The Best Friends Animal Society in Utah is a shelter to many homeless pets throughout the United States. Since the sanctuary opened, which houses thousands of animals, the society has strived to save the lives of homeless pets around America. Their core mission is to end the killing of animals in America’s shelters through various community programs and partnerships with different organizations across the nation. They also work collaboratively with the American government, and volunteers from around the country to accomplish their goal of saving every animal.

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The Best Friends Animals Society began with 31 friends in Arizona in 1971, which worked together to save animals from euthanasia and give them a place to heal and recover. They built a sanctuary in Kanab, Utah in 1984 and they continued to grow and in 1991 they officially began The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Now there are adoption centers, and spay/ neuter clinics all around the United States in New York City, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City. When the sanctuary first opened in the 1980s nearly 17 million animals were killed every year, presently that number has decreased to 4 million. However, the group strives to reduce that number, by using their philosophies of taking in animals that are deemed unadoptable and giving them a safe place, time, and extra care to help them heal. In the last few decades Best Friends Animal Society has grown to become the largest no-kill sanctuary in America. Until the society reaches their goal of Saving Them All, they will continue to work to encourage adoption, spay/neuter, show love to animals in need, and ultimately end euthanisation.

The society is changing the face of animal welfare by allowing unadoptable animals to turn their lives around, and overcome their past. For the majority of the animals housed in the sanctuary, their time there is a transitional home before they are adopted. More centers are opening in New York City and Atlanta, however in Utah there is both a sanctuary in Kanab, and a Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Salt Lake City, which strives to find homes for all animals in the center.

In the heart of the beautiful red rock of the southwest is the large Kanab sanctuary, which houses around 1600 animals at any moment. Currently the society has access to nearly 20,000 acres of land, and each year over 30,000 people visit the sanctuary to tour the facility and meet the animals. The location is tucked in between valleys in the countryside of Utah, which allows animals to have plenty of space to rehabilitate. Many different types of animals such as cats, dogs, parrots, horses, pigs, and rabbits are receiving medical treatment and care in the Kanab facility. Each individual animal that comes to Best Friends is cared for in a way that reflects each of their unique personalities and in a way that will allow them to thrive. The Best Friends Animal Society encourages the public to visit the sanctuary through a variety of guided tours and programs that are available to visitors. Some of the animal related tours include Dogtown, Cat World Headquarters, Bunny House, and Parrot Garden, each of these guided tours allow guests to have a personal experience seeing how the society is working to save animals. There is also the guided hike through the beautiful landscape called Angels Rest Walking Tour. During this time visitors will learn more about native plants and animals native to the area, while enjoying the scenery. Between the months of June to August children are invited to cultivate their love for animals at the Best Friends Kids Camp. Through this fun educational activity they will be able to learn more about cats, dogs, horses, pigs, birds and bunnies, while exploring the sanctuary. However, people of all ages are able to come to the Best Friends Visitor Center, which gives visitors information on volunteering, has a variety of weekly events, and teaches people more about the process of caring for animals until they are ready for adoption.

The Best Friends Pet Adoption Center is dedicated to providing homes to pets in Salt Lake City. Each animal comes from either the Best Friends Kitten Nursery or a local Utah shelter, and all of them is vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped. Not only does the location in Salt Lake City help pet get adopted through their Kitten Nursery program, they help save cats by housing 100-orphaned kittens everyday and giving them around-the-cock care. All of the various sectors of the Best Friends Animal Society work together to save as many animals as possible.

2005 I St, 1100 E, UT 84106, Phone: 801-574-2454

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