Located in St. George, Utah, the St. George Children’s Museum aims to engage, educate, and entertain children and families of all ages with interactive exhibitions and activities. Visitors can expect to not only learn but they will be able to let their imaginations run wild and their creativity shine.


The St. George Children’s Museum board was created in 2010 after talks had been had for many years about the need for a family-focused museum in town. With generous waves of support, the board was able to obtain recognition by the State of Utah the following year.

The St. George Children’s Museum was founded in the Spring of 2011 and was officially established in their historical Community Art building in 2013. The museum obtained a large portion of its exhibition pieces from the Lied Museum upon their move to a new location. They donated or sold almost one million dollars of exhibits and interactive activities to the St. George Children’s Museum.

Between this generosity and the generosity of caring citizens, corporate sponsors, and the many talented artists who donated their talent and time, the museum was able to become a reality. Although only 5 years old, the museum has already proven itself to be a top quality educational experience for children and families.

Permanent Exhibitions

Art Room: This exhibition room lets visitors unwind and let their imaginations run wild. There are all kinds of items for crafting, coloring, and various other activities.

Castle Room: This exhibition room lets visitors dress in their favorite royal clothing and take their chance at battling a ferocious dragon or have their turn on the royal throne. This fairytale room is sure to delight.

Desert Discovery Room: This exhibition room is representative of the breath-taking beauty of the southern Utah desert. There are drawings of local animals and replicas of surrounding landscape.

Farm Room: This exhibition room lets visitors pretend to work on a farm of their own for a day! They can milk cows, tend to their garden, or collect eggs from their hen house.

Government Room: This exhibition room give visitors the chance to feel like the president for a day. Whatever their imagination wishes, they can bring to life in their very own Oval Office.

Grocery Store Room: This exhibition room allows visitors to shop for their own groceries or even work at the store themselves. In this grocery store, no treats and snacks are off-limits.

Music Room: This exhibition room is the perfect space for visitors to take their turn at making music. A wide variety of strange and creative instruments are sure to entertain and delight visitors of all ages.

Post Office Exhibit: This exhibition room allows visitors to work at the post office for a day. The can collect and deliver mail, or send out mail of their very own.

Prehistoric Room: This exhibition room lets visitors take a step back in time and discover the most ferocious creatures who ever roamed the Earth. There are all kinds of fossils, footprints, and life-like dinosaurs to interact with.

Science Discovery Room: This exhibition room teaches a love for science and discovery. There is a plasma ball, the chance to feel a tornado and to learn about frozen shadows.

Sports and Exercise Room: This exhibition room let’s children of all ages and abilities play and enjoy a wide variety of games and activities. There is even wheelchair basketball!

Theater Room: This exhibition room lets visitors take center stage and learn all about what its like to sing, dance, and act. They will also learn about a wide variety of behind-the-scenes activities like music and lighting.

Transportation Room: This exhibition room lets visitors pretend to be mechanics as they work hands-on with small replica vehicles and tools.

Under the Sea Exhibit: This exhibition room teaches visitors about the deep blue ocean and the animals that call it home.

Veterinarian Exhibit: This exhibition room lets visitors pretend to own their very own veterinarian office; there are replica instruments and small, fluffy animals to care for.

Zions Bank Exhibit: This exhibition room lets visitors pretend to work at or visit the local Zion bank. There is even a safe and a nice wooden desk!

Programs & Education

There are a variety of educational programs hosted at the museum year-round, including field trips, music classes, story telling sessions, crafting classes, and an exciting session called “Meet the Expert” where visitors will hear all about exciting careers right from the source.

Additional Information:

St. George Children’s Museum, 86 South Main Street, St. George, UT 84770, Phone: 435-986-4000

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