Located in Park City, Utah, the Park City Museum aims to preserve, protect, and promote the rich heritage of Park City, Utah. Visitors can expect to find a a world-class museum dedicated to providing the community with engaging and entertaining exhibitions as well as many wonderful educational programs.


The Park City Museum has been an integral part of the historical district of Park City and its Main Street downtown. The Park City Historical Society was founded in 1981 by two women: an artist hired to design the first exhibit, Patricia Smith, and a prominent member of the city council, Tina Lewis.

The lone exhibit was known as the Centennial Exhibit, and although the museum only had a mere 15 supporting members in the beginning, the exhibit became quite a success. The museum was moved to a permanent exhibition space located right on Main Street in 1984 after the merging of the Historical Society and the Museum board.

During the 2002 Winter Olympics, the Park City Museum welcomed more than 25,000 visitors in a short 10-day period. After that, the Museum could afford their necessary renovations and expansions.

The newly renovated Park City Museum opened its doors in October 2009 and to this day the museum proudly presents world-class exhibitions and highly-educational programs. Since the museum was founded, more than 1.6 million visitors have passed through its doors and its membership has sky-rocketed to more than 500 members.

The building that the museum is housed in was the City Hall which was originally built in 1885 for a mere $6,400. During this time, Main Street was a flourishing and lively part of Park City and although a fire destroyed most of the building in 1898, it was quickly rebuilt.

Many local businesses and historical landmarks have come and gone since then, but the Park City Library was added to the building in 1982 and has remained there ever since. There is also now a museum store where members of the entire family can commemorate their visit.

Permanent Exhibitions

From Around the World: This exhibit features the Kimball Stagecoach, a historic railcar which used to carry both mail and people into Park City. Guests can climb aboard and feel what it was like to ride on a stagecoach in the historical frontier West.

Mega Mine & Days of Ore: This exhibit features a scaled 19th century Mega Mine where guests can examine a two-story high structure resembling what is was like to be a miner during this period. Guests will learn about the mining process, the struggles and challenges that miners faced, and learn all about mining equipment.

Skier Subway Theater: This exhibit features one of the original cars from the one and only “Skier Subway”. This subway was important to Park City’s transition into a ski town from a mining town.

The Dungeon: Park City’s Territorial Jail: This exhibit allows guests to visit the Territorial Jail which is housed in the basement of the museum. There will be guided tours where guests can learn about Park City’s most wanted and dangerous criminals.

Muckers and Millionaires: This exhibit tells the story of the huge gap between those in town who made their very small living working in the mines and those who made millions and lived near Salt Lake City. The difference in these two groups were a major part of shaping Park City into what it is today.

Living in Park City: This exhibit lets guests step back in time and experience what it was like to live and work in Park City more than 100 years ago. Meticulously preserved rooms feature historically accurate renditions of the local post office, the market, and the telephone company.

Bar Talk: This exhibit features a historically accurate local saloon where visitors can have a drink and listen to tales about the olden days.

1926 Fire Truck: This exhibit features a retired firetruck from Park City. The truck was custom built by the Dodge Brothers in 1926 and currently resides in its original home – the 191 Fire Tower.

The Great Fire of 1898: This exhibit features the story of the Great Fire of 1898.

Tozer Gallery: This exhibit is more than 1,000 square-feet of rotating exhibition space with showcases a wide-variety of artwork, travel exhibitions, and children’s exhibitions.

Annual Events

There are some great events hosted at the Park City Museum each year including the Historic Home Tour where a tour guide will take a group of visitors around Park City to see some of the most interesting and beautiful historical homes.

There are also Walking tours of Main Street focusing with a tour guide who will engage visitors with stories about the historical street. Tours are Monday through Friday during the summer starting at 2 p.m.

There are also all kind of hikes, parties, lecture series, and even guided tours via skis. Be sure to check out the events page on the Park City Museum’s website for a full list of annual events and for information on how to sign-up.

Programs & Education

There are a wide variety of entertaining and engaging educational programs for visitors of all ages. From school programs, museum tours, scout and youth group events, history presentations, to a wide variety of resources for teachers, there is something for everyone.

Additional Information:

Park City Museum, 528 Main Street, P.O. Box 555, Park City, Utah 84060, Phone: 435-649-7457

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