25 Things to Do in Adelaide Australia

Adelaide, South Australia’s capital, is a fun city to visit due, in large part, to its sophistication, vibrancy and rich cultural heritage. It is undoubtedly a must visit city for history buffs, foodies and culture-lovers alike thanks to dozens of attractions that showcase the beauty and uniqueness of the city as a whole. Apart from cultural and historical destinations, Adelaide is also home to many multicultural restaurants that offer up delicious fare and boasts of a booming café and bar culture for coffee and drink fanatics. We mustn’t forget to mention the spectacular natural beauty either, which will have all tree huggers squealing for more. Photo: ymgerman/Fotolia

1.Adelaide Botanic Garden

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Encompassing a whopping 51-hectares of land, the Adelaine Botanic Garden was first opened in 1857 and was inspired by the royal gardens in both Kew, England and Versailles, France. Breathtaking areas of the botanic garden to explore and behold include the Palm House, a Victorian glasshouse that dates back to the 19th Century, as well as the National Rose Trial Garden. The rose garden is the first of its kind in Australia and is used to test various kinds of rose breeds from all over the world. The bicentennial conservatory and the Museum of Botany are equally noteworthy spots to visit at the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia 5000, Australia, Phone: +618-82-22-93-11 Photo: daphot75/Fotolia

2.Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market

Foodies can get their fill of Adelaide’s best grub at the Central Market. With an incredible 80 stalls all under one roof, it’s safe to say that the Adelaide Central Market is among of the largest of the country’s fresh produce markets. Treats to have your fill of include a fantastic variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, mouthwatering patisseries and cafes, divine gourmet cheeses, craft sweets, as well as a spectacular and beloved charcuterie. Visitors stopping by on Fridays can enjoy all kinds of events and live music, with regular cooking classes and workshops for the public to enjoy. The best part? Practically all of the goods available at the Central Market are locally sourced and environmentally responsible as well.

44 – 60 Gouger Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000, Phone: +618-82-03-74-94 Photo: Andrea Izzotti/Fotolia

3.Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary

Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary

Arguably one of the most popular attractions in metropolitan Adelaide, the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary boasts approximately 400 transient dolphins that come through the sanctuary at one time or another. Meanwhile, there are 30 bottlenose dolphins that call the sanctuary their permanent home. For animal lovers, the dolphin sanctuary is the perfect place to see wild dolphins in their natural habitat. Wild dolphins that visit the area come through to feed, socialize with other dolphins, play, and even nurse their calves. Other amazing features of the sanctuary include a 10,000-year-old mangrove forest, a saltmarsh, tidal flats and creeks in addition to seagrass. The sanctuary is part of a culturally and historically significant as an Aboriginal and European place of interest.

66 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, South Australia 5015, Australia, Phone: +618-82-04-19-10 Photo: Aggi Schmid/Fotolia

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4.Adelaide Gaol

Adelaide Gaol

Ready for a visit to one of Adelaide’s most ghoulish and hair-raising attractions? The Adelaide Gaol is said to be the most haunted site in South Australia. It is one of two of the oldest public buildings in Adelaide, having been built in 1841, and is one of the top places to visit in the city because of its spooky tours. Home to roughly 300,000 prisoners throughout its 147-year history, the Gaol was also used to house people who were referred to as lunatics. Some of their famous tours include history tours, twilight tours, ghost tours as well as paranormal workshops (for the bravehearted).

18 Gaol Road, Thebarton, South Australia, Australia, Phone: +618-82-31-40-62 Photo: seraphic06/Fotolia

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5.Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo

Travel and tour Adelaide with a purpose at the Adelaide Zoo. At its core, the Adelaide Zoo is a conservation charity that aims to allow all visitors to connect with nature and take part in saving endangered species from extinction. Family friendly and jam packed with exciting exhibits, visitors are bound to leave the zoo with tons of great memories, new knowledge and satisfaction in knowing that they’re part of something bigger than just entertainment. The Adelaide Zoo offers all kinds of great activities for every visitor such as the Koala Encounter, the Yellow-Footed Rock-Wallaby Experience, the Giraffe Feed, and even an overnight camp out at the zoo called Wild Nights.

Frome Road, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000, Australia, Phone: +618-82-67-32-55 Photo: WITTE-ART.com/Fotolia

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6.Adelaide’s Top Food and Wine Tours

Adelaide’s Top Food and Wine Tours

Create a food and wine tour tailor fit for you and your band of merry travelers with Adelaide’s Top Food and Wine Tours! Specializing in personalized tours for small groups, Adelaide’s Top Food and Wine Tours are ready to spice up your vacation through visits to some of the city’s top wineries and restaurants. Wine regions on the list of places to explore with this tour group include the Barossa Valley, the Clare Valley and the McLaren Vale. There’s even a tour that goes through the oldest German settlement in Australia, Hahndorf. Not to be forgotten are the Adelaide Hills. All of these locations are lauded internationally for having some of the best fresh local produce in the world.

99 Grand Boulevard, Seaford Rise, South Australia 5169, Australia, Phone: +618-83-86-08-88 Photo: ricktravel/Fotolia

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7.Andre’s Cucina

Andre’s Cucina

Sink your teeth into incredibly delicious Italian fare at Andre’s Cucina. Committed to feeding their patrons in true Italian style, Andre’s Cucina features mouthwatering dishes made with produce they’ve grown themselves. The restaurant is most famous for their ‘Menu Fisso’, which is best described as being like enjoying a feast in an Italian home. All of the meals included in the Menu Fisso are meant to be shared and include starters like Carpaccio, Assaggini grazing boards, fresh pasta, and so much more. Of course, no meal is complete without a sweet finish, and the Menu Fisso does this with a flourish thanks to their famous Cannoli or their pasticcini selection.

94 Frome Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000, Australia, Phone: +618-82-24-00-04 Photo: Andre’s Cucina

8.Art Gallery of South Australia

Art Gallery of South Australia

Home to one of the most indisputably great art collections in the country, the Art Gallery of South Australia was founded in 1881 and is housed in an equally magnificent building. Appropriately located in the heart of Adelaide’s cultural boulevard, the Art Gallery of South Australia features roughly 42,000 pieces of art. The gallery’s permanent collection features an eclectic mix of ceramics, sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs, metalwork, jewelry and more. Another lovely feature of the Art Gallery’s permanent collection is an impressive collection of Australian furniture dating back to the colonial era all the way to contemporary Australia.

North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia 5000, Australia, Phone: +618-82-07-70-00 Photo: Taras Vyshnya/Fotolia

9.Belair National Park

Belair National Park

Explore the beautiful natural bushland of Adelaide at the Belair National Park. Just a short drive away from the city center, the national park is the ideal space to enjoy recreational sports, get active, and discover the best that Australia’s great outdoors has to offer. The Belair National Park is the oldest one in Adelaide and features attractions like the Old Government House, a historical heritage building, the State Flore, the oldest plant nursery in the region, as well as awe inspiring woodlands, lakes and more. There are hiking and mountain biking trails that are suitable for various fitness levels, while sports lovers can also maximize the use of cricket pitches and tennis courts.

Upper Sturt Road, Belaire, South Australia 5052, Australia, Phone: +618-82-78-54-77 Photo: Jakob/Fotolia

10.Big Shed Brewing Company

Big Shed Brewing Company

If you have a passion for beer, then there’s no doubt that you’re going to enjoy a lengthy visit to the Big Shed Brewing Company. Initially starting as a passion project in the shed of one of the owners, the brewing company is now one of the most popular suppliers of craft beer in South Australia. Those planning on dropping by the Big Shed Brewing Company should definitely make time to try their core beer offerings like the Kol Schisel, an ale that looks like a lager with malt flavors and a subtle bready flavor or the F-Yeah, which is the brewing company’s tribute to the American Pale Ale. Other of their core beers include the Californicator, which features hints of citrus, pine and apricot, the Frankenbrown, which has notes of malt, biscuit and coffee, and the Golden Stout Time, which is infused with toffee and honeycomb.

13/2 Brandwood Street, Royal Park, South Australia 5014, Australia, Phone: +618-82-40-50-37 Photo: Big Shed Brewing Company

11.Carrick Hill

Carrick Hill

Stepping into Carrick Hill is like entering your favorite fairytale. As one of the few remaining period homes in the country that is still nearly completely intact, Carrick House gives guests the opportunity to practically travel back in time. Apart from being one of the top wedding venues in the region, Carrick Hill is also well known for being a top cultural attraction. The grounds feature sites like the former home of Sir Edward and Lady Ursula Hayward, which is now a major heritage building, as well as some of the original auxiliary structures like the horse stables. The grounds span nearly 40 hectares of land of which 26 are gorgeous native bushland.

46 Carrick Hill Drive, Springfield, South Australia 5062, Australia, Phone: +618-84-33-17-00 Photo: Carrick Hill

12.Cleland Conservation Park

Cleland Conservation Park

Found in the gorgeous face of the Adelaide Hills, the Cleland Conservation Park protects a beloved area of bushland in the city. Truly, there is so much beauty to behold here, all of which guests can explore while navigating an amazing network of cycling and walking trails. Get up close and personal with the wildlife native to the area while enjoying cultural spots and sweeping views of the hills. Popular trails in the area include the Cleland Link Trail, the Wine Shanty Trail as well as the Chambers and Adventure loops (for motorcycles). Meanwhile, make sure to traverse the popular walking trail that crosses between Waterfall Gully to the Mt. Lofty summit.

Cleland South Australia 5152, Australia, Phone: +618-83-36-09-01 Photo: seraphic06/Fotolia

13.Gorge Wildlife Park

Gorge Wildlife Park

Step into the animal kingdom and come face to face with some of the world’s most exotic species at the Gorge Wildlife Park. The park is home to many, if not all, of Australia’s favorite animals like wombats, dingos, Tasmanian devils, Echidnas among others. Visitors can even walk amongst kangaroos and wallabies and feed them some of their favorite treats. The Gorge Wildlife Park is also popular for being one of the few zoos in the country that will actually let you enjoy a cuddle with a koala for free! Whether you’re want to learn all that you can about exotic animals or walk within a free flying bird enclosure, chances are that the Gorge Wildlife Park’s got just what you want.

30 Redden Drive, Cudlee Creek, South Australia 5232, Australia, Phone: +618-83-89-22-06 Photo: Wirepec/Fotolia

14.Mega Adventure

Mega Adventure

Do you have what it takes to tackle some of Adelaide’s most challenging and adrenaline pumping obstacles? Enjoy an outdoor adventure of epic proportions at Mega Adventure. With over 70 obstacles in this premier aerial obstacle course, Mega Adventure gives visitors the chance to test their mettle on various programs that are suitable for varying ages and fitness levels. Mega Adventure has three main obstacles, the first of which is the SkyChallenge which features sky tennis, a floating esky, a BMX bike and even a sky-high picnic table. The SkyWalk is the second feature which has a daunting 83 steps leading to the highest platform in the park. Last, but certainly not the least, is the MegaBounce, which launches people 8 meters into the air while pulling off flips and somersaults.

4 Hamra Avenue, West Beach, SA 5024, Australia, Phone: +65-67-22-37-85 Photo: Mega Adventure

15.Migration Museum

Migration Museum

There’s always something interesting taking place at Adelaide’s Migration Museum. From educational classes, amazing exhibits and visiting galleries, the Migration Museum has tons of activities visitors of all ages. The museum is situated just a short walk away from Rundle Mall, making it easily accessible whether you’re commuting, driving or walking. There are several amazing exhibits that house the museum’s permanent collection, some of which are entitled “Twenty-First Century Migration,” “Immigration in the 20th Century,” “Leaving Britain and Establishing South Australia,” and “Impact.” All of the exhibits are fantastically curated, making the museum a popular stop for school trips.

82 Kintore Avenue, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia, Phone: +658-82-07-75-80 Photo: elisabono/Fotolia

16.Morialta Conservation Park

Morialta Conservation Park

Admire some of the best that Mother Earth has to offer at the Morialta Conservation Park. This protected nature reserve features seasonal waterfalls, rugged ridges and spectacular gully sceneries that will take your breath away. There are three lovely waterfalls that are found along Fourth Creek, all of which comprise the top draws on the park. For lovers of outdoor recreation, the park has a rock-climbing zone, a fabulous network of walking trails, as well as tons of wildlife at the rock pools and creeks scattered around the area. What’s awesome about Morialta is that it’s great to visit at any time of the year, however, there’s no denying that the park is at its peak during fall and winter.

Moralta Falls Road, Woodforde SA 5072, Australia, Photo: amophoto.net/Fotolia

17.Mount Lofty

Mount Lofty

There are few places in Adelaide that have views as majestic as the one at Mount Lofty. Visitors to Mount Lofty can take in breathtaking views of the Adelaide city skyline as well as the spectacular wooded surroundings. Undeniably a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, Mount Lofty sees over 350,000 visitors every year and offers a guided and self-guided tour for those who want to venture into the mountain’s bushland. Must-do activities at Mount Lofty include the Discovery Trail, the Waterfall Gully Summit Trail, and the Cleland Wildlife Park. Whether you’re traveling with the kiddos, with your friends or solo, there’s no doubt that there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the lovely Mount Lofty.

Cleland, South Australia, Australia Photo: Darryl/Fotolia

18.Mount Lofty Botanic Garden

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden

Unbeknownst to many people, there are only three botanic gardens in Adelaide, and one of them is located on Mount Lofty. The garden is a gem of place to visit at the Adelaide Hills and features 97 gorgeous hectares of greenery. Home to a wide array of lovely cool-climate plants, the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden is at its most beautiful in autumn, when the colors of the trees and plants start to turn to various vibrant shades of red and orange. Some must-visit places within the gardens include Fern Gully, Spring Gully, and the Nature Trail that takes guests around the garden’s natural bushland.

16 Lampert Road, Crafers SA 5152, Australia, Phone: +618-83-70-83-70 Photo: amophoto.net/Fotolia

19.National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum

Indulge your inner child and learn all you can about the history of Australia’s national railway at the National Railway Museum. There’s a wealth of activities to enjoy at the museum. Among them, some of the highlights include train rides which take young and old around the museum site for free! Multiple trains run hourly like the Semaphore Train, the Peronne Steam Train and the Red Hens diesel train. Another main draw of the museum is undoubtedly its permanent collection, which features an impressive array of railway heritage items, artifacts, documents, photographs and more. Special events also regularly take place at the National Railway Museum such as rides aboard the Wegmann Lounge Car, chilling Ghost Tours, and special exhibits like the Vice Regal Car used in the Royal Train.

76 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide, South Australia 5015, Australia Photo: National Railway Museum

20.National Wine Center of Australia

National Wine Center of Australia

If there’s thing that people love to drink in Adelaide, it’s definitely got to be wine. At the National Wine Center of Australia, wine lovers and interested visitors alike can learn all about South Australia’s winemaking industry at the center of the city’s Botanic Gardens. The wine discovery journey at the center starts with a self-guided tour through a state-of-the-art and award-winning wine exhibit. Guests will learn all about the wine making process and the way grapes are grown through interactive galleries. There’s a special exhibit that shows the role wine plays in the nation’s history as well as how far Australian wine has come in the international market. Don’t forget the tastings that are available at the end of the tour.

Hackney Road and Botanic Road, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia Photo: stokkete/Fotolia

21.Onkaparinga River National Park

Onkaparinga River National Park

Put your strength and endurance to the test at the Onkaparinga River National Park. Rich in diverse hiking and trekking trails, this national park is the perfect place to get some physical activity in while rewarding yourself with stunning views of Adelaide at the same time. The national park is rich in wildlife like those found at permanent rock pools all over the area. Other amazing creatures that Onkaparinga River National Park is home include kangaroos, koalas, several species of birds and even echidnas. Some of the must-see natural features of Onkaparinga include the stunning narrow river valley of the gorge, rugged but eye catching ridge tops, as well as fantastic vegetation.

Piggott Range Road, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia Photo: 169169/Fotolia

22.South Australian Museum

South Australian Museum

Come and see the largest collection of indigenous Australian artifacts in the whole world when you visit the South Australian Museum. The museum is home to rare objects and is dedicated to ensuring that Australia’s rich natural and cultural heritage remains accessible to all people in an engaging and fun way. Guests can explore five floors worth of interactive and intriguing exhibits with varying themes such as Biological Sciences, Humanities, Mineral Sciences and Paleontology. The museum also has a wealth of information resources such as the Museum’s Archives, Library and the Ara Irititja Project, and a great Digital Collection.

221 North Terrace Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia, Phone: +618-82-07-75-00 Photo: sasimoto/Fotolia

23.The Grave of the Taman Shud Man

The Grave of the Taman Shud Man

One of Australia’s greatest mysteries is undoubtedly that of the Tamam Shud Man, and today his grave is a popular destination to visit to hear the shadowy circumstances and stories that surround the discovery of his body. The Tamam Shud Man was found lying against a seawall on Adelaide beach on the morning of December 1, 1948. All of the investigations launched into the mysterious death of this John Doe seemed to bring up more questions than answers, but one thing is for sure, the intrigue continues with locals and tourists alike who come to the grave eager to hear the story over and over again.

161 West Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia Photo: Ingrid Ellhotka/Fotolia

24.Tandaya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

Tandaya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

Founded in 1989, the Tandaya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute is the country’s oldest Aboriginal-owned and managed multi-arts center. Run by the Kaurna people, the historical and traditional Aboriginals tasked to be custodians of the Adelaide Plains, the institute provides all those who visit with a vibrant and visionary experience of both traditional and contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts. Guests can watch captivating performances of music, dance, theatre and circus, participate in community arts designed to reconnect and strengthen ties between the youth and their aboriginal roots, or see gorgeous displays of visual arts by Aboriginal artists.

Tandaya 253 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia, Phone: +618-82-24-32-00 Photo: Tandaya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

25.Toy Factory

Toy Factory

Traveling with the kids or simply remain to be young at heart? If yes, then there’s no way that you can spend a holiday in Adelaide and not visit The Big Rocking Horse and Toy Factory in Gumeracha. Situated on the Adelaide Hills, the Toy Factory is home to a fantastic petting zoo that plays host to lovely unique animals like kangaroos, wallabies, alpacas, sheep, peacocks, emus, goats and more. Guests can also enjoy a picnic lunch at the Toy Factory’s facilities before heading to the store to shop for your choice of spectacular handmade gifts. Imaginative play toys available at the Toy Factory include rocking horses, model planes, trains and automobiles, as well as furniture, dolls, and educational toys.

452 Torrens Valley Road, Gumeracha, SA 5233, Australia, Phone: +618-83-89-10-85 Photo: biker3/Fotolia

25 Best Things to Do in Adelaide, Australia