The wonderful world of fashion is ever changing and ever evolving, with new names adding their voices to the scene each and every day. While many people choose to shop with the big brands, an increasing number of shoppers are looking elsewhere in the hope of finding more unique, high quality products.

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The advantages of shopping with emerging brands and independent boutiques are numerous, allowing you to find truly original designs that really let you express your personality, while also supporting creative designers and helping them share their passion with the world.If you're looking for a great collective of emerging brands from New England and beyond, The Skinny Dip is the name you need to know.

All About the Skinny Dip - Independent Fashion, Accessories, and Home Products

The Skinny Dip is a designer collective that first began as two separate companies formed by two close friends: Sara Rossi and Taylor Ivey. Rossi and Ivey had formed their own brands on Natucket, named Beau & Ro Bag Company and Ellsworth & Ivey. They decided to form The Skinny Dip as a way of bringing these brands together, showcasing all of their products in one simple location.

From there, the idea started to grow to include the presence of other emerging brands from elsewhere around New England beyond. Now with three different stores, one on Nantucket, one in Charleston, South Carolina, and one in Palm Beach, Florida, The Skinny Dip works with dozens of different designers and brands to offer an exceptional, curated collection of clothes for women, men, and children, as well as accessories and products for around the home.

- Brilliant Brands - The Skinny Dip is a great store for people who like checking out the latest and greatest new brands. It’s essentially a marketplace for emerging brands from all over the US, with lots of new, up-and-coming names featured here. Some of the brands you can shop with at The Skinny Dip include Sailormade Jane Hudson, Faherty, Babiators, Hemming Birds, A Salty Soul, Lauren Gabrielson, Oliphant, Todder, and Dex. Of course, the two original brands that made up The Skinny Dip in the first place, Ellsworth & Ivey and Beau & Ro Bag Company, are also featured here too.

- Amazing Products - Since The Skinny Dip only deals with emerging designers and passionate brands, you’ll only find a fully curated collection of excellent products here. Whether you’re shopping for a new summer dress, some kids’ clothes, a great new handbag, attire for men, candles for around the home, some stylish jewelry, or something totally different in the fashion and home categories, you can find it here. Each shopping experience with The Skinny Dip is unique, but all products are made to exceptional standards of quality.

- More Than A Store - The Skinny Dip aims to be more than just a simple shopping location. Two of this collective’s brick and mortar locations offer their own wine and coffee bars to help people relax and hang out together, and can even be rented out for fun events like bachelorette parties and more. In offering these additional services, as well as encouraging people to engage with new brands and add original clothes and other items to their lives, The Skinny Dip really goes above and beyond what one would typically expect of a store.

Shop for Designer Fashion and More with The Skinny Dip

If you'd like to shop for wonderful women's clothing, fantastic attire for kids, great menswear, and much more with The Skinny Dip, you have a few different options available.

- Online - The simplest option for shopping with The Skinny Dip is to visit the online store and check out the full range of products and brands on offer. You can use the various search tools and filters to narrow down your options, shopping with the brands you love best and finding amazing products to add to your collection. The Skinny Dip offers fully free shipping all around the United States on orders over $150 and will run various sales and offers throughout the year too.

- Nantucket - The original store for The Skinny Dip can be found on Nantucket in Massachusetts. The full address for The Skinny Dip: A Summer Collective is 23 Old South Wharf, Nantucket. This store offers a seasonal, curated collection of male and female fashion from great brands and is open from May through to October each year.

- Charleston - The Skinny Dip - Charleston Edition opened up in April of 2017 and is situated at 345 King Street, Charleston. It's open all year long and is spread out across around 4,000 square feet in total, with a lot of space for more products and brands than the original Nantucket location. As well as being a super designer collective store for fashion and more, this store is also a wonderful spot for locals and travelers to gather together. Various events are held here like trunk shows, and the place can even be rented out for parties and more.

- Palm Beach - The latest addition to The Skinny Dip family is the Palm Beach location in the Sunshine State. Offering a super selection of men's, women's, and kids' fashion, this store showcases a lot of great items from dozens of emerging designers from all over the nation. It's located at 100 N County Road, Palm Beach and even features its own wine and coffee bar where you can relax with your friends. website