Saved money while traveling are simply earned money for more traveling, don’t you think? Thankfully, living in the 21st century has made hitting a new destination so much easier. You can simply take a look at Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Pinterest and get tons of super traveling tips which can save your money. But apart from these, there are also some old but gold tips for international travelers that are game-changers.

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Below, the list features the top 5 to help you on your quest.

1. Do Your Meal Prep

No matter the hot deal you find for a cheap flight or a good room at affordable price - there’s one thing which will surely eat up on your budget. Instead of throwing your money on every second fast food booth or various restaurants, do some of the meal prep work yourself. Having a few meals all-ready and simply waiting for you to dig in is a double money-savior.

First off, you won’t be tempted to spend a few quick bucks on every corner. That’s much more likely to happen if you don’t have anything to quickly munch on and fight the temptation to spend some cash. Secondly, prepping a few meals and keeping those handy can actually help you explore some local ingredients first-hand.

Just throw your lunch boxes in the bag, go explore a new destination, and enjoy.

2. Always do Your Best Research

This one sounds fairly logical. But are you really putting your best efforts? Nowadays, with the thousands of invaluable tips, guidelines and shared experience you can find available on the web, you are missing out way too much golden little tricks if you are not dedicated to conduct your research thoroughly. Start looking for information before you choose your destination, but also after you have already chosen it.

Remember, the Internet nowadays is such a vast ocean that chances are, as more as you dive in, then the better your odds of coming across invaluable tips.

It might feel like a tediuos task to keep roaming the web for advice but tiny gemstones are hidden everywhere. And these will be worth every minute spent.

3. Stick to a Daily Budget

Taking track of the money you spend requires some efforts. Most people don’t like to bother fitting into a particular daily budget or at least aiming to do so. But the better you have planned the cash you are going to spend, the better you will be able to actually stick to that plan. While doing your research on the destination you have chosen, take the time to calculate your average daily costs.

Check up the museum’s, attractions’, transport and food costs and try to fit into a money frame which will work in your best favor. Doing so will not simply help you save money on your international trip. It will also teach you how to get better with planning the money you need for every next trip.

Nevertheless, your journeys will be extremely better-organized when you take the time to keep track of your daily costs and set up a particular budget.

4. Ask the Locals

There’s really nothing to compare with the priceless information and tips you can get after asking the locals. Looking for the cheapest place to have a decent meal? Ask the locals. Trying to find out places worth to visit which will not burn a hole in your pocket? Ask the locals.

Looking for some good deals on sweet souvenirs for your friends but need to find good deals? Nobody knows it better than the locals.

Thus, you can just save your cash while exploring the cool deals you would have otherwise never even heard about.

5. Get Into Social Media

Do you know how to utilize the benefits of social media while traveling? You know there are loads of info you can find, as well as loads of comments by others who have already been where you are heading for. Nowadays, you will also be able to find multiple hot deals and promotions, whether it comes to discount prices on visiting museums or happy hours at bars and other places for entertainment.

Traveling is an experience which cannot be put into words. Taking the time to follow the tips listed above can help you explore and see more than if you keep constantly burning holes in your pocket.