The art of dressmaking requires an exceptional set of skills, and very few individuals have the drive, passion, and innate talent required to succeed at the very highest level, but Terry Fox is one of them. An instantly recognizable name in the dressmaking world, Terry Fox has can look back on years of experience, multiple awards nominations and wins, and an astonishing portfolio of successful dress designs and projects. Now, she’s offering her services and sharing her knowledge with dressmaking enthusiasts through a unique series of innovative, educational, and entertaining workshops.

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Terry Fox - Dressmaking Workshops

With a career stretching back over four decades, Terry Fox has firmly established herself as one of the world's leading names in couture fashion and wedding dress design, while also excelling as a writer and sewing expert too. Still improving and evolving as a dressmaker and designer each and every day, Terry Fox is generously offering to share her wisdom and expertise with everyone from ambitious young fashion enthusiasts to seasoned dress designers. Here’s all you need to know about Terry Fox and her couture workshops:

- A Major Name - For anyone with even a passing interest in the worlds of couture fashion and wedding dress design, Terry Fox is a woman who needs no introduction. Her skills, experience, and unparalleled expertise have cemented her status as one of the top names in dress design. Her career began several decades ago as an apprentice with Zandra Rhodes and the Emmanuels, designers of the wedding gown worn by Princess Diana herself. She swiftly went on to develop her own handcrafted line of designs and dresses, catching the attention of major names in the fashion world, as well as many major media outlets. She's given talks around the world, designed dresses for VIPs, won awards for her style and technique, and can teach you exactly how she did it.

- Couture Sewing and Creative Textiles Workshops - Terry Fox has been passionate about sewing, textiles, and bridal design all her life, and now she's sharing her knowledge and wisdom with small groups of fortunate students and fashion enthusiasts. Whether you're just starting out in the fashion world, looking to improve your technique, eager to begin your own dress design business, or simply looking to learn more about sewing, design, and similar subjects in order to broaden your own skillset, these workshops can work for you. Being taught by Terry and enjoying the benefits of her inimitable career and experience is a truly one of a kind experience that can change the lives of all who attend.

- Workshop Options - Through her Academy of Couture Sewing and Creative Textiles, Terry Fox offers a vast and varied range of sewing, bridal design, and creative mixed-media workshops. These workshops are affordable, information, educational, and fascinating, ranging from introductory options like the 'Spirit of Couture' class, which offers four hours of knowledge and understanding of what couture really means and the various modern and traditional techniques being used around the world, right up to advanced, week-long courses like the 'Signature Academy' five-day workshop, incorporating full-size practical work, design briefs, project planning, and more.

- Hands-On Learning Experiences - These workshops provide students with truly hands-on, interactive experiences to let you not just learn about the various couture techniques from the best, but to actually put those techniques into practice, enhancing your own skills and learning in practical and intuitive way. Terry Fox will be on hand for every class to provide one-on-one instruction and advice for each member of the group, showing you and your fellow students exactly how these techniques are performed before letting you make your own samples and creations.

- Perfect for Parties - These dressmaking workshops can work for a wide range of fashion and dress professionals and enthusiasts, and have also proven hugely popular as a fun and unique hen party activity. For an affordable per person fee, Terry can come to a venue of your choosing, providing exciting extras like prosecco and chocolates for all to enjoy, and offering a full workshop just for you and your friends. Workshops can include focuses on corsages, decorative headwear, and more, and every student in attendance will be able to make their own corsage to wear on the big day and learn new headwear designing and styling techniques, making samples along the way.

One of the very best ways to learn anything is to be taught by the best. In many cases, one-on-one educational experiences with proven, established, successful people in any field are very rare to come by or almost impossible to access. However, with Terry Fox workshops, you can actually enjoy a full educational class with one of the most successful bridal designers of modern times.

It’s an incredible opportunity to not only learn more about dress design and creative mixed-media, but also to actually put one’s education into practice and engage with a woman who has seen and done it all over the course of a magnificent career. Visit the official Terry Fox site and fill out an online inquiry form to learn more and reserve your Terry Fox bridal design workshop. website