There have been countless studies and reports to reveal the power and potency of the human sense of smell. While our odor-detecting abilities may not be as refined as certain other species, science has shown that our sense of smell is still highly effective and significant to our social and personal development.

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Smell is typically strongly linked with memories, which is why a single fragrance can bring back images from the past or remind us of events that happened many years ago. Odors and fragrances are also integral to relationships and attraction, and this is why perfumers and fragrance experts work so hard to craft the perfect scents.

The art of making perfume is a fascinating one, with each fragrance being comprised of just the right blend of notes and elements, all balanced together in perfect harmony. It takes a lot of skill and experience to be able to craft world class perfumes, and if you’ve always been interested in giving it a try, the Experimental Perfume Club is the place to be.

Experimental Perfume Club - Perfume Making Workshops in London

Based in London, the Experimental Perfume Club is a perfume laboratory offering perfume-making workshops for all. If you’ve ever wanted to try making your own fragrance, this is the place to be, with the Experimental Perfume Club offering professional conditions, expert guidance, a long list of scents and elements to blend together, and a great range of workshops options to suit everybody.

- Perfume Making Workshops - The perfume making workshops at the Experimental Perfume Club allow you and your fellow fragrance enthusiasts to work closely with the club's highly trained and experienced perfumer, Emmanuelle Moeglin. Each workshop offers a fun and laid-back atmosphere, while also providing all the professional education and inspiration you need to learn all about how fragrances are put together. All students will leave with a far greater and stronger knowledge of perfumes, as well as their own bottle of custom-made scent. Plus, the lab actually keeps your fragrance’s formula on file for future reference, just in case you want to come back and make some more.

- A Great Range of Workshops - Whether you're looking for a one-hour taster session or a full-day fragrance making experience, the Experimental Perfume Club can make it happen. One of the best things about this perfume-making location is the sheer variety of options available. Standard workshops typically feature small groups of up to 14 people, but you can also contact the lab to organize bespoke and private workshops just for you. Workshops range from 'Apprentice' level right up to the 'Expert Masterclass' sessions, so can work for total newbies or individuals with some perfume experience, and there are also Open Lab Sessions where everyone gets full access to the lab and its ingredients, able to take their time and experiment with different blends to craft the perfect scent.

- Perfect for Travelers - If you’re traveling in London, a visit to the Experimental Perfume Club is a must-do activity, especially if you have an interest in fragrances and have always wanted to learn more about how they’re made or try making one for yourself. This is one of the most unique activity opportunities in the British capital city, always fun for visitors but also perfect for many other occasions, including special events like an anniversary or birthday. Whatever the occasion, a perfume-making workshop is always enjoyable.

- Layers - If you're not able to make it out to the lab itself, you can also try blending your own perfumers at home via the Layers collection from the Experimental Perfume Club. Each Layers product comes with a few different fragrances, which can be worn and enjoyed on their own or blended together to create new and unique scents just for you. The Experimental Perfume Club makes it easy to find the fragrance collection that works for you, with a simple question and answer system on the official site allowing anyone to find their matching scents.

If you're interested in stopping off at the Experimental Perfume Club and making your own fragrance too, the lab itself is located at 4 Netil Lane, London E8 3RL. The lab is just a short walk away from the London Fields train station, easy to access for anyone in and around the capital. Anyone interested in the lab can also send an email to to reserve a spot on a workshop or learn more about how the lab works. website