Getting married is a magical and unforgettable event in any individual’s life. For many, it’s the happiest moment of their whole lives and a sign that they’ve truly found someone special who they can share absolutely everything with. Finding one’s perfect partner is something that deserves to be celebrated and symbolized, and this is why engagement and wedding rings are shared between partners.

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These rings symbolize an unbreakable lovers’ bond and a lifelong commitment to one another, and finding the perfect engagement and wedding rings for you and your partner can be a very exciting part of the build-up to your marriage. When we think of wedding rings and engagement rings, we picture the same old golden and silver bands, typically decorated with diamonds or similar stones.

Those classic, traditional designs have their merits, but every couple’s bond is unique, every person is special, and every wedding is one of a kind, so why should everyone wear the same style of wedding band and engagement ring? Those who favor individuality and personal expression are starting to look for more unique ring designs, and Staghead Designs is meeting their needs with an amazing series of beautiful, artisanal rings.

Staghead Designs - One Of A Kind Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Based out of Ogden, Utah, Staghead Designs is a custom wedding band and unique engagement ring design studio, making high quality and truly unique bands and rings from exceptional materials including antler and exotic woods. Fueled by a desire to create new and original rings that truly represent the uniqueness of every relationship, Staghead Designs was founded by a husband and wife duo and has grown into one of America's most popular and exciting wedding band creators.

- Truly Unique Rings - Perhaps the biggest and best advantage of sourcing your engagement ring or wedding band from Staghead Designs is that these rings are truly unique, every single time. No two rings are ever quite the same from Staghead Designs as each and every one is worked on by an artisan and made to order. There’s no mass production with this company, so if you want a ring that truly expresses your originality and individuality, this is a great company to choose.

- Artisanal Quality - Another amazing advantage of Staghead Designs is the quality of the manufacture of each and every ring. These rings are made carefully, by hand, by talented, skilled, and experienced artisans. They aren’t put together by machines in big factories; these rings are made the old-fashioned way, with love and care going into every single one. The artisans of Staghead Designs understand the importance of every ring and always strive for excellence in every ring they make.

- Beautiful Designs - Most wedding bands take on the classic gold band form, while many engagement rings follow the classic formula of silver and diamonds. Staghead Designs rings are different. Unafraid to feature bold colors and exotic materials, these rings really stand out from the crowd. So if you’re the sort of person who looks at traditional wedding and engagement rings and just doesn’t feel a connection with those kinds of designs, you’ll definitely find a lot to love about the rings of Staghead Designs. These rings are truly beautiful, with different colors, textures, and materials fusing together to create something truly special every time.

- Ethically Sourced Materials - The rings of Staghead Designs are made from various exotic hardwoods, local woods, and antler, but you don't have to worry about sustainability when it comes to this brand. Staghead Designs only makes use of ethically sourced materials for the production of its rings. All of the antler used is sourced from naturally shed antler in and around the Wasatch Mountain Range, while the woods used are reclaimed locally or ethically sourced elsewhere.

- Highly Rated - Buying an engagement ring or wedding band is a big commitment, and you need to know you're choosing a quality product from a trusted manufacturer. A simple glance at the reviews and ratings for Staghead Designs can show us just how much people adore this brand. Staghead Designs has helped tens of thousands of couples find their dream rings and has rightfully received countless 5-star reviews in return.

The love and your partner share is unique, and if you’re looking for truly one of a kind rings to honor and express that love, Staghead Designs is the brand to turn to. Offering some of the most beautiful and sustainably made rings in America, Staghead Designs is changing the game for the wedding and engagement ring world, proving that originality and creativity can flourish right alongside tradition.

Fill out an online contact form to get started on your design, or call up the office at 801 923 4515. You can also email Staghead Designs at A member of the team will be happy to get back in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the fine details of your project, and Staghead Designs is always willing to be flexible with design ideas in order to make a perfect ring for you. website