Located in Beaver, Utah, the Cove Fort Historic Site aims to preserve and present the historical pioneer rock fort from 1867. Visitors can expect to find a wonderfully preserved settlement complete with a fort and a ranch which was cared for by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


The Cove Fort Historic Site was founded in 1867 by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They dedicated their lives to caring for the rock fort which protected them from Native Americans for generations. They made Cove Fort their home and to this day, missionaries provide free guided tours of the fort and its surrounding settlement.


Ira N. Hinckley Log Home: This restored log home was once the residence of Ira N. Hinckley and his family. They lived here during the time that Ira was commissioned to start construction of Cove Fort. Although the cabin has been dismantled and then rebuilt closer to the fort, the historical integrity is still intact. There is also a movie that plays inside of the log home so that visitors can learn about the Hinckley family and their lifestyle when they resided at Cove Fort. The family also served all kinds of people who visited the fort from around the country.

Cove Fort: This fort provided protection to those who guarded it, to travelers who required sanctuary, and of course, to the telegraph machines and communication methods of the time. Within the fort, visitors will find the Ira N. Hinckley log home, various recreations of things instrumental to fort operations including the large kitchen and the telegraph option. Visitors will also be able to feel the love and devotion that the Hinckley family and the others who protected this place gave to the fort during these years.

Surrounding Settlement: The surrounding area of the fort includes many important items crucial to not only day-to-day activities of the fort but also to the protection of the people within it. There is a blacksmith shop, a garden, a horse and animal corral, a large barn, and even a bunkhouse. Life and work at the fort was a simpler time.

Nearby Sights

Zion National Park: This park is known as one of the crown jewels of America’s parks. It is filled with a variety of sandstone canyons, it has more than 400 different species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. There are flowing rivers which carve through the deep canyons for more than 200 square miles. The park was named by the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter Day Saints and a lot of the rock formations have names out of the bible. It is a must-see national park.

Canyonlands National Park: This park has breath-taking views of the Colorado River and the Green River as well as views of cliffs, spires, and red rock pinnacles. Visitors can take mountain bike routes, 4-wheeler routes, and white water rafting routes through this national park.

Arches National Park: This park has one of the world’s largest natural sandstone arches. Besides this incredible sight, there are also many other arches and rock formations including spires, pinnacles, balanced rocks, and even pedestals. This park is more than 76,000 acres of extraordinary beautiful landforms.

Bryce Canyon National Park: This park features amazingly picturesque and colorful rock formations. There is a 37-mile trip around this park which takes visitors to famous and colorful viewpoints.

Lodging and Restaurants

There is a wide variety of lodging and dining options around the Cove Fort Historic Site and its surrounding National Parks. There are many camping and RV options, as well as a variety of hotels and Airbnb availability. There are also world-class dining options in the surrounding area and something to curb every appetite. Be sure to check out the surrounding area for more information.

Additional Information:

Cove Fort Historic Site, HC-74 Box 6500, Beaver, Utah 84713, Phone: 435-438-5547

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