Located in Memphis, TN, the Children’s Museum of Memphis aims to create memorable educational experiences through hands-on exhibitions and interactive programs. Visitors of all ages will learn about a variety of subjects through the joy of play.

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Exhibition Area:

American Airways: This exhibit allows visitors to learn about physics through a giant interactive air generator complete with tubes, tunnels, balls, and much more.

Bank: This exhibit allows visitors to experience a visit to the bank, including ATMs, drive-up banking, and also to the study of different currencies from around the world.

Campground: This exhibit features an indoor rock climbing wall, slides, and an interactive campsite.

Canary Corner: This exhibit is home to dozens of canaries that visitors can discover.

CMOM TV: Visitors can get a taste of Hollywood in this exhibit. They can practice singing, acting, or telling the weather, all while watching themselves on TV.

Doodlebug Art Studio: This exhibit allows visitors to get crafty! Children can paint pictures, draw, and participate in a large variety of educational projects.

Earthquake Table: This exhibit features an earthquake simulator table, where children can build a small town with blocks and then simulate a 7.6 magnitude earthquake and watch their blocks come tumbling down.

Engine House 18: In this exhibit, visitors can climb inside a real firetruck, extinguish pretend fires, ride in a sheriff’s car and experience what it’s like to provide safety to the community.

Farm: This barn-shaped exhibit will allow visitors to practice operating their own farm, including milking a cow, harvesting vegetables, and gathering eggs from the chicken coop.

Garage: This exhibit is sponsored by AutoZone and visitors can pretend to drive their very own minivan through the streets of Memphis! They can pump gas, change a tire, and even race LEGO cars.

Going Places: This exhibit features a FedEx plane where visitors can walk on board to see the internal controls, practice flying the planes on a simulator, and even loading the packages for delivery.

Grocery Store: This exhibit is a pin-sized Kroger, where visitors can practice grocery shopping. Complete with mini shopping carts and operational check-out counters, this exhibit will allow for tons of imaginative play.

Healthy Habitat: This exhibit teaches visitors about healthy habits, including proper nutrition, exercise, and how the body works.

Light Bright: This is exhibit is one gigantic bright light! It covers an entire wall and visitors can draft all kinds of unique designs and enjoy the colorful exhibit.

Little Fixins Kitchen: Visitors can practice their cooking skills in this pint-sized kitchen exhibit. Their imaginations can run wild as they prepare food, clean dishes, and operate their own kitchen.

Mississippi River: Visitors can go on a trip down the Mississippi River in this exhibit! There is a 50-foot model of the river filled with flowing water.

Midtown Houses: This exhibit is a row of unique midtown houses representative of the surrounding Memphis neighborhood. Within these houses are various games and activities for visitors to enjoy, including giant tic-tac-toe and a giant loom.

Railroad Safety: This exhibit features a video of a train coming to a crossing and is compete with flashing lights and all the warning signs that warn people about oncoming trains. Hootin’ Andy will sing a song to help children remember how important it is to heed railroad crossing warnings.

Smiles Inc.: This area allows visitors to practice their dentistry skills on a puppet patient – Pearl E. White. There are computer games, puzzles, and other activities to educate visitors about dental hygiene.

Time Square: This exhibit is a miniature Times Square complete with a Hard Rock Café giant guitar and a Sir Dance-A-Lot Disco complete with flashing lights and dancing holograms.

Tornado: This exhibit is an indoor tornado generator that visitors can touch, control, and walk through.

Treehouse: This exhibit promotes the conservation of natural resources and engages visitors with the lifecycle of trees and their contribution to the environment. There are many different play areas inside for visitors of all ages, including building airplanes, listening to bird sounds, and conservation videos.

Bankshot Basketball: Through cooperative play, children will learn about shapes, angles, and math. Bankshot is a fun and challenging game that has been described as mini golf mixed with basketball.

Dinosaur Dig: Visitors can dig for fossils and buried treasure with special excavation tools in this outdoor exhibit area.

H2OH! Splash Park: This exhibit is a 7,700-square-foot water park meant for the younger members of the family! Visitors should bring the swimsuits, towels, and a picnic lunch and spend the afternoon unwinding in the sun.

Playspace: This outdoor playground is truly right out of the imagination and is a perfect place to let the little ones run wild! It is complete with a merry-go-round, two ziplines, and cooling misters!

Additional Information:

The Children’s Museum of Memphis, 2525 Central Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104, Phone: 901-458-2678

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