Located in Roy, Utah, only a few miles from the Hill Air Force Base is the Hill Aerospace Museum. Since it’s opening in 1986, it has been a part of the United States Air Force Heritage Program. That is an initiative, to preserve aircrafts in America; the museum has airplanes that span throughout the history of aviation. The institution has grown, there are near to 100 aircraft on display in the two galleries, and there are thousands of artifacts that teach guests more about the world of aviation. In the last year more than 185,000 people visited and were able to view the different airplanes on display and learn about the role aviation plays in American defense. Their mission is to inspire and educate visitors of all ages about the different periods of aircraft history, with an emphasis on the United States Air Force, Utah Aviation, and the Hill Air Force Base.

There are many different aircrafts and missiles that are displayed throughout the indoor and outdoor galleries in the Hill Aerospace Museum. The institution tells visitors the interesting history of aviation, which begins with the original Wright Flyer and continues throughout the mid 20th century and concludes with modern day aircrafts. The different exhibits displayed within the museum are The Beginnings, World War II, Dawn of the Jet Age, The Cold War, Keeping the Peace, Utah Aviation Hall of Fame, Women Airforce Service Pilots, American Aerospace Pioneers. The Beginnings is an exhibit that focuses on early aviation, starting with the first flight by Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903, visitors can learn more about an early airplane workshop filled with memorabilia surrounding the beginning stages of aviation. This section of the museum focuses on the early 1900’s to 1940, following that is the World War II exhibit, which excludes planes such as the P-40 Warhawk and the AT-6A Texan. Yet the diverse display has many different other components such as a Willys Jeep, which was used as an American military vehicle. The years after the war of 1946-1953 are displayed in the Dawn of the Jet Age exhibit, with planes in both the inside and outside galleries, the C-131D Samaritan, the F-80A Shooting Star, T-288 Trojan, and others can be viewed. In the exhibit The Cold War, missiles can also be seen along with different helicopters and planes. This exhibit begins with aviation in the mid 1950’s and continues until 1990 where the section of Keeping the Peace can be found. In the exhibit that has the most current air devices, the B-1B Lancer, the Sikorsky MH-53M Pave Low IV, and the Boeing KC-135 E Stratotanker are all displayed in the outside gallery of the museum. The Utah Aviation Hall of Fame is an important aspect to the institution; it was created to honor the individuals in the sate of Utah who have achieved civil or military accomplishments. The goal of the collection is to encourage public appreciation of these individuals for their contributions to developing aviation throughout the state. The exhibit of Women Airforce Service Pilots focuses on the impact of women pilots who were trained the same way as aviation cadets to work in WASP. They flew every type of aircraft in the USA military throughout America, and the display features artifacts and memorabilia from the pilot Aberta Hunt Nicholson, who was from Utah. The final exhibit in the institution is the American Aerospace Pioneers section, which is a compilation of influential aviation designers, scientists, and civilians who worked on and flew aircrafts. Throughout all of the various displays and exhibits, the museum strives to encourage learning about the world of aviation.

The museum is dedicated to providing educational experiences to its visitors and has a variety of programs and events that foster learning. Some of these experiences include the Plane Talk Lecture series and STEM Camp. The Plane Talk Lecture Series are hosted at the museum and feature speakers who are related to the heritage of the nearby Hill Air Force Base or the United States Air Force, or can speak about other subjects retaining to defense industry and aerospace. They have been held at the Hill Aerospace Museum for more than 28 years ago and have had a diverse number of speakers who each bring new light to aerospace through their stories and knowledge. STEM Camp is held each summer and is an engaging program geared towards elementary students. Throughout all of the events at the museum, the public is encouraged to learn more about aviation.

7961 I Rd, Wardleigh, UT 84056, Phone: 801-825-5817

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