at night to explore the wonders of bioluminescence, up close and personal, and learn the facts about these amazing creatures from the experts.

Jenolan Caves- The caves sit under a wonderful building that hosts wedding events, dining, room accomodations, and plenty of tours of one of the most famous cave systems in the world.

Shopping and Dining

There are hundreds of shops and dining options to choose from when visiting the Blue Mountains community. You can shop music, toys, gifts, health and beauty, fashion, house and garden, groceries, trades and services, arts, antiques, crafts, and you can even buy a car if you want. The Blue Mountains has several fine dining options available among many other, more practical dining as well.

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