Starbucks Corporation is a popular American coffee company that was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 1971. The brand operates a chain of coffeehouses throughout the world and is considered as the pioneer of “second wave coffee.” The second wave of coffee is defined as skilled baristas serving coffee from behind a bar that is complete with the most advanced coffee making machinery. Unlike the customary coffee shops, the second wave requires the customer to walk up to the bar to collect their coffee. As of November 2016, Starbucks had 23,768 locations throughout the world, out of which 13,107 were in the United States.

The brand's quality, taste, and customer delight set it apart from the other coffee-serving venues in the United States. Starbucks is the leading coffeehouse and popularized dark roasted coffee, while currently the brand also offers products like tea, coffee beverages, smoothies, sandwiches, bakery products, signature drinkware, and more. The brand also sells Starbucks Reserve Coffee, the rarest types of coffee and only available in very small quantities.

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Starbucks College Achievement Plan

The Starbucks College Achievement Plan is the one and only program of its kind and helps its employees to earn a college degree. The program aims to help employees realize their dream of earning a degree without being burdened with tuition costs. In 2014 Starbucks created the Starbucks College Achievement Plan in partnership with Arizona State University to offer a tuition-free college degree to eligible baristas in the United States. The program has enrolled thousands of baristas since its inception and Starbucks is committed to helping 25,000 students to graduate by the year 2025.

Starbucks Coffee Passport

Starbucks has introduced a digital Coffee Passport that lets coffee lovers explore the world of coffee while on the go. The mobile application, accessible at, lets the user track the coffees tasted, discover food pairings, learn helpful brewing tips, unlock stamps, explore new coffees, get hands-on coffee knowledge, and receive tips from professionals.

Green Apron Delivery

The Starbucks Green Apron Delivery offers Starbucks food and drinks delivery to office locations. The Starbucks orders are specifically handcrafted by Starbucks baristas, who deliver the orders to the office doorstep. In order to place the order for delivery, users are required to sign into their existing Starbucks Rewards Account or create a new account. The Green Apron Delivery requires the delivery address while payment is accepted through credit cards.

Starbucks Coffeehouse

Depending on the store location, Starbucks offers amenities like drive-thru, oven-warmed food, Verismo, nitro cold brew, and more. Along with the basic amenities, the Starbucks chain offers a contemporary coffeehouse experience with their high-end technology innovations like;

· Wi-Fi - The concept of Starbucks is to bring people together over coffee, while the coffeehouse amenities are designed to help people stay connected. Starbucks offers unlimited free Wi-Fi service so its patrons get to surf while they sip at the coffeehouse. The Starbucks in the United States offers Wi-Fi service from Google with an added feature that displays local news and more based on the coffeehouse location. Patrons are required to open the "Google Starbucks" Wi-Fi network, and click on "Accept & Connect" to connect to the free Starbucks Wi-Fi network.

· Starbucks Digital Network - Starbucks offers more than free Wi-Fi at its locations through its digital network experience. Patrons get to enjoy some of the most interesting online stuff from the comfort of their chair at Starbucks. The internet content consists of premium offerings like exclusive movie trailers, a world of content, and several other videos specifically selected for the Starbucks Digital Network, available under, while being connected to the free Starbucks Wi-Fi service.

· Mobile Applications - The Starbucks mobile application offers multi-purpose features that can be used to pay for orders, earn and track Star Rewards, pay ahead with mobile orders, place customized orders, check on the songs playing in the store, check balance and add funds to Starbucks Card, send gift cards, and carry out several other activities. The Starbucks mobile app is available for devices running on iPhone, Android, and Windows operating systems.

· Sustainable Store Design - Every Starbucks coffeehouse is designed to reflect the characters unique to the neighborhoods in which they operate. This familiarity in the store creates an inviting and welcoming place for people to connect. The stores also feature designs based on sustainable building practices since Starbucks takes great interest in giving back to the environment. As a part of its community and environmental responsibility, Starbucks is committed to building greener stores across the globe. Starbucks has implemented the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for every new store since 2010. The program has evolved into one of the most successful green building programs worldwide.

Starbucks Hours

Starbucks operates every day of the week and store hours differ depending on the location of the outlets. The Starbucks Store Locator, available on the Starbucks website, lets patrons find the nearest store location by using the city name or postal code. The store locator offers detailed information about the location's hours, address, store amenities, and related information.

Starbucks Shop

The Starbucks shop offers a large variety of signature coffees, merchandize, and other articles available for in-store and online purchase. The Starbucks shop offers whole bean and ground coffee, iced coffee and cold brew coffees, Starbucks Verismo pods, Starbucks K-Cup pods, syrups, sauces, sweets, and Starbucks logo signature gift articles like drinkware, espresso makers, coffee press kit, water bottles, and more. The online shop offers free shipping throughout the United States for orders above $50.

Starbucks Coffees

Starbucks offers ready coffee powders like whole bean coffee, ground coffee, Verismo pods, K-Cup pods, Starbucks Reserve Coffee, Starbucks VIA, and portion packs along with espresso beverages mixes like latte macchiato, doppio, Americano, espresso macchiato, flat white, cappuccino, latte, caramel macchiato, and mocha. The store's coffee beverages include;

· Freshly Brewed Coffee - Caffè Misto, blonde roast, Coffee Traveler, Clover Brewed Coffee, Decaf Pike Place Roast, featured dark roast, iced coffee, iced coffee with milk, Nariño 70 Cold Brew, Nariño 70 Cold Brew with milk, nitro cold brew, nitro cold brew with sweet cream, Pike Place Roast, toasted coconut cold brew, and vanilla sweet cream cold brew.

· Starbucks Espresso Beverages - Caffè Americano, Caffè Latte, Caffè Mocha, cappuccino, caramel macchiato, Cascara Latte, Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato, Cinnamon Dolce Latte, Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato, espresso, espresso con panna, iced skinny cinnamon dolce latte, and more.

· Frappuccino Blended Beverages - Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino Blended Coffee, Caffè Vanilla Light Frappuccino Blended Coffee, Caramel Frappuccino Blended Coffee, Caramel Light Frappuccino Blended Coffee, Chai Crème Frappuccino Blended Crème, Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino Blended Coffee, Coffee Light Frappuccino Blended Coffee, Cotton Candy Crème Frappuccino Blended Crème, and more

Starbucks Teas

· Handcrafted Teas - Iced teas, tea lattes, brewed teas, bottled craft iced tea, and others.

· Tea Favorites - Full-leaf tea sachets, matcha, iced tea at home, tea-filled tins, tea samplers, tea subscriptions, wellness tea, and others.

· Loose-Leaf Teas - Black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, chai tea, rooibos tea, oolong tea, and more.

Starbucks Menu

· Hot Breakfast - Bacon, Gouda and egg breakfast sandwich, certified gluten-free breakfast sandwich, classic whole-grain oatmeal, double-smoked bacon, cheddar and egg sandwich, ham and cheese croissant, hearty blueberry oatmeal, sausage, cheddar and egg breakfast sandwich, and several other breakfast fares.

· Protein Boxes - Eggs and cheese, smoked turkey, BBQ chicken, chicken wrap, PB&J, and cheese and fruit.

· Bakery - Chonga bagel, 8-grain roll, almond croissant, apple fritter, banana nut bread, blueberry scone, butter croissant, butterfly cookie, cheese Danish, chewy chocolate cookie chocolate chip cookie, chocolate chunk muffin, chocolate croissant, and several other bakery products.

· Sandwiches & Salads - Ancho chipotle chicken panini, chicken artichoke panini, chicken BLT salad sandwich, egg salad sandwich, hearty veggie and brown rice salad bowl, homestyle chicken and double-smoked bacon, turkey and Havarti sandwich, turkey pesto panini, zesty chicken and black bean salad bowl, and more.

· Yogurt & Fruit - Berry trio yogurt, lemon chiffon yogurt, organic avocado spread, seasonal harvest fruit blend, and fresh blueberries and honey Greek yogurt parfait.

· Cake Pops - Birthday cake pop, chocolate cake pop, chocolate cake pop, chocolate chip cookie dough cake pop, and pirate cake pop.

Nutrition Information

Starbucks believes that small alterations sum up to a great impact and the company is committed to helping its customers make the right nutritional choices suitable for them. The brand offers a diverse menu that consists of high-quality fares to meet the lunch, breakfast, and snacking needs of its patrons. In addition to a large variation of menus, the brand maintains transparency with regard to its ingredients, calories, and other nutritional information.

Starbucks makes every effort to offer healthy menu choices, including quality ingredients, “light” beverages, reasonable calorie amounts, protein boxes, moderate portion sizes, and several other healthy choices. One can find the detailed guide about nutrition information, health and wellness policies, wellness news, wellness tips, and other guides available on its website.