Recent years have seen a big surge in the idea of sharing. Rather than buying from the big brands and having to deal with the complexities and high prices that come along with most booking platforms, many people all over the world are simply sharing what they have. Home-sharing has been a big part of this trend, but car-sharing is becoming highly popular too.

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A big part of planning out any trip is figuring out how you’re going to get around. Public transport has its advantages, but is often lacking outside of major cities, so many people choose to rent cars. No matter where you’re heading, whether it’s a business trip or a family vacation, having a car gives you a lot of freedom and more potential to make the most of your days.

However, renting a car from the major providers can often be a lot of hassle. The prices tend to be quite high and the booking process is needlessly complicated, forcing everyone to stand around in long lines and fill in lots of forms before finally getting the keys and being able to drive away. Turo is here to offer a simpler way.

All About Turo - Car Sharing Platform

Turo is a car sharing marketplace that allows users to book literally any kind of car they like in almost any destination on Earth at any time or date of their choosing. Offering so many advantages when compared to traditional rental car services, Turo is a groundbreaking service that really changes the game for anyone looking to rent cars on vacation or in their daily lives.

Here's everything you need to know about the features of Turo and why this is the best way to book a rental car:

- The Numbers - Turo is currently operating in over 5,500 locations in more than 50 different countries all over the globe. With such a huge network and literally millions of users all connected together, Turo is able to provide the rental cars you need exactly where you need them.

- So Many Cars - You'll find over 350,000 vehicles listed on Turo in over 850 different makes and models. So, if you're used to driving a particular kind of car and want to find the same make or model while on vacation, or just have another specific need for a certain kind of car, you can find exactly what you want, rather than simply being forced to choose a pre-selected model by a rental company.

- Versatile - The problem with many rental companies is that their rules and restrictions prevent you from getting the deal you want, but with Turo, you’re the boss. Maybe you just need to borrow a van for a day to move some furniture or maybe you need a luxury sportscar for a 2-week island getaway. In either of these situations and so many more, Turo can provide exactly what you need.

- Extra Cash for Car Owners - If you own a vehicle yourself, Turo can also be a really nice way to earn some money on the side. In fact, statistics show that renting out a car for a little over a week per month on Turo can be enough to cover your monthly car payments, or you can use that money towards rent or other bills, or simply save it up for the future.

- Total Safety - For both the car owners and the guests, Turo provides total safety. Car owners are covered by Allianz insurance every time they use Turo, and all guests are screened too, so you know your car is in safe hands each time. For guests, you'll get coverage options and the peace of mind that comes from knowing all car owners and vehicles are screened and vetted for safety.

- Round the Clock Service - To provide even more support and reassurance, Turo also runs 24 hour customer support, ensuring that if you encounter any problems or simply have any queries, there’s always someone just a phone call away to help out and put your mind at ease.

- Flexible - The problem with rental companies is that you have to visit their specific locations to pick up your vehicle, or you have to pay huge extra fees to get it delivered. With Turo, you get to decide on the pick-up location with the car owner and can choose to get delivery for way less cash than you’d expect to pay with a rental firm.

For any kind of rental car need, Turo is the platform to choose. Offering total flexibility in terms of the car model you want, the dates and times you need it, and the location where you’d like to pick it up and drop it off, Turo makes renting a car a million times easier than ever before.

The whole process is really simple too, and you just need to head over to the official Turo site or download the app to get started. You can input dates, times, and locations and get a full list of cars to choose from, narrowing down your options as needed in terms of the make and model. website