When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, there’s only one thing we all want to do: get outside and make the most of it. In many places all over the world, the sun doesn’t shine all year long, so it can be highly exciting when the summer months roll around and people get more chances to head outdoors and have fun with their family and friends.

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Everyone loves the sun, and this is why many people love to take vacations to sunny destinations like Florida or the islands of the Caribbean on a regular basis, with all that light and heat providing the perfect setting for fun activities like picnics in the park, sunbathing on the beach, bike rides with the family, and shopping days with your friends.

However, we all have to remember that the sun also has its drawbacks. Sunlight can give us a pleasing tan, but it can also burn and damage the skin and hair in many ways. Regular sun exposure without protection can greatly increase your risks of skin cancer and cause the skin to age faster too.

There are plenty of harmful effects caused by too much sunlight, and this is why it’s vital to pursue proper protection. Sunscreen is essential for those hot days, but what if the clothes you wore could provide a strong sun protection factor (SPF) as well? Many clothes fail to do this, but if you’re looking for effective sunwraps and SPF clothing, Zags is the brand for you.

Zags - SPF Sunwraps and Clothing

Based out of Charleston in South Carolina, Zags is a groundbreaking brand offering sunwraps and other items of clothing that offer ultraviolent protection factor (UPF) ratings of 50+. Designed for people who like to get outdoors and spend time in the sun, Zags products let you stay safe while having fun with your friends and family, keeping your skin protected at all times.

- Strong Sun Protection - Most fabrics can offer a UPF rating of around 20, while even so-called protective fabrics max out at around UPF 30. Zags only produces UPF 50+ sunwraps, offering exceptional protection against harmful UV rays that can lead to ageing, burns, skin dryness, and more serious issues like skin diseases and cancer. The sun can do a lot of damage to our skin, and we often don’t see the effects of that damage until it’s too late, so it’s vital to be prepared and wear Zags wraps and other attire whenever you go out on sunny days.

- So Many Extra Features - Not only do Zags sunwraps offer UPF 50+ protection against sunrays, they also come with a range of additional benefits. Each sunwrap is made from a high performance microfiber that offers wicking and cooling UV protection, meaning it prevents the build-up of uncomfortable moisture and allows air to flow over the skin, keeping you cool on those hot, sunny days. This microfiber is also fully stain resistant and odor-resistant too, so the wraps always stay clean and fresh and require minimal care. Not only that, but they're anti-microbial as well, keeping you safe from bacteria.

- Stylish and Handmade - The health, hygiene, and protective benefits of Zags sunwraps are clear to see, but one of the key factors for anyone when spending lots of time outdoors in the summer sun is to look stylish and fashionable. Fortunately, Zags excels in this aspect too. Every single wrap is made by hand, so they're all one of a kind products, and the colorful designs and patterns on each product are sewn in by hand, creating some really beautiful final pieces. Typically featuring bright, summery colors, but also available in more neutral shades and styles, these protective pieces of clothing exude class and elegance and can really match up with your personality.

- Variety - Another key aspect of Zags that helps this brand stand out from the crowd is the sheer variety in its products. Zags started off with sunwraps but has expanded and evolved its product lineup over the years to also include tidal pool tops, dock dresses, coastal caftans, and even accessories like SPF earrings and beachy bandeaus. Even the sunwraps themselves come in a variety of sizes and styles, with the Be Anything Blankets measuring up at 40" x 80" and the Surf Squares being 40" x 40".

- The Way You Want It - Not only are Zags sunwraps and protective clothing available in many forms and styles, they’re also highly adaptable and flexible in terms of how you use and wear them. The Be Anything Blanket, for example, can be wrapped around the body like a dress or hung over the shoulders. The Surf Square can be used like a sarong or shoulder drape, with its simple square shape offering lots of room for imaginative ideas. The Sunny Shawls are equally versatile, perfect for wrapping around the waist, over the shoulders, or simply draped over the legs while sitting down as an added layer of protection for your skin.

Highly flexible, stylish, and super protective too, Zags sunwraps and UPF protective clothing options are simply perfect for the sort of fun in the sun adventures you want to enjoy in summer and on vacation. Sunny days can provide us with magical memories and unforgettable experiences, but it’s always important to remember to stay safe and respect the power of the sun, as well as admiring its beauty and enjoying its light. Shop with Zags for all your UPF sunwraps and protective beachwear needs. website