Utah’s Hogle Zoo is found at the base of Emigration Canyon in Utah over 42 acres of natural hillside and tree lined pathways where visitors can experience wildlife from the around the globe up close and personal through open air exhibits and attractions.

Hogle Zoo first began in 1911 in Liberty Park as a display of monkeys in a cage. The following year, the Parks Department started an official zoo with 8 different animals, mostly birds, and an initial investment of $153.

In 1913 The Zoo constructs the “Happy Family Building” which is home to birds and rabbits. Finally, in 1916, the zoo acquires its first large mammal, Princess Alice—an Elephant. By this time the zoos inventory had expanded to more than 275 animals.

Princess Alice has become a community nuisance by 1931, breaking free of her enclosure many times and wandering the streets of the city. In response, The Zoo is moved to the mouth of Emigration Canyon in Salt Lake City Utah. The setting has remained natural, covering 42 acres of terrain and is now home to over 800 animals from around the world.

Hogle Zoo is part of only 10% of zoos in the United States that have achieved Association of Zoos and Aquariums accreditation which means it is one of the top zoos in the world by professional standards.

Hogle Zoo is open 7 days a week, all year around, but seasonal hours vary. The zoo is also closed on select holidays and has extended hours for special holiday events. Details on admission and hours can be found on the Hogle Zoo website.


There are 7 main exhibits at Hogle Zoo featuring animals from all over the world including tigers, giraffes, polar bears, raptors, bears, lions, an aquarium, snakes, and more. There are more than 800 animals total at Hogle Zoo which has achieved World Zoo and Aquarium Association accreditation.

· African Savanna

· Primate Forest

· Great Apes

· Elephant Encounter

· Rocky Shores

· Asian Highland

· Small Animal Building


Besides the animals exhibits and shows, there are three main attractions at Hogle Zoo.

Zoofari Express Train Ride- Part of the African Savanna Exhibit, the train has been remodeled and explores the border of the lion exhibit, and perimeter of the African Savana.

Conservation Carousel- Featuring more than 40 hard carved animals and two handicap accessible seats painted as chariots, the carousel is part of a permanent pavilion and operates daily.

Lighthouse Point Splash Zone- This water attraction is open in the summer and features slides, tidal pools, and water sprays with shaded seating areas.

There are many ways to get up close and personal with the animals that live at Hogle Zoo. There are daily programs that offer wildlife experiences for visitors. Some programs are seasonal. Dates and times can be found online.

Wildlife Theater Bird Show- A free flight demonstration featuring raptors from around the world.

Elephant Encounter Pachyderm Program- Watch the trainers work with the elephants as they paint, get groomed, and follow directions.

Sea Lions/Seal Training- Watch the zoo keepers of Rocky Shores work directly with the Seals and Sea Lions in the pools.

Discovery Theater- This Creekside program features interaction with some of the smaller critters at the zoo and talks on conservation.

Educational Opportunities

There are several ways to experience a more in-depth educational opportunity at Hogle Zoo.

Wildlife Connections- These one on one experiences with a special animal at the zoo includes a private tour with a Hogle Zoo zookeeper for a behind the scenes look at the zoo operations, and a hands-on encounter with a Rhino, Ape, orangutan, tortoise, elephant, birds or Giraffe.

Lunch with A Keeper- This 90 minute program engages zoo keepers and kids over a catered lunch with a special animal encounter and fun lecture on how the zoo works and animals are cared for with plenty of time for questions.

Nature Club- Utah’s Hogle Zoo hosts a monthly outing for nature exploration.

Preschool Programs- Animal themed programs, arts and crafts, and musical activities for children ages 3-5 at the zoo.

Scouts and Field Trips- There are many opportunities for scouting groups to earn badges at the zoo and special group discount rates for field trips and groups. More information on educational materials and guided field trips can be found online.

Summer Camps- Hogle Zoo offers summer camp programs from students in 1st through 10th grade. These day camps allow students to do a variety of activities according to age including rock climbing, horseback riding, coding, gardening, visiting museums, and more.

Wildlife Club- Kids age 9-13 can take part in Wildlife Club where they will become certified Wildlife Gardeners and work on projects throughout the year to earn additional certificates and badges.

2600 Sunnyside Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84108, Phone: 801-584-1700

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