People are capable of extraordinary things, and we only have to look at the cultures, artistic creations, customs, traditions, and achievements of those around us and elsewhere around the globe to see the full scope of human potential. When people come together, their capacity for positive change and development is unmatched, and various festivals and celebrations are held each year in order to honor that fact, with Art With Me *GNP being a prime example.

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Art With Me *GNP - Arts and Culture Festival in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Art With Me *GNP is a community-driven arts and culture festival, celebrated in the in the gorgeous Yucatán Peninsula town of Tulum. Looking out over the Caribbean Sea, famous for its luxurious beaches and ancient ruins, Tulum is a stunning place that embodies everything that Art With Me *GNP is about: beauty, nature, environment, preservation, and creation. It's a hub for creative people and caring travelers, and the whole festival is designed to inspire attendees and raise awareness and support for environmental issues.

- Location - Art With Me *GNP is held at Tulum. This is a small port town in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It's home to El Castillo, an old stone castle sitting on a rocky cliff, looking out over the Caribbean Sea. The town is famous for its white, sandy beaches and warm waters, as well as its mangroves and limestone sinkholes, being a popular resort destination. The Art With Me *GNP festival events are held all around Tulum, on its beaches, in its jungles, at its various venues and hotels, and more.

- Dates - The next Art With Me *GNP festival will be held from Wed April 22 to Sun April 26 of 2020. It's a four night, five day event.

- Overview - Art With Me *GNP is an international art, music, and culture festival focused on raising awareness of environmental problems while also allowing all attendees to enjoy a huge range of experiences from live musical performances to huge art installations and demonstrations from chefs, mindfulness experts, yoga teachers, and more. It features talks, pop-ups, parties, art exhibitions, family activities, and workshops of various kinds, offering a multi-sensory experience you won't soon forget.

- General Tickets - Those wishing to attend Art With Me *GNP can buy their tickets online, benefiting from presale prices if they book in advance. The 5-Day General Admission pass gives you full access to concerts, art installations, health and wellness programs, workshops, activities, and more across the full course of the event. You'll also get access to shuttles to take you around the various festival locations.

- Premium Tickets - Those who want to take their Art With Me *GNP experience even further and really make the most of their time at this Quintana Roo arts and culture festival should consider purchasing a Premium ticket. Coming with all the same access and benefits of the regular pass, the Premium ticket also offers private, exclusive entrances to various concert venues, private restrooms, private wine and mezcal tasting experiences, private art installation viewings, and access to the luxury and comfort of the Premium Lounge at the Beach Pavilion.

- Art - Art With Me *GNP will shine the spotlight on international artists, with various painters, sculptors, and other creators coming together to share some of their works with the guests and focusing on themes related to social and environmental awareness.

- Dance - Art With Me *GNP also features a dance element, with many international and local musicians, singers, and DJs putting on live musical performances across a range of genres.

- Care - The Art With Me *GNP 2020 festival will focus on the theme of waste management, with this issue posing a major threat to the local community and ecosystems of Tulum. The festival will therefore include various talks and panels focusing on waste management solutions and sustainability practices.

- Breathe - Art With Me *GNP is a wellness festival too, with all kinds of wellness and health activities and workshops from arts and crafts sessions to yoga classes and talks on the importance of mindfulness.

- Food and Drink - Various leading Mexican chefs will also be in attendance at Art With Me *GNP, offering everything from simple street food to fine dining gourmet delights, honoring the country's culinary traditions and providing both tastings and cooking demos for all to enjoy.

- Families - Art With Me *GNP is open to visitors of all ages and will also feature a range of special activities and workshops designed with kids and families in mind. website