We all have our own personal lists of dream vacation destinations, and at least a few of the many countries of Europe typically feature on these kinds of lists. From the sun-kissed beaches of Spain to the snowy mountains of Scandinavia and beyond, Europe is home to a true spectrum of extraordinary landscapes, amazing cities, incredible cultural experiences, and so much more.

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Some of the most popular countries to visit in Europe include France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Greece, with the countries of Western Europe typically boasting the highest numbers of tourists on a yearly basis, but the countries of Eastern Europe like Croatia, Hungary, and Ukraine also have their own incredible sights to see and experiences to offer, and some of the best Eastern Europe tours are being offered by Cobblestone Freeway.

Cobblestone Freeway - Cultural Tours of Eastern Europe

Mostly operating in Ukraine, Croatia, Hungary, Georgia, and other Eastern European nations, but also offering tours of Western Europe and even other continents, Cobblestone Freeway is one of the best-ranked and most popular tour operators in Europe today. If you’re planning a trip to Eastern Europe or elsewhere and aren’t quite sure where to start, or would just prefer to have a team of highly trained and experience travel experts organize the whole thing for you, Cobblestone Freeway is the name to choose.

- Real Cultural Experiences - Cobblestone Freeway aims to be one of the best cultural travel providers in all of Europe and really lives up to the 'cultural' aspect of its identity by providing tours and experiences that really allow travelers to engage with the culture of their chosen destination. If you're heading to Ukraine, for example, you might get to participate in traditional dance festivals, while those heading to Georgia will visit hidden gems and meet up with local people to learn about how they live. Folk performances and authentic experiences are always big parts of Cobblestone Freeway tours.

- Beyond The Cities - So many tours and so-called cultural experiences simply focus on the big cities and main touristic hotspots, rarely offering much more than the standard experiences and activities you could find all on your own without even needing to sign up for a tour. Cobblestone Freeway is different. On these Eastern European tours, you’ll really go beyond the cities, beyond the main landmarks and typical touristic sites to visit small villages and communities, meeting the locals, engaging with the native culture, learning about the real lifestyle and traditions of the nation, and having a much more enriching and fulfilling experience overall.

- Small Groups - Many cultural tours and travel experiences tend to run big group tours in order for the operators to boost their own profits, but if you've ever been on a big group tour, you'll know exactly how frustrating it can be. Being part of a large group is a highly impersonal experience, and it can be difficult to really enjoy each activity or communicate with your tour guide as there are simply too many people all around you. Cobblestone Freeway always keeps its tour groups small in order to provide a sense of intimacy and comfort to every traveler. On these tours, you’ll have the space and time you need to really enjoy every moment and learn a lot from your hosts and guides along the way.

- Professional Guides and Friendly Hosts - When you book any kind of trip with a travel operator or similar company, you need to know you're dealing with friendly, professional, reliable people. The teams of guides and hosts at Cobblestone Freeway are second to none, always going above and beyond the call of duty for each and every guest, and always comprised of true travel experts. These people know the countries of Eastern Europe inside out, able to take you off the beaten path, teach you all about the history and stories of each place you visit, and provide the finest levels of service and guidance from the first moment of your trip to the last.

If you're looking for any kind of cultural tour, especially in Eastern Europe, Cobblestone Freeway is the company to choose. This tour operator excels in every aspect of cultural travel, providing the finest folk experiences, exciting local meet-ups, comfortable accommodation, unique sightseeing opportunities, excellent dining, and wonderful customer service. In short, Cobblestone Freeway can make any journey so much more magical, giving you everything you need to head home with a smile on your face and a whole bunch of incredible memories to look back on. website