Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks. With its immense array of varieties, blends, notes, and sensations, wine is a drink to be savored and appreciated. Frequently associated with nobility and royalty in the past, it is now more accessible than ever before, and part of what makes wine so appealing to enthusiasts and connoisseurs is its incredible diversity.

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Wines are being made all around the world, from the sun-soaked hills of places like California and Argentina to the likes of Italy, Australia, South Africa, and much of Europe too. France is widely considered to be one of the key homes of wine, producing some of the very best bottles, but one of France’s neighbors also produces world class wines.

Swiss Wine - The Best Wines of Switzerland

With around 15,000 hectares of vineyards, Switzerland is very impressive wine producing country, but one of the most interesting things about Swiss Wine is that almost all of it is consumed and enjoyed within Switzerland itself. Only around 2% of Swiss Wine is actually exported, with most of it going to Germany.

This means that many people all around the world, even seasoned wine enthusiasts and aspiring sommeliers, haven't tasted much or any Swiss Wine at all. And yet Switzerland is producing around 110 million litres of red and white wine each year, with a big focus on grapes like the Pinot Noir, Chasselas, Gamay, Merlot, and Muller-Thurgau.

Renowned for their full bodied and flavorful nature, many of the best Swiss wines can be found in the French part of the country, to the west. However, wine is produced in several regions around Switzerland, and Swiss Wine Promotion (SWP) aims to promote Swiss Wine and encourage more people to visit Swiss vineyards, wineries, and restaurants in order to enjoy it.

- The Best Swiss Wine Producers - The official Swiss Wine site lets you find all of the different producers of wine around Switzerland. Whether you're looking near the German border, the Italian border, the French border, or right in the middle of the country, Swiss Wine can help you find hundreds of local vineyards and wineries to discover and visit. Examples include the Weinbau Ottiger winery in Lucerne, Weinbau Weber near the German border, Tenuta San Giorgio near Lugano at the Italian border, and the Domaine du Chateau d'Eclépens near the French border. Swiss Wine shows which wineries can be visited, as well as helping you find your way there.

- Swiss Wine Information - Swiss Wine Promotion also offers a range of educational resources to help those interested in Swiss Wine to learn more about it. You can learn a lot about Swiss Wine through this site, discovering, for example, that Switzerland ranks among the top countries in the world for wine consumption per capita., as well as learning about the social, cultural, and culinary significance of wine to Swiss people. More than 240 different varieties of grapes are grown in Swiss soil too, with Pinot Noir, Chasselas, Gamay, and Merlot representing over 70% of the annual harvest.

- The Best Restaurants for Swiss Wines - Swiss Wine Promotion is the perfect website to help you find restaurants serving Swiss wines all around Switzerland. Whether it's the Relais Fermier la Soldanelle in Les Plans-sur-Bex or Au Chat Noir in Lausanne, Swiss wine can be found and enjoyed in many fine dining establishments all over the country. Swiss Wine lets you enter the name of a city or a postal code, as well as choosing different types of cuisine, in order to find the top spots to enjoy Swiss wine. It’s the perfect tool for people traveling in Switzerland and desiring to sample some of the country’s famous Pinot Noir and Chasselas bottles.

When we think of the best known wine producing countries, Switzerland doesn't tend to figure in the list, but this is only due to the fact that such a huge quantity of Swiss wine is kept and consumed within the country itself. Many visitors to Switzerland have been blown away by the quality of Swiss wines from all of the six main regions: Vaud, Valais, Geneva, Neuchatel, Ticino and Thurgau.

The country even hosts many different wine festivals and special events throughout the year, and the official Swiss Wine site gives you absolutely all the tools and resources to learn more about Swiss wine, discover the best places to try Swiss wine, and even help you visit Swiss vineyards and wineries too, in order to enhance the enjoyment and possibilities of any trip to Switzerland. website