Yoga as been around for many centuries, assisting many generations of people throughout Eastern countries, aiding them in living happier, healthier, more peaceful lives. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, we finally started to see yoga coming to the West, and in recent years, it's become one of the most popular options for people wishing to enjoy regular physical exercise but to also rid their minds and bodies of stress.

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There are countless advantages of yoga, and any experienced yogi knows that the environment and surrounding in which one performs yoga can have a real difference on the effectiveness of the movements, techniques, and ancient traditions that make up this practice. Taking a local yoga class or doing yoga at home can be fine, but to get the most benefits, a yoga retreat to an exotic destination is the only option, and Souljourn Yoga offers some of the best yoga retreats.

Souljourn Yoga - Amazing Yoga Retreats

Souljourn Yoga is a non-profit association inspired by 'seva', which is the Sanskrit word for the notion of selfless service, i.e. giving back to the world and others without expecting anything in return. With that concept in mind, this organization was founded to offer life-changing yoga retreats in beautiful places all over the globe, not just for the participants to enjoy, but also to make a real difference for people who need it most.

- The Mission - It's a shocking but true fact that more than 130 million girls all over the world have no access to any kind of education. Without education, they can have no chance of improving their own lives, pursuing their dreams, feeling more empowered, enjoying a better quality of life, earning more money, or hoping to raise their own children in a better world. Girls with education, meanwhile, are much more likely to enjoy all of these things, as well as being much safer from ever-present threats like violence and child marriage. Souljourn Yoga aims to change this.

- The Process - Souljourn Yoga organizes yoga retreats to places all around the world like Peru, China, Cambodia, and Rwanda, but it does much more than simply arrange for groups of people to enjoy yoga sessions in exotic surroundings. This non-profit actually engages with other non-profits in each destination, mainly dedicated to young women in need of education and better lives, and works with those non-profits and women to create unique experiences for all concerned.

- The Experience - Taking a yoga retreat with Souljourn Yoga is a truly one of a kind experience; a charitable act and an exciting opportunity of education, discovery, and self-improvement too. The participants in each yoga retreat provide donations for the non-profits and actually get to meet up with the girls they’re helping, doing yoga, meditation, art, and other activities together, engaging with the local culture, learning about native customs and traditions, and much more. In essence, Souljourn Yoga’s retreats go far beyond what one would expect of a typical yoga retreat.

- The Change - So far, Souljourn Yoga has already raised more than $40,000 for female education in places around Africa, Asia, and beyond. The organization only got started in 2016, and the difference it has already made to so many lives is staggering, with every participant playing their part and providing a donation of between $300 and $500 each, which all goes straight to partner non-profits like Up Nicaragua, the Rosie May Foundation, the Sacred Valley Project, and Education for All. All of the money raised is helping to change the lives of girls and women, shaping a better future and actually giving them a lot of hope and aspiration for the future.

Examples of Souljourn Yoga Retreats

Upcoming Souljourn Yoga retreats include trips to Sri Lanka, a href="">Cambodia, South Africa, Peru, Morocco, and Tibet. Here are just some details about a couple of the next retreats.

- Cape Town, South Africa - From January 17-26 of 2020, Souljourn Yoga will be heading to Cape Town in South Africa. A truly magical and colorful city with a fascinating past, Cape Town provides easy access to the many delights of South Africa including surfing, live entertainment, snorkeling expeditions, and more, all of which you'll get to enjoy as part of your retreat. While there, you'll meet up with Souljourn Yoga's sister non-profit, the Lalela Project, to learn more about how they use art education to foster inspiration and ambition in young children and help them reach their goals.

- Siem Reap, Cambodia - From February 15 to February 23 of 2020, Souljourn Yoga will be heading to the iconic resort destination of Siem Reap in Cambodia. A magical place, surrounded by ancient temples and beautiful beaches, Siem Reap has to be seen to be believed. Participants will be able to explore the ruins of Angkor Wat, visit local food markets, and learn all about the culture, stories, and traditions of Cambodia, while also working side by side with the Ponheary Ly Foundation Girls' Dormitory, providing shelter and education to 17 ambitious young female students from the local area who all dream of a better life. website