The National Gallery of Victoria is located in Melbourne, Australia. Visitors to the Gallery will enjoy the wide range of exhibitions, events, and programs the Gallery provides. The National Gallery of Victoria is the most popular and oldest gallery in Australia. It spans two large buildings, the NGV Australia, and the NGV International.

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The National Gallery of Victoria hosts a variety of local and international artists. It also puts on a variety of events, exhibitions, and events which span contemporary art to international historic exhibits, architecture, dance and sound, and design and fashion.

the National Gallery of Victoria was established in 1861 and contains the most substantial collection of art in the area. The collection includes over seventy thousand art works covering thousands of years and a treasure trove of ideas, styles, and disciplines. Visitors will enjoy the activities, events, and exhibitions that the National Gallery of Victoria hosts.

Collections and Exhibitions

The substantial art collection of the National Gallery of Victoria includes several sunsets within it.

· Australian Prints and Drawings

· Australian Multimedia

· Asian Art

· International Painting

· -International Fashion and Textiles

· International Decorative Arts

· Art of Mesoamerica

· International Photography

· International Multimedia

· Pacific Art

· International Sculpture

· International Prints and Drawings

· Antiquities

· Indigenous Art

· Australian Fashion and Textiles

· Australian Photography

· Australian Decorative Arts

· Australian Painting

· Australian Sculpture

Exhibitions- The National Gallery of Victoria hosts a variety of exhibits both permanent and temporary. Some of the ongoing exhibits include:

· NGV Collection International Art

· NGV Collection Australian Art- This collection is located in the Ian Potter Centre. The works included in this exhibit include art work done by Torres Strait Island and Aboriginal communities.

· The Joseph Brown Collection- Joseph Brown donated most of his work to the National Gallery of Victoria in May of 2004. The collection is located in the Ian Potter Centre. Brown was an immigrant who was an artist, soldier, scholar, connoisseur, businessmen, and an art dealer.

Tours- There are several tours available at the Gallery. These include the NGV International, NGV Australia, Federation Square, NGV Triennial. Special upcoming tours include Colony: Australia 1770-1861, and MoMA at NGV.

Educational Opportunities

The National Gallery of Victoria hosts a variety of educational opportunities.

YOUR NGV Arts Access Program- The access program allows free access to the exhibitions and education programs for fifth and sixth grade students who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.

NGV Education Program- This program includes three parts: Connect, Create, and Curate. The Connect part of the program gives students the opportunity to participate in the interactive program at Gallery that focuses on specific learning areas. The Create part of the program gives hands on experience to participants in creating, designing, and critiquing art. The Curate part of the program allows students to create specific themed programs for exploring different art types.

Field Trip- Field trips are available for students of all ages.

Outreach Programs- Several outreach programs are available to students and teachers to help enrich classroom curriculum.

Top Arts After Hours- This offers participants a first glance at exhibitions, preview of NGV Teen programs, and talks by featured students.

Special Events

The National Gallery of Victoria offers a variety of temporary exhibits.

NGV Triennial- This exhibition features the artwork of more than one hundred designers and artists spanning thirty two countries. The exhibition surveys design and art, across scales, perspectives, cultures, and geographies. The Triennial examines cutting edge architecture, technologies, performance, animation, painting, drawing, film, tapestry, sculpture and fashion design through time.

Del Kathryn Barton: The Highway is a Disco- This is a solo exhibition of one of the most popular artists in Australia, Del Kathryn Barton. The exhibition features the lavishly decorated animals and humans that are drawn in seductive color and lines.

Our Knowing and Not Knowing: Helen Maudsley- This exhibition showcases new paintings and a selection of the complex drawings Maudsley is known for.

Louise Paramor- This exhibition is located in the Ian Potter Centre in a dedicated space. Paramor is famous for her public art commissions. These art commissions blend pop-inspired awareness with formal concerns. The exhibition features several new sculptures made out of paper that reflect the early artistry of Paramor along with her more recent plastic sculptures.

Mel O’Callaghan: Ensemble- This exhibition features a new video installation created by Mel O’Callaghan, a contemporary Australian artist based out of Paris. The title of the video is Ensemble and it is about man protesting the violence of man, and man’s triumphs.


The Garden Restaurant is the dining option at the NGV International. The menu was designed by its head chef, Nuno Gabriel and used the best seasonal produce.

PO Box 7259 Melbourne, VIC 3004, Phone: +61-0-86-20-22-22

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