The internet has changed our lives in a million different ways. It has brought people closer together, as well as offering countless options for entertainment, education, research, development, and innovation. And one of the internet's most beloved features is also one of its simplest: GIFs.

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GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and the GIF was first developed back in the late 1980s, but has really reached major popularity in recent years, with an almost limitless array of GIFs being used in countless ways and situations all over the internet. If you spend any time browsing the internet each day, you’ll see countless GIFs being used in all sorts of sites and situations.

Whether you're just chatting with your friends and looking for a fun, animated image to express your feelings or liven up the discussion, starting up your own website or blog and looking for some interesting GIFs to decorate your pages, searching for the perfect GIF to share on a social media network like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, Tenor is the place to be.

What Is Tenor?

Tenor is essentially a search engine for GIFs. By offering a simple search bar and a massive library of GIFs that gets bigger each and every day, Tenor is able to provide users with the animated images they want and lots of different additional options and features for using GIFs, downloading GIFs, sharing GIFs, and more.

This company got started back in 2014 and was originally known as Riffsy before changing its name. It was recently acquired by Google, but is remaining as a standalone brand separate from other Google services and products, and is one of the leading GIF search engines in existence, being visited by countless users each and every day.

Tenor is best-known for its ‘GIF Keyboard’. The Tenor GIF Keyboard is essentially your GIF-finding tool, letting you search for anything imaginable and load up the most relevant and popular GIFs for that term.

Tenor GIF Uses

The uses of GIFs are numerous and the only limit is your imagination. These days, the internet is dominated by memes and images that make us laugh and put smiles on our faces each and every day, and you can start doing the same by making use of the Tenor GIF Keyboard and finding the best animated images out there. Here are some simple things to do with the GIFs you find via Tenor:

- Share your GIFs on social media - Tenor feature integration with all of the big social media networks and chat platforms like Facebook, iMessage, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and Tumblr. You can click on one of the corresponding social media buttons to share it with your contacts or post it as a tweet or status update.

- Modify GIFs - The Tenor GIF Keyboard also lets you get creative with your GIFs by featuring a 'Caption' button. This effectively lets you add your own text to any GIF, personalizing it in a way that makes it extra special for you or the person you're sending it to or sharing it with.

- Email GIFs - Sharing GIFs on social media is fun, but if you'd like to do it the old-fashioned way and send your GIF to a friend via email, that's totally possible too with the Tenor GIF Keyboard. All you need to do is copy the URL for your GIF and then paste it into the body of an email. This also works for other messaging platforms, forums, chat rooms, and more, so it's super easy to share the GIFs you love with the world.

- Choose the quality - When you click on a GIF on the Tenor GIF Keyboard, you'll also be able to choose the quality setting. GIFs are available in SD (Standard Definition), HD (High Defintion), and MP4 formats. Each format has its advantages, with SD GIFs having smaller file sizes and being easier to load up on mobile devices, for example.

- Find more - The Tenor GIF Keyboard is a search engine and will let you find GIFs on almost any subject or theme imaginable. Another fun feature, however, is that when you click on a GIF, you'll see a few tags for that particular image that you can then click on to find similar GIFs and expand your own personal library of images. website