Fresh from the imaginative and astonishing mind of Sonia Faruqi, critically acclaimed environmental author and inspirational storyteller, comes The Oyster Thief. An underwater odyssey like no other, The Oyster Thief tells the breathtaking tale of a fascinating love story that develops between a man and a mermaid.

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A hugely imaginative story that both entertains and educate, The Oyster Thief explores ideas of ocean conservation through the art of dramatic storytelling, underlining and highlighting Faruqi's astonishing ability to take real world issues and bring them to life in fresh new ways through fantastical creations and awe-inspiring stories.

The Oyster Thief Story

Released in October of 2018 and available in both hardcover and e-book formats, The Oyster Thief has already taken the literary world by storm. Destined to be a future classic that readers will come back to time and time again, this story follows the characters of Coralline and Izar as their two worlds of land and sea collide in an exciting adventure blending elements of romance, danger, mystery, and magic together to make a true page turner you'll never want to put down.

Coralline is a mermaid living out a life deep beneath the waves. Engaged to be married to the perfect merman, her life seems truly idyllic until a terrible illness falls upon her younger brother, starting off a chain reaction of events that will lead her into a truly life-changing adventure. Coralline sets off in search of a special elixir, the only known cure for the ails of her ill brother.

Meanwhile, back on dry land, the brilliant human Izar is preparing to launch his latest invention, a device that can mine elusive diamonds and precious metals from the ocean floor. Destined to become one of the wealthiest men in the world, his life is looking perfect from a financial success standpoint, but his invention could wipe out the merpeople altogether and do untold damage to the ocean environment.

Everything changes when Izar gets transformed into a merman and is forced under the water's surface into a new world. There, he meets Coralline, accompanying her on her quest for the elixir in the hopes that it might return him to a human state. The pair start off as enemies but are slowly drawn to one another over the course of their adventure, leading to a thrilling and dramatic climax that could only have come from the mind of Sonia Faruqi.

The Oyster Thief Highlights

The Oyster Thief is a true literary masterpiece, taking readers on an amazing journey down to a richly imagined underwater world for a truly magical and unforgettable experience that will not only enthral and amaze them, but also make them think.

Sonia Faruqi made a name for herself by writing 'Project Animal Farm: An Accidental Journey Into the Secret World of Farming and the Truth about Our Food' and has always been an environmentally-conscious thinker and inspirational figure who seeks to inspire change in the world around her.

While Project Animal Farm was a riveting non-fiction account of the truth behind the farming industry, The Oyster Thief sees Faruqi flex her creative muscles to make an environmental statement in a different way, giving every reader a truly emotional and thought-provoking experience about what we’re doing to the oceans and their inhabitants. website