Located in Monument Valley, Utah, the Monument Valley Safari is a group of local Natives who provide visitors with world-class tours of the Utah desert. Visitors can expect to find a variety of tours, safaris, and hikes for all ages and abilities. The Monument Valley is in the Navajo Tribal Park along the southern border of Utah and sits at an elevation of more than 5,000 feet.


The Valley is known for its iconic sandstone mesas and buttes that have been the setting for many movies in its day. The main stretch of desert road surrounded by the picturesque cliffs is featured in Forrest Gump when he is running across the country.

The area also features a Navajo Tribal Park where generations have been preserving and caring for the land for hundreds of years. Now, they provide visitors with educational and breathtaking tours of the Monumental Valley.

Safari Options

Lower Monument Valley: This safari offers a 1.5-hour scenic express of about 17 miles through the lower Monument Valley. Guests will be taken to three major iconic locations. There is also a 2.5-hour version consisting of 28 miles where guests will stop at more iconic locations as well as various monuments including petroglyphs, and will even be able to stop for a traditional Navajo hair braiding with their knowledgeable Native guide.

Mystery Valley: This safari offers either a 3-hour (27 miles) or 4-hour (38 miles) long scenic and cultural safari excursion. This excursion will take guests to an untouched location known as Mystery Valley. This part of Monument Valley is known for its labyrinth-like canyons and its large abundance of petroglyphs, pictographs, and Anasazi ruins. These tours vary based on the season, so be sure to check the website for more information.

Combination Safaris: These safaris offer 6-hour excursions to a combination of locations, the first option is to visit the Lower Monument Valley and the Mystery Valley together, while the second option is to visit the Tear Drop Arch and the Mystery Valley together. Since these excursions last all day, be sure to come prepared.

Hunts Mesa: This safari offers two options, a 7-hour photographic tour or an 18-hour overnight tour with a campout. This tour is recommended for amateur photographers since they will be able to experience a rich landscape at various times of the day and lighting. Guests must be willing to “rough it” on either of these excursions as there is a lot of walking and the overnight tour includes camping. However, the Safari crew provides everything else guests may need for comfort and safety including toiletries, sleeping bags, tents, and meals.

Starlight: This safari offers an excursion at one of the most beautiful and picturesque times of the day in Monument Valley – starlight. This excursion is 3-hours long and takes guests out at either sunrise or sunset for a chance to capture some once-in-a-lifetime photography. These excursions vary based on weather and clarity.

Full Moon: This safari offers a 3-hour excursion where guests can see the stars and the moon at the ideal lighting. Visitors will see the moon like they never have before – hung in between large red cliffs in the Monumental Valley. This safari varies based on weather and the current phases of the moon.


There are a variety of accommodation options at the Monument Valley Safari, including studios, tents, and even tipis. The studio apartments contain 3 beds and accommodates 6 guests comfortably. There is also free parking and even a fireplace for those cozy nights in. Guests are also encouraged to use Airbnb when booking accommodations nearby.

For those visitors interested in the immersive experience, tents sites and tipis are available as accommodations. The tent sites require guests to bring their own equipment but there is some available for renting if they do not have the proper equipment. Each tent site has a wooden gondola with benches and tables.

Visitors will soon be able to stay in historical accurate tipis right in the monument valley!

Additional Information:

Monument Valley Safari, P.O. Box 360418, Monument Valley, Utah 84536, Phone: 928-209-1364

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