Located in Monument Valley, Utah, the Goulding’s Lodge aims to give visitors unforgettable experiences in one of the country’s most picturesque landscapes – the Monument Valley. The Monument Valley is in the Navajo Tribal Park along the southern border of Utah and sits at an elevation of more than 5,000 feet. The Valley is known for its iconic sandstone mesas and buttes that have been the setting for many movies in its day.


The main stretch of desert road surrounded by the picturesque cliffs is featured in Forrest Gump when he is running across the country.

The area also features a Navajo Tribal Park where generations have been preserving and caring for the land for hundreds of years. Now, they provide visitors with educational and breathtaking tours of the Monumental Valley. There is also currently a museum located at Goulding’s Lodge which allows visitors to learn more about the rare ecosystems and iconic stone formations, as well as the natives who call this land home.


Goulding’s Trading Post Museum: The museum at Goulding’s Lodge was opened in 1989 and features many Native American artifacts and artwork. The culture, traditions, and spirit of trading among the Navajo tribe is kept alive in this little corner of the world.

There are a few different sections of the museum including the following:

The Trading Post Bull: This area represents a typical trading post back in the good old days. There are items for trade including kitchen supplies, canned food, various materials, and guns. Many of these items are historical and some are the original pieces.

The Ware Room: This area represents the storage area during the high times of the trading post times. All kinds of extra supplies, photographs, pottery, and crafts are kept in this warehouse.

The Josef Muench Room: This area houses photography, jewelry, and artwork from the artist, Josef Muench.

The Movie Room: This area is filled with call sheets, posters, movie stills, and other items from the Golden Age of film. There is always a classic John Wayne movie playing in this room as well.

The Living Quarters: This area is located upstairs and features a replica of a typical home of John Goulding from the 1940s and 1950ss. There are various personal items from Goulding and the quarters are very warm and cozy.

John Wayne’s Cabin: This area is also known as Captain Nathan Brittles’ Cabin and features a variety of memorabilia from the movies the John Wayne shot in the area during his heyday.

Gift Shop: The gift shop features a wide variety of arts and crafts by local Navajo Native Americans. The collection consists of hand-woven rugs and pottery. Any items purchased come with a certificate of authenticity and often, a photograph of the artist themselves!

There are also plenty of other traditional souvenir items such a t-shirts, photographs, and items for the children. Be sure to stop by!


Sunrise Tour: This your takes guests on a 2.5-hour wake-up excursion through the Mitten rock formations and the picturesque buttes and mesas along a 17-mile desert road. Times for this tour vary based on sunrise and the tour runs from May through September.

Sunset Tour: This tour takes guests on a relaxing evening tour at sunset. The tour takes 2.5-hours and is 17-miles long. The tour will feature gorgeous fluctuations of light and color until the sun behind the picturesque rocks and cliffs.

Basic Tour: This tour takes 2.5-hours and covers 17-miles of Monument Valley and its monuments and landmarks. Guests will also get to see a real Navajo rug-weaving demonstration.

Deluxe Tour: This tour takes 3.5-hours and covers 17-miles of Monument Valley and its traditional stops with some added back country additions. Guests will also get to see a real Navajo rug-weaving demonstration at a local Navajo home.

All Day Tour: This tour is approximately 8-hours and guests will hit all of the traditional stops as well as Anasazi Ruins, and they will split the day up with a barbecue lunch. Guests will also get to visit the Hogan formations.

Full Moon Tour: This tour is 2.5-hours and takes guests on a tour of Monument Valley at one of its most beautiful times – the full moon. Don’t miss the chance to see the picturesque Monumental Valley by the light of the full moon.


The Goulding’s Lodge offers accommodations for all kinds of visitors, there is the cozy indoor lodge or the outdoor picturesque campground where guests can either stay in tents or recreational vehicles. Be sure to visit the Goulding’s Lodge website for more information on booking and pricing.

Additional Information:

Goulding’s Lodge at Monument Valley, Monument Valley, Utah 84536, Phone: 435-727-3231

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