Many beaches offer opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive along the massive Great Barrier Reef and observe unique native wildlife, from seabirds and sea turtles to migratory whales and kangaroos. Others connect to some of Australia's most scenic outdoor recreation areas, including Royal National Park and the spectacular Grand Scenic Drive, with overnight accommodations available near the beachfront for multi-day excursions.

1. Mauritius Beach

Mauritius Beach
© Courtesy of oneinchpunch -

Mauritius Beach is one of Australia's most secluded clothing-optional beaches, located approximately 29 kilometers north of the city of Exmouth, near the Vlaming Head Lighthouse. The 900-meter beach offers clean white sands and a gently-sloping shoreline, with mostly safe swimming conditions aside from some shoreline rocks. Beachcombing is a popular activity at the beach due to its rocky headlands, with public restrooms and showers provided for visitor use. Between October and April, the beach serves as a turtle nesting and rookery site. Nearby, Ningaloo Marine Park offers opportunities for whale shark and turtle watching, while Cape Range National park is home to spectacular limestone ranges and canyons.

Yardie Creek Rd, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia, Phone: +61-8-99-49-11-76

2. Merewether Beach, Australia

Merewether Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of jeayesy -

Merewether Beach has been ranked as one of Australia's top city beaches, offering a laid-back visitor alternative to more crowded public beaches such as Bondi Beach or the Gold Coast. The beach is a prime spot for surfing during temperate months, serving as the home of the Merewether Surfboard Club and the site of the annual Newcastle Surfest since 2006. The beach is also home to the largest ocean bath facility in the Southern Hemisphere, the Merewether Ocean Baths, and one of Australia's oldest lifesaving clubs, the Merewether SLSC. Affordable visitor amenities abound in the nearby city of Merewether, including quaint cafes and hotels. Nearby, Dixon Park Beach and Burwood Beach offer respites from surfers and chances to explore natural features such as Glenrock Lagoon.

3. Marley Beach, Australia

Marley Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of KarinD -

Marley Beach is a wild, unpatrolled beach that is one of 11 beaches housed within the 151-square-kilometer Royal National Park, the third national park established in the world in 1879. The 360-meter beach is accessible on foot via the Royal National Park Coast Track, a moderately hazardous trek. More than 130,000 square meters of spectacular sand dunes are located behind the beach, which are often compared to the beautiful Cronulla sand dunes of Sydney Cove. Visitors should note that swimming and surfing are discouraged due to hazardous water conditions, though channels formed from runoff from nearby Marley Lagoon serve as an alternative swimming spot in the area.

Sir Bertram Stevens Dr, Royal National Park NSW 2233, Australia, Phone: +61-2-95-42-06-48

4. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Whitehaven Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of autau -

Whitehaven Beach stretches 4.3 miles along Whitsunday Island, originally discovered in 1879 and named by Staff Commander EP Bedwell. The beach has been noted as one of the world's most eco-friendly and clean beaches by CNN and is believed to have been a source of sand to create glass for the Hubble Space Telescope. Pristine white sands consist of 98% pure silica and do not retain heat, allowing for comfortable walking conditions no matter the temperature. Beautiful turquoise waters provide opportunities for swimming, with camping and barbecue grill facilities available for visitor day use. Each year, the Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim is held at the beach as part of the Hamilton Island Triathlon.

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5. Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of Taras Vyshnya -

Bondi Beach is one of the most famous visitor beachfronts in the world, spanning approximately half a mile within the Sydney suburb of the same name, approximately seven miles from Sydney's central business area. The beach resort, named for an Aboriginal word roughly translating as "water breaking over rocks," was initially established in 1855 as a private amusement resort and picnic grounds and became a public beachfront in 1882. Today, the beach has become one of Australia's top tourist destinations, drawing surfers and swimmers to the beautiful white sand crescent year-round. The Coogee Coastal Walk offers opportunities for walking and jogging, while the Bondi Golf Club features nine challenging holes. Cafes, shops, and tourist attractions line nearby Campbell Parade, with events such as the Sculpture By The Sea exhibition hosted annually.

NSW 2026, Australia

6. Kutti Beach, Australia

Kutti Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of

Kutti Beach is one of the Sydney area's best-kept secrets, located within the elite Vaucluse suburb, which is home to the historic Vaucluse Amateur 12-Foot Skiff Club. Visitors can access the beach from Wharf Road and Hopetoun Avenue via a narrow wooden stairwell to the side of the skiff club's main building. Once inside, the harbor beach offers calm, pristine green waters and a Mediterranean atmosphere and does not attract many tourists due to its remote destination. In addition to swimming, sunbathing and reading are popular beachfront activities, with a wooden boat ramp provided for visitor lounging. The beach is also one of the few dog-friendly beaches in the Sydney area, with loose leash rules allowing for off-leash play at many times throughout the day. Visitors should note that no restrooms or amenities are offered at the beach, though nearby cafes within Watsons Bay offer public amenities.

7. Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay
© Courtesy of Kwest -

Wineglass Bay is often considered to be one of the top 10 most spectacular beaches in the world, located on the Freycinet Peninsula near Hobart, Tasmania within Freycinet National Park. The beach is a veritable natural kaleidoscope, known for its nearly-perfect coastal curve, pristine white sands, and sapphire waters, with beautiful grey and pink granite peaks in the distance serving as its backdrop. Popular outdoor activities at the beach and on the peninsula include kayaking, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, sailing, mountain biking, and rock climbing, making the beach a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts traveling to Australia. Secluded coves and luxurious eco-friendly lodges also make the beach a prime destination for honeymooners. Travelers to the region can embark on the four-day Freycinet Experience Walk, which traverses the entire peninsula and showcases Wineglass Bay's most beautiful sights.

Coles Bay Rd, Coles Bay TAS 7215, Australia, Phone: +61-3-62-56-70-00

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8. Cape Le Grand National Park

Cape Le Grand National Park
© Courtesy of bennymarty -

Cape Le Grand National Park is an expansive 78,000-acre national park in western Australia, located approximately 400 miles south of Perth near the town of Esperance. The park was originally established in 1966 and is overseen by Australia's Department of Parks and Wildlife, named for an officer aboard the 1792 L'Esperance expedition by Bruni d'Entrecasteaux. Unique primitive species abound due to the area's relatively unchanged landscape above sea level for more than 200 million years. At the park's beachfront, visitors can swim, fish, camp, rock climb, and occasionally spot kangaroos sunbathing on the beach alongside tourists. Beach areas are offered at Rossiter, Lucky, and Hellfire Bays, as well as Le Grand Beach and Thistle Cove.

Cape Le Grand Rd, Cape Le Grand WA 6450, Australia, Phone: +61-8-90-83-21-00

9. Cable Beach, Australia

Cable Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of Adwo -

Cable Beach is a stunning 14-mile beach located along Australia's eastern Indian Ocean coastline near the city of Broome, originally named for telegraph cables connecting the city to nearby Java in 1889. Today, the beautiful white sand beach serves as a popular beach resort spot year-round, offering gentle waves during the region's dry season between May and October. Stunning ochre red cliffs and massive sand dunes surround the beachfront, providing dramatic scenery for vibrant ocean sunsets. The beach is best known around the world for its unique tourist camel rides, which traverse the beachfront daily at sunrise and sunset. A section of the beach's northern end is clothing-optional. Visitors can also swim, kayak, surf, and fish at the beach or relax at one of many nearby seaside resorts.

10. Main Beach, Australia

Main Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of PUTSADA -

Main Beach is a beautiful public beach located near the town of Byron Bay, offering a wide variety of visitor amenities for tourists of all ages. The beach is located at the site of a significant Aboriginal meeting place for the Arakwal indigenous people and the Bunjalong Nation, with many preserved sacred sites still located in the surrounding area. Today, the lively beach is an excellent spot for novice surfers to learn how to ride waves due to the gentle, small waves in the area during calmer water conditions, with patrolling offered by the Byron Bay Surf Life Saving Club. Nearby, Apex Park offers a children's playground, day-use picnic tables and barbecue grills, and public restroom and shower facilities.

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11. Bathers Beach

Bathers Beach
© Courtesy of Mile High Images -

Bathers Beach is a lovely city beach in Fremantle's West End district, conveniently located near attractions such as the Maritime Museum, Challenger Harbour, and Esplanade Park. The 300-meter beach is a popular daily swimming spot for area residents, split into two by a barrier wall near the Kidogo Art House art center. Safe, calm water conditions make the beach an ideal outdoor recreation area for families, and stunning sunset views make for a perfect ambiance for romantic picnics and shoreline strolling. Free wheelchairs are available for visitors with disabilities, with access ramps offered as an alternative to beach stairs. The city's main entertainment district is located less than 10 minutes from the beach, with many restaurants, cafes, and nightlife options easily accessible on foot.

12. Avalon Beach, Australia

Avalon Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of sydneysider -

Avalon Beach is the beautiful central beach of Sydney suburb Avalon, which was developed in 1833 following a land grant to Rev. J.J. Therry for the purposes of coal mining. Today, the region is one of the few remaining areas in the greater Sydney region that is home to sizeable populations of koalas, located less than 35 kilometers north of Sydney's central business district. The beach, which is internationally known for an appearance in the American television series Baywatch, is a prime spot for swimming, fishing, surfing, and windsurfing, with a tranquil rock swimming pool area offered for families at the beach's southern end. A park area near the beach also offers day-use picnic tables and barbecue grills. Shops, restaurants, cinemas, and supermarkets are all within walking distance of the beach in Avalon.

13. Cobblers Beach, Australia

Cobblers Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of JulietaMailen -

Cobblers Beach is a lovely scenic beach within Sydney Harbour National Park, located along the northern end of Middle Head near the city of Mosman. The free-admission beach is a designated clothing-optional beach area, though visitors should note that clothing must be put back on in surrounding areas. The beach's picturesque cove area offers spectacular views of nearby Grotto Point Lighthouse and Dobroyd Head, with trailhead access provided along the Don Goodsir Track to the historic preserved 1801 Forts. Swimming, snorkeling, and paddling are all popular visitor activities, with kayak rentals available to travel to nearby Rodd and Clark Islands.

Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman NSW 2088, Australia, Phone: +02-93-37-55-11

14. Four Mile Beach, Australia

Four Mile Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of Martin Valigursky -

Four Mile Beach is an expansive white sand beach in Port Douglas, located less than five minutes on foot from the village's central business district. As the region's premiere public beach, the beach begins at northern rocky headlands and expands for four pristine undeveloped miles, hence its name. It serves as a prime spot for sunbathing due to its tranquil conditions, with calm coastal waters and beautiful underwater reefs making for a perfect environment for swimming and snorkeling. Visitors can watch sailboats come in on the nearby Coral Sea or pack picnics for eating at the beach or nearby Palm Cove. Many restaurants within walking distance of the beach offer oceanfront views, and the nearby Flagstaff Hill Lookout provides a spectacular overlook point for photo opportunities.

15. 75 Mile Beach

75 Mile Beach
© Courtesy of Darren -

75 Mile Beach is a rugged coastal beach located on Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, which spans an area of more than 120 kilometers and is protected as part of Great Sandy National Park. The UNESCO World Heritage Site island is located approximately 250 kilometers off the coast of Brisbane in Queensland and is part of the County of Fraser along with several other nearby satellite islands. Though the beach itself is not a safe swimming beach due to dangerous ocean currents and nearby shark populations, visitors can swim at the nearby Champagne Pools swimming inlet and other swimming sites on the island such as Lake McKenzie and Lake Wabby. The beach is also home to the remains of the shipwreck of the Maheno and the beautiful Indian Head volcanic rock formation.

Fraser Island, Fraser Coast Area, Queensland, Australia, Phone: +617-41-91-26-00

16. Mandalay Beach, Australia

Mandalay Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of -

Mandalay Beach is a gorgeous beach between the Australian cities of Walpole and Manjimup, named for the 1911 Norwegian Barque shipwreck of the same name. Due to the vessel's beaching, all passengers aboard the shipwreck were saved, and the shipwreck remains visible today at times during low tides due to beach erosion and covering. The beach is a popular spot for anglers looking to catch herring, whiting, skippy, tailor, and salmon, with plenty of beachfront space available for fishing. Whale watching platforms on the limestone cliffs above the beach offer changes to see majestic whales during annual migrations between September and June. A dune-side boardwalk also offers unparalleled views of nearby Chatham Island, maintained as part of the Bibbulmun Track.

17. Freshwater Beach, Australia

Freshwater Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of Camila -

Freshwater Beach is a charming family-friendly beach located near the city of Manly, located within the Manly-Freshwater National and World Surfing Reserve, which preserves the environmental conditions and historic areas of New South Wales' most famous surfing beaches. The beach is known nationwide as the site where surfboard riding was popularized in the early 20th century by Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku, with a statue of Kahanamoku erected on the beach to commemorate his historic 1915 public surfing demonstration. Today, visitors can surf in the shadow of Kahanamoku's achievements at the beach's northern headlands, which offer consistent waves and protection from summer nor'easters. A 50-meter saltwater pool is also offered for lap swimming.

Ocean View Road, Freshwater NSW 2096, Phone: +02-99-42-21-11

18. Cronulla Beach, Australia

Cronulla Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of esmehelit -

Cronulla Beach is a lively beach located along Bate Bay in Sydney's southern region, named for the Aboriginal word kurranulla, which roughly translates as "place of pink seashells." As Sydney's only beach that is accessible via public train, the beach is a prime spot for families and urban tourists, patrolled year-round by the Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club and professional lifeguards from Sutherland Shire Council. Tranquil waters are offered at the Cronulla Rock Pools, which are located between the beach and adjacent North Cronulla Beach. Children's playgrounds are available in a large grassy lawn area behind the beach, which makes for a perfect spot for picnics. Nearby cafes, restaurants, and ice cream stands service the beach and its adjacent Elouera and Wanda Beaches.

20-38 Gerrale Street, Cronulla NSW 2230, Phone: +02-97-10-03-33

19. Jetty Beach, Australia

Jetty Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of Bobby -

Jetty Beach is a popular tourist beach that is located at the Jetty Foreshores Park entertainment area, home to attractions such as the Big Banana Theatre and Plantation Tour, the Dolphin Marine Magic aquarium, and a variety of restaurants and nightlife spots. The lively beach offers stand-up paddleboard rentals, public breakwalls with harbor views, children's playground areas, and a variety of day-use picnic shelter areas with barbecue grills. Visitors can walk out to nearby Muttonbird Island, which offers a nature reserve walk and outdoor learning space detailing the region's Aboriginal history. Rollerblade and bicycle trails are also offered throughout the beach.

Jordan Esplanade, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450, Phone: +13-00-36-90-70

20. Bulli Beach Tourist Park

Bulli Beach Tourist Park
© Courtesy of katacarix -

Bulli Beach Tourist Park is a beachfront gateway to Australia's spectacular Grand Pacific Drive, which spans 140 kilometers between Sydney's Royal National Park and the Shoalhaven region of New South Wales, traversing through rainforest areas, stunning coastal overlooks, and picturesque seaside villages. The charming beachfront area offers a variety of overnight accommodations for visitors looking to embark on the Drive, including self-contained one-to-three-bedroom rental cabins fully equipped with amenities such as laundry suites, private barbecues, and shaded beach view verandas. Camping is also available on the park's grounds, with children's playgrounds, barbecue grills, and a camp kitchen available for day use. Regardless of amenity choice, all visitors can access the beach's soft golden sands and stunning sea views.

1 Farrell Road, Bulli NSW 2516, Phone: +02-42-85-56-77

21. Nudey Beach

Nudey Beach
© Courtesy of Martin Valigursky -

Nudey Beach is an award-winning white coral beach with a storied history, originally inhabited by the Gunggandji Aboriginal people and known as Koba, which roughly translates to "the fist." Following Captain James Cook's 18th-century expeditions along Australia's coastline, the beach was used as a smallpox quarantine station, penal colony, and military lighthouse site. Today, the charming beach, which is located along the southwestern shores of Queensland's Fitzroy Island, is home to spectacular native wildlife, including goannas, white-bellied sea eagles, Eastern dusky leaf-nosed bats, and buff-breasted paradise kingfishers, which can be viewed along the Nudey Beach Walking Track. Visitors can also have a rare opportunity to swim and snorkel in waters that are surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef. Overnight stays are offered at the eco-friendly Fitzroy Island Resort, considered to be one of Australia's premiere luxury resorts.

Fitzroy Island - Cairns, Fitzroy Island QLD 4870, Australia, Phone: +61-7-40-44-67-00

22. Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach
© Courtesy of Aleksandar Todorovic -

Shelly Beach is a charming beach in Sydney suburb Manly, located near Fairy Bower and North Head along Australia's eastern coastline. The beach, which was historically a site occupied by Aboriginal people, was a former haven for boating in the 20th century due to its surrounding reef, which protects its waters from ocean swell. Today, the 100-meter beach is a protected marine reserve within Cabbage Tree Bay and serves as a prime spot in New South Wales for snorkeling and scuba diving due to its shallow depths. Shallow breaker waves also make for popular surfing spots, with guided snorkeling and walking tours of the area provided by the ECOTREASURES touring company. Public amenities include restrooms, showers, electric barbecue grills, and a concession area.

23. Wattamolla Beach, Australia

Wattamolla Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of jovannig -

Wattamolla Beach is a New South Wales beach area within Sydney's Royal National Park, accessible view Wattamolla Road or the Royal National Park Coast Track visitor trail. The beach's name is derived from the Aboriginal word of the same name, which translates as "place near running water" and was previously used to describe the entire surrounding region. Today, visitors can explore the 150-meter beach and its nearby cove and lagoon, all of which is rated as a moderately hazardous beachfront area. Swimming, fishing, and snorkeling are popular visitor activities during calm water conditions. Day-use picnic facilities are also provided nearby by the National Park.

Sir Bertram Stevens Dr, Royal National Park NSW 2233, Australia, Phone: +61-2-95-42-06-48

24. Pinky Beach, Australia

Pinky Beach, Australia
© Courtesy of beau -

Pinky Beach is a Western Australian island coastal beach on Rottnest Island, which is located off the country's coastline near the cities of Perth and Fremantle. The beautiful island is home to more than 60 public bays and beaches, commonly referred to as "Rotto." Visitors can explore the beach's historic landmarks during summer months, including the Bathurst Point Lighthouse and the Thompson Bay settlement. Sparkling blue waters offer opportunities for swimming and snorkeling, with ample area for sunbathing and beach strolling provided along its charming beachfront sands. The beach is accessible via the Rottnest Ferry, which travels between the island and Fremantle daily.

Rottnest Island WA 6161, Australia, Phone: +61-8-94-32-93-00

25. Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach
© Courtesy of jovannig -

Squeaky Beach is one of the most iconic beaches on Victoria's famed Wilsons Promontory peninsula, known for its pristine white sands with rounded quartz grains that create a slight squeaking sound when walked over, hence the beach's name. The beach's northern end is home to large granite boulders, which create a maze-like atmosphere and may be traversed and meandered between. The beach's shoreline, which is dotted with coastal scrub, offers beautiful views of nearby barrier islands and is perfect for beach strolling and sunbathing. A car park is located a five-minute walk from the beach, with public restroom and shower facilities available for visitors. Visitors should note that no lifeguards are staffed at the beach and should swim at their own discretion.

The 25 Best Beaches in Australia near me today according to local experts are:

More Ideas: Lon Retreat - Luxury Hotel and Spa in Point Lonsdale

Australia is by far one of the world's favorite vacation destinations, and it's not hard to see why. With its friendly people, fascinating past, stunning scenery, sunny weather, and cultural hubs like Sydney and Melbourne, there's so much to see and do all around The Land Down Under.

Melbourne, the coastal capital of the state of Victoria, is one of the top cities to visit in Australia, renowned for its beautiful architecture, vibrant art scene, and stunning botanic gardens, but just a little further along the coast from Melbourne is one of Australia's prime resort destinations: the Bellarine Peninsula.

Situated south west of Melbourne and separating Port Phillip from the Bass Strait, the Bellarine Peninsula is famous for its luxury resorts and hotels, gorgeous coastal scenery, and golden beaches. It's a great place for family vacations and scenic getaways, popular with Melbourne residents and visitors from further afield.

The little coastal township of Point Lonsdale is one of the best places to base yourself for a Bellarine Peninsula vacation, home to wineries, a charming lighthouse, some dramatic surfing beaches, and a lot of pristine natural areas to enjoy and explore. One of the best places to stay in Point Lonsdale is the Lon Retreat.

Lon Retreat - Luxury Hotel and Spa in Point Lonsdale

Whether you’re seeking a boutique hotel to base yourself for adventures around the Bellarine Peninsula or a relaxing scenic escape to feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of city streets, Lon Retreat is the place to be. It's a 200 acre resort spread out across a hill right by the ocean, offering luxury suites, soothing spa treatments, and more.

- The Retreat - As stated above, Lon Retreat is comprised of around 200 acres of both rural and conservation land on the Bellarine Peninsula. It boasts glorious ocean views and a peaceful ambiance for all guests, offering just seven luxury suites and its own mineral spa. An adults-only destination, Lon Retreat has history as a family farm dating back to the late 1800s. It's been a key location for the Point Lonsdale community for many years and serves as a hub of peace, relaxation, recreation, and healing, with luxury guest suites added to the land back in 1997 and totally redeveloped through 2017-18, letting guests enjoy a real escape, surrounded by nothing but nature.

- Accommodation - As previously stated, this adults-only Bellarine Peninsula resort features a total of seven luxury suites. The suites are spread out across the property in order to afford each guest a welcome degree of intimacy and privacy, and all of the suites are uniquely designed and decorated, with their own charms and features. Each one is designed to not just be a home away from home, but a personal sanctuary or refuge where guests can truly feel at peace. All of the suites are fitted out with modern conveniences and luxuries one would expect to find in an upscale hotel, as well as deluxe bonuses like a breakfast hamper on the first morning of your stay.

- The Spa at Lon Retreat - Many people head off on trips and vacations to relax and forget about the worries, stresses, and boredom of daily life. A lot of us view vacations or weekend getaways as moments to recharge our batteries and feel refreshed and revitalized after indulging in some much needed relaxation, and that's the spirit behind the spa services offered by Lon Retreat. The Lon Spa features three separate treatment rooms offering mineral water soaking tubs, steam rooms, gorgeous ocean views, and more. Massages, facials, body scrubs, shower jet massages, full body hydration treatments, and many other services are provided at the spa for couples and individuals alike.

- Location and Activities - Lon Retreat sits in a prime position at the entrance of Port Phillip Bay atop its own Point Lonsdale hill, right by the edge of the Bellarine Peninsula. It's only an hour and a half away from Melbourne by car or less than an hour from nearby Avalon Airport, easy to access for anyone around Australia. Local activities include sunbathing and surfing down on the beach, visiting local wineries and restaurants, touring the peninsula's charming townships and villages, or heading out on the water itself for all kinds of sailing and fishing adventures. In short, there’s plenty to be done and enjoyed for visitors at Lon Retreat, or you can simply stay right on site and enjoy the dozens of acres of beautiful private land for yourself.

More Ideas: The Nest

Australia is an incredible vacation destination and one of the most popular places in the world for people to visit. A place to feel reinvigorated and rejuvenated, Australia is renowned for its outstanding landscapes and beautiful natural spaces, as well as its stunning cities and unique culture. Trips to Australia are exciting to plan out, as there are so many different cities and regions that deserve to be seen and so many activities and adventures to be had.

Of all the locations around Australia, the Bellarine Peninsula is evidently one of the most desirable. Home to around 55,000 people, this peninsula juts out off the southern coast of Australia, not far from the city of Melbourne. Well-known for its wineries, charming coastal towns, and picturesque beaches, the peninsula is the perfect place for everything from romantic getaways and honeymoons to family vacations, and one of the best places to stay in the Bellarine Peninsula is The Nest.

The Nest - Luxury Accommodation in the Bellarine Peninsula

The Nest is a very special bed and breakfast location nestled snugly near Point Lonsdale on the southern tip of the Bellarine Peninsula. Offering astonishing views, luxury accommodation, total privacy, and more, The Nest is the perfect place to rest your head and simply idyllic for anyone searching for a romantic getaway or solo adventure. Here’s everything you need to know about staying at the nest:

- Luxury Accommodation - Accommodation at The Nest comes in the form of ‘pods.’ These state of the art, self-contained structures are almost like yurts in size and style, but much more modern, with sleek metal exteriors and contemporary fittings. You’ll find incredible amenities in each pod, including a hydrotherapy spa, King size bed, kitchenette, Smart TV, and more. The pods are designed for couples or solo travelers, so there’s a very romantic, cozy ambience in each one.

- Stunning Views - Perhaps the biggest appeal of this accommodation is its extraordinary views. Many people visit the Bellarine Peninsula due to the beauty of this location, and you’ll be able to admire that beauty each and every moment of your stay right from your own private decking area. You’ll be able to admire seabirds flying past and look out to see the various boats and ships sailing by, so you’ll definitely want to bring a camera along and capture some of these precious memories to share with people back home.

- Breakfast - The Nest is a bed and breakfast location, so full breakfast will be provided each morning by your friendly hosts. Local ingredients and products are used whenever possible and each breakfast is made fresh on a daily basis to provide the perfect start to your day.

- Privacy - There are only three pods at The Nest, and the property stretches out to cover a full 40 acres of land, so if you’re looking for total privacy, this is definitely the place to get it. Due to the way the pods are constructed and laid out, you’ll also be able to enjoy total privacy out on your deck, as the pods are located side-by-side but don’t actually overlook each other.

- Perfect Location - The Nest sits right by Point Lonsdale and offers easy access to some of the prettiest spots in the whole peninsula. You can be down on the beach in a matter of minutes, with lots of great swimming and sunbathing opportunities in the local area. Guests at The Nest are also only 90 minutes away from Melbourne, so it’s a perfect location for those wishing to explore the big city a little too.

Accommodation Amenities at The Nest

If you’re planning on staying at The Nest, you’ll be able to benefit from the following amazing amenities from the comfort of your very own room:

- A private decking area with its own 32 jet hydrotherapy spa and plenty of space to sit, sipping wine in the evenings, reading a good book, or simply enjoying the views by yourself or with your partner.

- King size beds in all King rooms with luxury bed linen, offering a cozy and comfortable setting to rest your head each night and get plenty of rest.

- Little luxuries like bathrobes for all guests, ambient light dimmers to create a romantic atmosphere, and reed diffusers to provide a pleasant aroma in the bathroom.

- A Smart TV and Bluetooth stereo to keep you entertained in the evenings or whenever you simply feel like heading back to the pod for a little relaxation.

- Coffee making facilities in the form of a state of the art Nespresso machine.

- Art work on the walls and soft seating areas to provide total comfort for every single second of your stay.

- Ceiling to floor sliding windows to let in plenty of light in the day time and let you enjoy amazing views without even needing to step outside.

The pods at The Nest offer everything you need to have an incredible stay and make some truly magical memories during your Bellarine Peninsula vacation. Due to their prime location, mere minutes from the beach and not too far from the cultural hub of Melbourne too, these pods are perfect for all kinds of stays, making The Nest a dream accommodation location for all. Visit the official site of The Nest to check availability and book your stay today. The Nest has a minimum stay policy of just two nights.

2140 Bellarine Highway, Point Lonsdale, Victoria 3225, Australia