Da Vinci explored, questioned, and experimented with the world around him, finding new ways to answer the questions few had asked before him. He saw the intertwining of art and science and the ways they connected with one another. The Leonardo in Salt Lake City is an homage to Da Vinci, who defined what it meant to be a Renaissance Man. With the goal of viewing the world as Da Vinci saw it, The Leonardo offers a place to ask questions, explore, wonder, and have fun while doing so.


Opened in 2011, the Leonardo is a not-for-profit museum, powered by the local community. Located in downtown Salt Lake City, the current home of the museum was once home to the Salt Lake City Public Library. The museum prides itself on learning and desires to be heavily involved in local communities.


Throughout The Leonardo, there are many exhibits and attractions to see, and several are interactive. Challenging the status quo and visitor expectations by combining science and art is much of the museum's appeal.

Flight-This exhibit submerses visitors into the world of flight. It features many interactive pieces and provides entertainment for scientists of any age. Visitors to the museum can:

· Play and climb on and in the large C-131 aircraft which has been designed to allow visitors to see the science that gives man the ability to fly.

· Choose one of two original flight simulators and become the pilot. Today's pilots train on these simulators as they learn how to hone the craft of flight.

· Discover various types of flight: buoyant, ballistic, and aerodynamic.

· View flight from the animal world on a personal level and learn how the study of birds eventually led to manned flight.

· Learn what flight will look like in the future, including information on long-term space exploration.

Perception: The Illusion of Reality-The mind is an amazing thing. It defines a person's experience by adjusting the reality we see before our eyes. This exhibit focuses on three senses: touch, hearing, and sight. It explores the way the mind manipulates information to arrange the world around us.

Woman/Women-Women have a profound and deep impact on the world and its history. Unfortunately, in today's world, many of these incredible women and their outstanding efforts go unnoticed. This exhibit focuses on the contributions of amazing women to fields like science, engineering, art, mathematics, technology, and many others.

Innovation Showcase -The Leonardo recognizes the incredible genius and curiosity of innovators throughout history. The Innovation Showcase AKA Made in Utah seeks to identify those inventors in the surrounding community.

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Educational Opportunities

Just like with its commitment to the local community, The Leonardo is devoted to education and providing readily available material to those who desire to learn. Through field trips, homeschool days and Leo on Wheels, the museum aims to make learning available to all.

Field Trips-The Leonardo offers field trips on a first come, first serve basis, and can be scheduled Monday through Friday. The museum asks that field trips be scheduled at least one week prior and will need to have a minimum of fifteen students. A typical visit to the museum includes:

· A Leo staff led orientation.

· A workshop led by Leo staff.

· Opportunity to explore museum exhibits.

Homeschool-Families that homeschool are invited to come to The Leonardo for one of the museum's Homeschool Days. These days provide free admission to homeschool families with a homeschool certificate. (This is only applicable to the parents and students listed on the certificate.)

Leo on Wheels -The Leo on Wheels program brings science exhibits and activities to schools throughout the state of Utah. Students are given the opportunity to explore interactive displays and solve problems through group cooperation.

Exhibits are on display throughout the week with an education specialist available to answer questions and offer insight. Each class may visit the program twice. The first visit offers the chance to explore science displays, while the second visit will result in the students working together to build a Rube Goldberg machine.

Special Events

Mind Riot-Mind Riot is an annual three-day entrepreneurship competition designed specifically for high school students in the state of Utah who will receive instruction from professionals in science, business, and technology. They will create a team to design and develop a product or service that would resolve a problem facing the world today.

Idea Factory -This youth program offers high school students a hands-on experience in entrepreneurship. Over a two-month period, they receive training in thinking like an entrepreneur, and then use that education to create projects that have a practical impact on the surrounding community.

Dining and Shopping

The Leonardo provides a few options for dining and shopping while visiting the museum.

Salt Bistro-Feed both your stomach and your brain at the Salt Bistro by grabbing lunch right outside the museum. The bistro offers a variety of sandwiches, salads and more.

Leo Store -Visit the Leo Store for a collection of items that reflect that museum's dedication to art, science, and technology. Items include jewelry, mugs, candles, magnets, and more.

209 East 500 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111, Phone: 801-531-9800

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