In a quaint town in Utah, outside of Salt Lake City is the largest ski resort in the United States, Park City Mountain Resort. With 7300 acres of space to ski and snowboard on, it has a vast area to explore the beautiful mountain views and enjoy winter sports. The most popular time of year to visit the resort is during the winter, however, it is open all year round. During the summer months there are many trails, miniature golf, rock climbing, trampolines, and mountain biking. At the restaurants there are often live bands and other activities open to the public in the middle of the beautiful scenery. Only 32 miles outside of Salt Lake City, Park City is now a major tourist hub that draws skiers from around the United States for both its large terrain and the beloved historic touches of the small town that surrounds the ski park.

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The resort and the little town of Park City are filled with a rich history that draws visitors to the 64 buildings that are listed as Historic Places. Inside of the Mountain Resort, the story begins with the rolling hills that first attracted skiers to Park City in the late 1800s, and throughout the 20th century. Even though the area was originally known for its silver mine, the outdoors space grew in popularity, and in 1963 the Park City Mountain Resort was opened and became a favourite holiday hub. The history of the mountains is alive underneath the slopes, with more than 1000 miles of tunnels that were previously used for the silver mine. Yet, the climate and terrain of the mountains has allowed it to grow significantly since its beginnings in the 60’s, and now the resort now spans over 7300 acres, 8 peaks, and 16 chairlifts. The popular winter sport spot was also used during the Winter Olympics in 2002. Both the women’s and men’s snowboarding halfpipe events were hosted at the ski park. The U.S. Ski Team has also used the site as a training course to prepare for the Olympics. However, skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels are welcomed to visit and enjoy Park City.

There are many different types of lessons available at Park City, which accommodate to different levels of skill and ages of visitors. There are Adult Lessons, Family Lessons, U4 Child Group Lessons, Ski Academy and Peak to Peak Guided Experience. Lessons for adults are customized to each person, to work on specific aspects of each student’s abilities. There are many benefits from classes that are great for individuals, friends, and couples, which allow each person to have fun exploring the slopes. Families are encouraged to spend quality time together by signing up for Family Lessons. The group class will be catered to the skier who has the lowest ability level, however each person will be able to work on their style and skills while exploring the mountain. The U4 Child Group Lessons let kids to be a part of small personal classes and have a lot of time on the hill with coaches who will use a variety of games and exercises to teach children in a fun and interactive way. For a more intensive program the 3-day Ski Academy is a way for students to have consistent coaching from expert instructors and make permanent changes to their technique. The group experience over 3 days encourages skiers to bond with their classmates while each person perfects their technique and reaches their full potential. The vast space and with more than 330 trails, Park City is a great place to explore more challenging terrain in the Peak to Peak Guided Experience. Guides take a group with them throughout the park and provide coaching for their group to learn new techniques and skills while enjoying a relaxed environment and the beautiful scenery. Through each of the different programs or any of the passes to the ski park, visitors are welcomed to Park City to take part in winter sports.

Outside of skiing visitors have the option of dining at the different restaurants inside of Park City, and staying at various accommodations managed by Park City. Guests have the option of staying in convenient and comfortable lodging that is either on the cusp of the slopes or a short distance away. Once on site, there are many restaurants available for skiers to eat at, Cloud Dine is a popular and newly remodeled mountain top bistro that has both amazing dishes and views.

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