We all have stories to tell. Over the course of our lives, unexpected events and unique things occur to all of us, and sharing these stories with loved ones and even total strangers can be a rewarding and enriching experience in a lot of ways. If you’re interested in sharing your stories with others, The Bee, a storytelling hub in Salt Lake City, could be the perfect place for you.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Bee

- Location - The Bee hosts monthly storytelling shows in Salt Lake City at Metro Music Hall, 615 W 100 S.

- Times and Dates - These storytelling shows are held on the second Thursday of each month. The doors open at 6pm and the stories start at 7pm. Drinks and snacks are provided in the build-up to the show, but all guests are encouraged to have taken their seats by 7pm and be ready to listen to the stories.

- Important Info - All guests will need to be 21 or over to attend the shows at The Bee and you'll need to bring a valid picture ID along with you in order to prove your age. You may also be asked to fill out an anonymous audience participation slip when you arrive. These slips get read out on stage during the course of the show, so it's a fun way to make a contribution to the evening's entertainment without actually getting up on the stage yourself.

- What To Expect - Each storytelling evening begins with the founder of The Bee, Giuliana Serean, who also serves as your host for the evening, getting up on stage and introducing the show, as well as explaining the rules and theme of the night. Then, the stories begin. The night starts off with five stories, followed by a brief intermission, and then five more stories. Finally, the judges announce the winner of the competition.

- Tickets - If you wish to attend a storytelling show at The Bee, you'll need to buy tickets. The tickets go up on sale online just two weeks prior to each show and they often sell out very quickly. In some cases, the shows can sell out within the first day of the tickets going on sale, so it's wise to get your tickets early if you wish to attend and don't want to miss out.

- Attending - If you're attending a show at The Bee as an audience member, you'll need to be seated by 7pm and ready to listen to the stories start. Audience members are encouraged to avoid talking during the show and to turn their phones onto silent or switch them off altogether in order to show respect for the storytellers themselves. It's important to note that the stories might contain some adult themes, hence the 21+ rating, so you need to be ready for almost anything. You can take photos, without the flash, but video recording isn't allowed at these SLC storytelling events.

- Telling A Story - The Bee was founded on the idea that everyone has a story to tell, and if you'd like to tell yours at The Bee, you can do so by putting your name in the hat. The names are pulled out at random and everyone has the same chance of getting to tell their story, so it's always worth a try. Storytellers will need to keep their stories under 5 minutes in length and all stories must be true and based on real personal experiences, as well as matching up with the evening's theme. Not only that, but any racist or otherwise offensive/hateful language isn't allowed at The Bee and storytellers are encouraged to think about the content of their stories carefully before sharing them.

- Tips and Tricks for Storytelling - In order to try and win a competitive storytelling night at The Bee, you'll need to share an engaging and emotional story that the audience really cares about. The best stories often grip the audience and are delivered in a compact, easy to follow way with emotive language that helps everyone feel and understand the emotions and thoughts you actually experienced. The idea is to try and make the audience live the story alongside you. A good tip is to prepare your story ahead of time, practice it to ensure you can tell it within the time limit and that you won't forget anything along the way, and share it with a friend or family member for feedback on how you could make it more engaging or entertaining for an audience.

- Judging The Stories - At each storytelling night at The Bee, a panel of judges from the local community and audience are chosen. The judges will decide on the best story in terms of whether or not the rules were followed, how well it matches up with the theme, whether or not it seems entirely true, how well it was told, whether or not the audience was moved, and a few other factors. The winner of the night gets two free tickets to upcoming shows at The Bee, while the other storytellers all get a free ticket too.

- Storytelling Workshops - If you'd like to improve your own storytelling abilities, you might consider attending a storytelling workshop at The Bee. The Bee's founder, Giuliana Serena, runs these workshops alongside Nan Seymour and understands that the art of storytelling can be an intimidating one for many people. These workshops therefore aim to make it easier and simpler for you to tell stories in engaging and enjoyable ways for yourself and for the audience. website