Europe is well known for its diverse cultures and customs, its fascinating past, the unique beauty and charms of its many countries, and, of course, its culinary contributions to the world. Visiting any major European city is an exercise in pure delight for any food or drink lover, with places like London and Paris boasting some of the best dining establishments and food and drink purveyors anywhere in the world, and one of the best ways to enjoy the many dining delights of London and Paris is though Sweet Tooth Tours.

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Sweet Tooth Tours - Food Tours of London and Paris

Sweet Tooth Tours got started back in 2017 and has swiftly become a premium provider of sweet treat food tours in both London and Paris. The company was founded by Lynne Staartjes. Lynne was studying patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu when she came upon the idea of Sweet Tooth Tours. She'd spent a lot of her life divided between the US and the United Kingdom, enjoying the unique culinary experiences offered by both nations.

At the age of 18, she started working at leading Parisian hotel, training to become a pastry chef and finishing her degree in hospitality at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland before heading over to London, working at such prestigious establishments at Peggy Porschen Cakes and Pierre Hermé Paris before going back into education with Le Cordon Bleu.

A lover of sweet things, travel, and sharing experiences with others, Lynne knew that her calling lay outside the kitchen, but wanted to work with food in some way. She decided to create Sweet Tooth Tours, food tours specializing in sweet treats like cupcakes and macaroons.

Lynne developed a network of contacts with some of the best sweet treat establishments around London and Paris, and she actually runs all of the tours herself, offering her own experience, expertise, and friendly demeanor to make each tour totally special for every guest while splitting her time between the capitals of both Britain and France. If you're looking for the best food tour experiences in London or Paris, Sweet Tooth Tours is the name to know.

The Sweet Tooth Tours Difference

Since Sweet Tooth Tours are focused on sweet treats of all kinds, they operate a little differently to many other tours you might have been on in the past. Since sugar is something we all need to enjoy in only small doses for health and well-being reasons, Sweet Tooth Tours only focuses on treats and indulgences that are really worth seeking out. You won't find any of these treats in supermarkets or stores. They're fully exclusive and totally unique, and you'll learn all about the areas you're visiting along the way and meet many food professionals too.

Sweet Tooth Tours of London

- London Signature Tour - The London Signature Tour is one of the most popular Sweet Tooth Tours experiences. It takes visitors around the beautiful Belgravia area of London, well-known for its stark white architecture and refined homes. This tour will take you to a local cake shop, a gelateria serving up frosty delights straight from Sardinia, a British chocolatiers, and a cheesemonger. You'll learn about the various products and how they're made, as well as tasting plenty too.

- London Sugar & Spice - The London Sugar & Spice runs for around three hours and includes a total of five stops or more at places like bakeries and restaurants, as well as some of the sweet treat destinations visited in the London Signature Tour of Belgravia. This tour encompasses a wide range of sweet and savory delicacies from all around London, giving visitors some truly unique culinary experiences they won’t soon forget.

Sweet Tooth Tours of Paris

- Paris Signature Tour - Paris is well-known all over the world as one of the key hubs for any food lover to visit, and it's especially replete with baked treats and patisseries of all kinds. The Paris Signature Tour takes you on a 2 hour + tour of some of Paris' top cake destinations, as well as a couple of cheese stops too. It’s one of the best options for anyone wishing to sample some of Paris’ best éclairs, macaroons, and more.

- Paris Sugar & Spice Picnic - There's much more to Paris than its desserts, and the Paris Sugar & Spice Picnic will let you enjoy the full spectrum of delights offered by this city in a comfortable and cozy picnic setting. You'll enjoy a range of sweet treats, as well as the likes of oysters, paté, charcuterie, and cheeses, complete with a glass of champagne to wash it all down. This tour lets you visit a cheesemonger, butcher, fresh food market, and some shops to prepare the picnic and then go and enjoy it in a prime location. website