Tracy Aviary is a bird habitat in Salt Lake City, Utah that fosters caring for the natural world through connecting with plants and birds with a focus on conservation and biology, research and fieldwork.

Tracy Aviary is a wildlife sanctuary in Salt Lake City Utah with approximately eight acres of aviary exhibits and gardens that can be explored by visitors. There are currently over 135 species of birds and 400 living specimens with daily bird shows and feedings that allow guests to get up close and personal with these creatures daily.

Tracy Aviary is open seven days a week, year-round from 9am to 5pm with the only closures happening on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day with extended hours on Mondays during the summer hours. During these extended summer hours, discounted admission is offered after 5pm. Annual individual and family members are available that allow unlimited access to the aviary as well as day passes are available for admission.

There are 19 exhibits at Tracy aviary, each featuring different aviary species or native habitats of the region. There are botanical gardens that are public as well as sustainable that can be strolled as well. These exhibits and gardens serve as a cultural oasis in the middle of the bustling city. Guided and self-guided touring is available and interactive opportunities are hosted frequently in the gardens and listen on the online events calendar.

Treasure of the Rainforest- An indoor tropical rainforest exhibit featuring the Scarlet Ibis and Violaceous Turaco.

Hawks & Turkey Vultures- These raptors are native to Utah and are featured in this exhibit that highlights why raptors are environmentally important.

Kennecott Wetlands Immersion- One of the most diverse ecosystems, wetlands are recreated in this exhibit with showy birds and rare plant species that are found in only 1% of Utah’s landmass.

Dabbling Duck Pond- dabbling ducks are popular in the northern Hemisphere and are migratory birds. This pond is home to the bird who quack loudly and often!

Trumpeter Swans- These are one of the rarest native birds in North America.

Owl Forest- Several species of North American Owls inhabit Liberty Park, a grove of 100 conifers and a diverse habitat.

Amazon Adventure- This indoor exhibit features Wild Sun Conures that are native to the Amazon Rain Forest. These birds will eat right from your hand and sometimes live in groups of 30 or more at Tracy Aviary.

Macaws & King Vultures- King Vulture, Macaws, and other South American birds are featured in this exhibit.

South American Pavilion- This exhibit features indoor and outdoor space with tropical elements and 30 different birds from South America like the Red-capped Cardinal.

Chilean Flamingos- The Chilean flamingos are seen alongside black necked swans and ducks in the grassy hills South American plants in this exhibit that is showy and loud.

Backyard Birds- This exhibit in modeled after an abandoned Argentinian home and has birds that visitors would be likely to find in their own backyard.

Sandhill Cranes- Native to the United States Wetlands, Sandhill Cranes are large birds that enjoy dense foliage and wildflowers and can be seen popping out of the landscape.

Bird Show Stars- The birds in this exhibit are the ambassadors of their respective species and are used in the educational programming at the aviary and in outreach programs.

Southern Ground Hornbills- Featured in this exhibit are the Southern Ground Hornbills which are native to southern Africa and live in family groups.

North American Eagles- Bald and Golden Eagles are both found in this exhibit where the birds have been rehabilitated from injuries they received in the wild. These raptors will be ambassadors of their species and live their days at Tracy Aviary.

Keas- These birds are endangered like 12% of bird species of the world and can be found at Tracy Aviary in sanctuary.

King of the Andes- The Andean Condor can be found in this habitat. One bird is considered a local celebrity.

Pelican Pond- This pond is home to American White Pelicans, several species of ducks, native Utah birds, and fish that can be seen being gulped by the pelicans frequently.

Special Programs

Along with touring the exhibits and visiting the birds, there are many special programs and tours offered at Tracy Aviary that give special insight and educational offerings to students and families. Keeper Talks are available daily at 2pm at various popular exhibits throughout the aviary, there are outdoor shows at the theater at 12:30 daily and wetland tours that depart from the visitor’s center throughout the day as well as story times, treasures of the rainforest, stream exploration and many other daily activities that are detailed on the website.

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