Located in Teasdale, Utah, the Gifford Homestead is a proud part of the Capitol Reed National Park. The homestead consists of 200 acres and is preserved to depict a typical rural Mormon farm from the early 1900s. Visitors can expect to enjoy a tour of the settlement which includes the original home, barn, pasture, garden, rock walls, and even a smokehouse, all set amongst a mountainous desert landscape.


The Gifford Homestead is an original Mormon settlement from the early 1900’s which was built in a valley in the Utah desert. Farmers and frontiersmen settled on this rural land to grow their families and live a peaceful life. Although they were not the first people to live on this land, they took the liberty of naming the land Fruita.

The Gifford Homestead was built here in 1908 by Calvin Pendleton, a polygamist whose family occupied the land for about 8 years. He constructed most of the surrounding buildings and the surrounding rock wall when he and his family resided there.

Between 1916 and 1928, the Jorgenson family took up residence in the home until they sold it to their son-in-law, Dewey Gifford. For 41 years, the Gifford family took up residence in the homestead and made many improvements to the house including a new kitchen, bathroom, carport, and utility room.

During their long-term residence, the Gifford family raised a wide variety of farm animals and even ran cattle. They had a typical farm life, eating whatever they could grow or raise, working the fields, and living a simple life. The family resided their happily until 1969 when they sold their land to the National Park Service.

Visitors to the Gifford Homestead can truly experience the life and spirit of the pioneers who lived on and cultivated this rural land, now known as Fruita, during the 1900s. There are also many exciting trails to hike, Native American settlements to enjoy, and a variety of landmarks and monuments very close-by.


Visitors will be able to tour the Gifford Homestead and all of the attractions that come along with it including the smokehouse, barn, pasture, garden, and the rock walls. The homestead itself is an exciting historical experience for the whole family, but the surrounding landscape is the real sight to see. The picturesque orange cliffs, glorious mountainous ranges, and rolling green hills are truly breath-taking.

The kitchen is now used as a sales outlet where local craftsman and artisans can sell their homemade items. These items include crafts, quilts, rugs, aprons, flour sifters, butter churns, candles, books, jams, jellies, postcards, other various kitchen utensils, homemade ice cream, and of course, the pie is not to be missed.

When planning a visit to the Gifford Homestead, visitors can drive down the famous American stretch of road name Highway 12. This road is an American tradition and is littered with national parks, unforgettable landscapes, and historical monuments.

This area is also littered with petroglyphs from those indigenous people who lived in Capitol Reef between the year 600 – 1300 A.D. These petroglyphs line rock walls and cave walls all over the national park and are sure to enlighten guests about what life was like for those indigenous people.


March 14 (Pi Day): This annual celebration has come to be know as one of Utah’s tastiest traditions. Each year, the Capitol Reef National Park opens its doors to provide hungry and weary travelers with freshly baked pies. This area has been a favored place for Native Americans and pioneers alike to settle due to its rich soil and colorful landscapes. The fruit for the pies comes from the rolling hills and the Scenic byway that run along the picturesque Fremont River.

Education & Programs

There are currently no officially organized educational programs hosted at the Capitol Reef National Park. However, there are a variety of hiking trails, entertaining events, and various tours of monuments and landmarks.

For more information, be sure to contact the Utah Office of Tourism or sign up for their newsletter to get updates on any programs or events.

Additional Information:

Gifford Homestead, Capitol Reef National Park, Scenic Dr, Teasdale, UT 84773, Phone: 435-425-3791

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