Spain is home to over 5,000 miles of pristine coastline. From getting to know the locals and sunbathing in the swarming urban-based beaches to unwinding in an isolated stretch of warm, shimmering sand, the beaches of Spain are some of the best there are.

1. S’Alga Beach

S’Alga Beach
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S’Alga Beach may be one of the smaller beaches in Spain, but it is one of the larger ones when compared to others on Formentera Island. The beach is replete with mystery and wonder and is incomparable to others. It’s considered a natural harbor because of its closed off area; the lack of waves also makes it perfect for swimming, especially if you have young ones.

S’Alga Beach is conserved in the country’s attempt to keep the natural beauty intact, so visitors will not find restaurants or other establishments on the beach. This makes the unaltered beaches an even more wonderful place to relax and explore.

2. Beach de Levante

Beach de Levante
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Located in the Province of Cádiz in Andalusia, Beach de Levante is a one and a half mile stretch that is perfect for those looking to mingle and have a good time. The beach is one of the busier ones, with crowds numbering well into the thousands during seasonal summer months.

Visitors can lounge in one of the many sun beds, walk the promenade and its selection of souvenir-style trinket shops, or play a game of beach volleyball. Even better, the beach has diving boards, swinging bridges, slides, rafts, and a wet playground filled with water-based activities for all ages.

3. Beach Las Teresitas

Beach Las Teresitas
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The Beach Las Teresitas, or the Playa de Las Teresitas, is located in a village north of San Andrés in Tenerife. The beach was originally a small yet stunning black sand beach surrounded by rocks but was converted to a larger, artificial white sand beach created with sand imported from the Sahara Desert.

Though it gets fairly busy during the weekends, the beach is much calmer during the weekdays, making it a great destination for any beach goer. The beach is one of the most popular on the Canary Islands, and rightly so; the swaying palm trees, azure calm waters, and gentle warm breeze make it a perfect place to unwind and relax.

4. Beach of San Vicente de la Barquera

Beach of San Vicente de la Barquera
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Cantabria is a picturesque town on the coast that is dotted with stunning beaches, but none more wonderful than the Beach of San Vicente de la Barquera. Lying under the backdrop of the Picos de Europa Mountains, the beach is located near an old town surrounded by churches and a magnificent fishing port.

The area is known for its maritime tradition, and visitors can explore the beautiful Church of Santa Maria de Los Angeles in between sun bathing and cooling down in the clear water. Another beautiful structure that visitors can enjoy gazing at while relaxing on the beach is the 32-arch stone Maza Bridge.

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5. Beach of the Colonia de Sant Jordi

Beach of the Colonia de Sant Jordi
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Located on the southern tip of Mallorca, the Colonia de Sant Jordi Beach has clear, turquoise waters that lap onto magnificent white sand. The beach has a promenade with a few restaurants and shops for visitors, and the restaurants are a great treat filled with local favorites.

There are services to rent for sun loungers and parasols for those looking to sunbathe, while more adventurous visitors can rent out small motorboats or pedal boats to tread the waters. Colonia de Sant Jordi is also known for being very child friendly as the water is shallow and the waves aren’t rough, making it a wonderful choice for family vacations.

6. Beaches in Spain: Cala de Algaiarens

Beaches in Spain: Cala de Algaiarens
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Cala de Algaiarens is also known as La Vall d’Algaiarens or La Vall for short. The virgin beaches are located on the north coast of the island, and they are a great choice for couples looking for a secluded and romantic beach getaway. Though it’s easily accessible by car or bike, getting to the beach takes a while if you’re using other modes of transportation.

Visitors can opt to lounge by the beach, and though there aren’t many activities directly on the sands, there is a nearby farm named Son Angel that offers horse rides and numerous trails to explore with your new equestrian friend. For something more adventurous, head to the Ses Fontanelles for a kayaking trip!

7. Spain Beaches: Calita de Banyalbufar

Spain Beaches: Calita de Banyalbufar
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Calita de Banyalbufar, or Cala Banyalbufar as it is also called, is a beach residing on a small bay off the coast of Mallorca. The beautiful location is surrounded by trees and cliffs and is close to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

Banyalbufar is a small village with only 500 inhabitants, so visitors can use the opportunity to see a side of Spain they wouldn’t see in Barcelona or Madrid. Though the beach is mostly made up of gravel and large stones, it’s one of the more breathtaking ones in terms of surroundings. The fantastic colors of the gravel and surrounding cliffs merge with the clear waters, and visitors will never want to leave.

8. Es Caragol Beach, Mallorca

Es Caragol Beach, Mallorca
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Near the city of Ses Salines lies the most southern beach in Mallorca, the Es Caragol Beach. The beach is commonly referred to as Es Caragol or Platja de Caragol and is absolutely amazing, with a very peaceful environment and stunning view of the turquoise sea.

The beach is filled with sand dunes and surrounded by rough terrain that visitors have to hike through for 30 minutes to get to the beach; it’s a great scenic place to explore. Because of its secluded location, there aren’t any restaurants or facilities nearby, so visitors should prepare for their trip with snacks and bottled water.

9. Beaches in Spain: Las Conchas

Beaches in Spain: Las Conchas
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Las Conchas is one of the most spectacular beaches in all of Spain. The beach’s beauty is not overshadowed by the imposing Montaña Bermeja, which rather add to the idyllic charm that can be found there.

Visitors can clearly make out Roque del Oeste, Alegranza, Roque del Este, and Montaña Clara while enjoying themselves on the beach’s warm sands and clear waters. Visitors should aim to be there around sunset so they can catch sight of the beautiful scenery of the shimmering sun bouncing off the golden sands and various blues of the water.

10. Beaches in Spain: Playa de Bayas

Beaches in Spain: Playa de Bayas
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One of the longest beaches in Spain, the Playa de Bayas is also known as El Sablón Beach. Visitors can enjoy long walks on the golden shores, as the beach connects to Los Quebrantos Beach and forms a long stretch perfect for a jog or walk.

Visitors can spend the day lounging on the beach, visiting the nearby River Ranón, which acts as a natural boundary for the Soto del Barco and the Castrillón, or swim in the nude at the nearby Los Requexinos.

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11. Beaches in Spain: Playa de Illetes

Beaches in Spain: Playa de Illetes
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One of Formentera's main attractions includes the beautiful beaches, especially the lovely white sand and turquoise sea combination that makes up the Playa de Illetes. The naturally-created beach is in its original state and hasn't been spoiled by infrastructure; compared to other beaches, there are very few hotels that may disrupt the peace of a secluded beach.

Visitors can relax on the beach surrounded by the protected sand dunes or cycle, jog, or walk over the wooden walkways that run the length of the beach. Visiting Playa de Illetes is also a great way to see the beauty and charm of the locals; there's are old fishing boat huts that line a part of beach, and many of the residents still depend on the fish for their livelihood as the numerous generations before them did.

12. Best Spain Beaches: Playa de los Lances

Best Spain Beaches: Playa de los Lances
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Visitors will love Playa de los Lances, as it is one of the most famous beaches in Spain; its popularity ensures that the beach is well equipped with facilities such as showers, changing rooms, bathrooms, lifeguards, and first aid points.

The beach tends to get crowded during the summer, and there is always a great crowd for beach games. If visitors are looking to relax rather than be active, spending time at the beachside bars and restaurants is a great alternative. The beach is also popular for its beach camping sites and its annual World Kite Surf Championships.

13. Spain Beaches: Playa de Mazagon

Spain Beaches: Playa de Mazagon
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Looking to get a true to life beach party experience, Spain-style? Then head over to the Playa de Mazagón, a wide stretch of beach backed by sandstone cliffs and exposed to the clear and calm waters in front of it.

The beach lies alongside the Parque Nacional Coto Donaña and has great sites for overnight beach camping. During the summer months, visitors can unwind at the makeshift beach bars that pop up on the sands or enjoy the warm waters in the closed off nude beach section.

14. San Francisco Beach, Spain

San Francisco Beach, Spain
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Located between Carnota and the coastal town of Muros, San Francisco Beach is very popular. The beach is filled with hotels, restaurants, and bars, making it easy for visitors to fluctuate between relaxing on the warm sands and water to partying it up beach style.

Other than drinks or snacks, there are also many souvenir-style shops that have necessities such as sunscreen and towels in case visitors forget to pack anything. The beach becomes very busy, especially during the summer months, and it is a wonderful destination for family vacations since basic facilities such as restrooms and showers can be found throughout the area.

15. Spain Beaches: Xivares

Spain Beaches: Xivares
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Officially known as the Xivares Beach, locals will in fact tell you that it is indeed two beaches side by side: The First of Xivares and The Second of Xivares. Though many visitors won’t be able to tell the difference during low tide, the difference is very obvious between the two during high tide. A small hill and a trail separate them. Visitors may get confused when looking for the second beach, as it is also referred to as Peña María Beach.

Both have picnic areas, toilets, shower areas, restaurants, bars, and lifeguards. The spots are known for fishing and surfing, so visitors can partake in those activities as well. Visitors with small children might want to keep in mind that Peña María is considered a nudist beach, but not exclusively.

16. Costa Blanca Beaches, Spain

Costa Blanca Beaches, Spain
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The beaches of Costa Blanca are breathtaking. Though the golden sands and azure waters are similar to many beaches in Spain, the ragged mountainous surroundings adds a charm that can’t be found anywhere else. The miles and miles of glorious sandy beaches are some of the most stunning and attract visitors from all over the world.

Costa Blanca is located in the Province of Alicante, which in itself is a great place for visitors to start their Spain adventure. When visitors aren’t relaxing and cooling off on the beach or indulging in watersports, they can explore the nearby nature reserves, caves, waterfalls, and enchanting villages. There are also theme parks, safari parks, lively markets, and fiestas that are held throughout the year.

17. Costa del Sol Beaches, Spain

Costa del Sol Beaches, Spain
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No matter what time of the year visitors head to Spain, they can expect to catch some sun at the Costa del Sol Beaches. The area is sunny an average of 320 days out of the year and offers a 100-mile coastline filled with beaches.

Some that can be visited include Santa Ana Beach, Benalmádena, Guadalobón Beach, and Estepona, which is a calm, long stretch of beach that is very popular for private getaways. The beach is dotted with villas that lead to the rocky seabed, making it an outstanding location to enjoy one of Spain’s best beaches with privacy.

18. Beaches of Chipiona, Spain

Beaches of Chipiona, Spain
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The Beaches of Chipiona offer something for every beach goer. Monitjo Beach is popular during the summer months and can get rather crowded, but with the greater numbers of people come more facilities such as pop up food carts, beachside bars, and scheduled events and beach games.

There are lots of seashells in the area, making it popular for visitors who enjoy beach combing. Since the area has numerous nearby beach villas, many of the people at the beach are locals who live there, so visitors can interact with them, learn about the area, and maybe even pick up on the language. On the other hand, Playas de la Costa de Grajuela is nearby, but it is rather quiet throughout the year, and visitors can catch some sun without the crowds or buzz of Monitjo Beach.

19. Beaches of Denia, Spain

Beaches of Denia, Spain
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The Beaches of Denia lie in a nearly 20-mile stretch in Costa Blanca next to shimmering turquoise waters and golden sands. The large beaches have been voted a visitor favorite year after year as they include a number of unique facilities such as a children’s play area to build sandcastles and a calm bay for children to paddle on the waters.

The beaches also have other water activities such as snorkeling, diving, kite surfing, and surfing. There are some great spots to go dolphin or whale spotting down the coast, though beautiful marine creatures can be spotted by snorkeling or diving throughout the area.

20. Beaches of the Cies Islands, Spain

Beaches of the Cies Islands, Spain
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The Romans referred to Cíes Islands in Galicia as “the islands of the Gods,” and you can clearly see why the idyllic paradise had also been voted as the “Best Beach in the World” by the newspaper The Guardian. The crystal clear waters lap on to the soft, white sand on the beach, and the lake nearby is so transparent that visitors can see the variety of fish that live below.

The surroundings are that of a fairy tale, and visitors can enjoy taking in not only the refreshing waters but the stunning landscapes as well. Facilities on the beach include toilets, lifeguards, a medical station, bars, and restaurants.

21. Beaches of Barbate, Spain

Beaches of Barbate, Spain
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With some of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa de la Luz, the beaches of Barbate consist of Zahora and Caños de Meca, among others. The beaches are flat and the waves are gentle, so visitors can have a very pleasant swim. The beaches are also very secluded, making them a perfect location for private vacations.

Facilities are available mostly during the summer months and include showers, toilets, changing rooms, lifeguards, Red Cross posts, and a selection of beach bars and restaurants. Nearby, visitors can take a break, snack on a picnic lunch, or explore the trails at La Breña Natural Park. During the summer, there are many festivals held on the beach, including Verbena de San Juan, when people gather at the beach to burn images of politicians and celebrities.

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