Modern life has become increasingly hectic and busy, especially for those living in big cities. We each share this world with more than 7 billion other people, and a single city can be home to hundreds of thousands of people, or even millions in some cases.

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One hundred years ago, a walk down a city street or a visit to a local restaurant or bar would have been a relatively calm and cozy situation, but nowadays it can almost feel like a full assault on the senses.

In big cities in particular, it can seem almost impossible to go anywhere without having to deal with the noise of the crowd and the constant sounds of music, people moving about, cars passing by, and more.

It's no wonder that so many people head out of the city from time to time just to experience a little peace and quiet, with many going to extreme lengths like visiting spas and retreats or heading off along scenic hiking trails in the forest just to get away from it all for a while, but you don't need to go too far to get away from the noise of daily life, and it's all thanks to Sound Print.

What is Sound Print?

Sound Print is a very useful app and resource for people who want to enjoy some peaceful moments from time to time and visit quiet places in large cities. It's vital for all of us to spend some time in quiet locations every now and then for both our mental and physical well-being, and Sound Print makes it all easier by listing and rating all of the different quiet locations around your city, including bars, restaurants, reading areas, and more.

With Sound Print, you'll never have to worry about struggling to find a quiet place ever again, nor will you need to resort to extreme measures like fleeing the city or spending some time in a sensory deprivation tank just to enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Advantage of Using Sound Print

There are several amazing advantages you can enjoy from using Sound Print, let's take a closer look at a few key examples:

· Protect Your Hearing - Extended exposure to loud noises can damage your hearing significantly. We all know this, but did you know that it’s not just loud concerts and construction equipment that can do this kind of damage? Even just being in loud bars and restaurants can hurt your eyes and lead to hearing loss over time. Visiting quiet places with Sound Print can keep your ears a lot safer and healthier.

· De-Stress - Noisy places are not ideal for stress levels. If you’re visiting a bar, restaurant, or other venue with friends or family, you probably want to relax and forget your worries, but loud music and sounds will have the opposite effect.

· Dates - Nobody wants to be on a date where they can’t even communicate with the other person because the venue is too noisy. Sound Print can help you find quiet date locations with ease.

· Community - The whole idea of Sound Print is that users submit readings to help each other, and it can provide a great feeling to load up the app and submit your own readings in order to help others and build up the community.

· Lots of Locations - Sound Print already has ‘Quiet Lists’ for many major cities all around the nation including New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, and you can use it anywhere to go, with all readings be stored and added to the app to help other people in the future when they visit that location.

· Help Venue Managers - By rating and recording sound measurements with Sound Print, you can actually help the venues themselves start to get better too. Venue managers can check out Sound Print readings to learn all about the sound levels at their bar or restaurant or other location and can use that info to possibly lower the music or introduce ‘quiet areas’.

The Sound Print Story

Sound Print was founded by Gregory Scott, a man who, like so many of us, had spent a lot of his leisure time in noisy locations. Whether it was in a restaurant on a date or out and about with a family member or business colleague, Gregory saw that so many places were simply too noisy to even hear oneself think, let alone carry out conversations with friends and family members, and all of that noise greatly reduced his own enjoyment of going out, especially as he suffers from hearing loss and is particularly sensitive to loud places.

In a desperate attempt to try and improve his lifestyle, Gregory searched online for quiet places in his city or cities he was visiting, but the results were always disappointing as there were no effective resources, apps, or sites dedicated to helping people find and enjoy quiet locations. Thus, to fill a gap in the market and help people enjoy happier lives, the idea for Sound Print was born.

Making use of a simple decibel meter app on his phone to measure sound levels in different places, Gregoy started writing down his readings as he traveled around, highlighting the quieter and noisier locations in his city. His friends took an interest and started asking him for advice and guidance on visiting quiet places, and it was then that he realized by combining his method of sound measurement with his system of recording and rating the noise levels in individual locations, he could create a truly useful app for all to enjoy.

Sound Print began as this simple idea in his mind and has now grown to a point where thousands of different places and venues have been measured by the app's users and countless more have made use of the app to simply find peaceful places in their local area, helping them to enjoy better dates, outings, meals, and more.

How to Use Sound Print

Making use of Sound Print to either submit a sound rating for a venue or find quiet places in your area is incredibly straightforward and you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties along the way.

Using Sound Print to Submit Sound Ratings:

· To begin, simply download the app onto your mobile device.

· Once you have been localized, tap the ‘SoundCheck’ button.

· Hit ‘Start’ to start measuring the sound in the area, and give the app time to get a good sample of the sound around you. This can take up to 30 seconds.

· Once a reading has been taken, you can stop the recording and submit your information, entering the venue details as needed

Using Sound Print to Find Quiet Places Near You:

· If you haven’t already, download and open up the app.

· Click on the ‘Search’ button.

· The app should localize you and show a list of venues in your local area, or you can enter a different location or address to search elsewhere.

· From there, you can scroll around the list and see the sound ratings for each venue, with easy-to-read numbers and color coding to help you find the quietest spots. website