Whether it's for business or pleasure, many people spend large parts of their lives traveling around to new and different places. Seeing new cities and locations can be an exciting and enriching experience in a lot of ways, but travel also comes with its own complexities, problems, and fees to think about, with parking standing out as a prime example.

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Parking rates, especially in major cities, seem to be going up all the time and the best spaces are often taken before you arrive anywhere, leaving many people frustrated and forced to drive around in search of a spot, paying over the odds in the process. It’s an annoying issue and a problem that countless people have to face each and every day. Fortunately, Spot Hero is here to change all of that.

The number one downloaded parking reservation app in the world, Spot Hero has changed the parking game. This service got its start back in 2011 and has made parking so much easier for drivers all over America ever since then by providing a simple, innovative, intuitive platform through which users can find parking spots in the cities they’re visiting and book them in advance, safe in the knowledge that their spot will be waiting for them when they arrive.

Based out of Chicago and founded by business and tech experts Mark Lawrence and Larry Kiss, who currently serve as the Chief Executive officer and Chief Technology Officer, respectively, Spot Hero features a friendly, efficient, passionate team of workers who are always seeking to improve user experiences and provide the very best standards of service, helping you and people like you find, reserve, and pay for parking all around the United States.

Using Spot Hero

Whether you're looking for parking spots in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, or some other major city, airport, or location around the United States, Spot Hero can help out. This app is the number one name in the parking game for a reason and really excels at marking the whole process of parking spot reservation as easy as possible.

To get started, all you need to do is either download the Spot Hero app to your mobile device or head over to the official Spot Hero site. Once there, you can browse the various options and most popular parking searches like 'Airport Parking' or 'New York City' parking. Otherwise, if you've got something more specific in mind, you can enter specific street addresses and locations to get the best local parking spots.

You can even enter the address for a venue if you're heading to a show, conference, or special event in a city and want to park your car nearby. You can also input your dates and times for when you'll be in the city and when you'll need the parking spot for.

The great thing about Spot Hero that makes it such a useful tool to use is that you can book your parking spot weeks or months in advance, so you can have total peace of mind as your trip draws nearer, safe in the knowledge that your spot has been fully reserved and held for you, so you won't need to drive around looking for a place to park when you arrive.

Choosing Your Parking Location with Spot Hero

You can find parking in many different locations all around the country, and having handled over 20 million cars in the past and counting, Spot Hero knows parking better than anyone and aims to make every aspect of the parking reservation process as straightforward as possible.

So, once you've entered your dates and times, you'll see a map or list with the various parking spots available. You can find out a little more about the local area, the lot or garage, and the amount you'll need to pay, so you know everything about your spot before you even book it. You'll even see little icons that let you know all about the various facilities at each parking location like disabled access, sheltered garages, valet service, electric vehicle charging stations, and more.

You can click on a location to learn all about it and get a quote for your dates and times. There’s also an option to set up a monthly parking payment plan for more long-term parking needs. Either way, once you’re happy to proceed, you can go ahead and confirm the booking.

From that moment on, your parking spot will be fully reserved and guaranteed. Spot Hero doesn't actually own the garages or parking lots, but it's always in close contact with the people who do and immediately reserves and protects you spot from the moment you confirm the booking. You'll also receive a 'parking pass' via email which serves as your proof of reservation and effectively acts as your ticket to enter the parking location and claim your spot. It also comes complete with the date and time of your booking, plus the address of your parking spot with directions, a map, photos, and additional details to make the entire process super seamless. website